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I really don't know which board to post this in. Is it possible to use a Android phone without a Google account?


do you even know where you are, faggot?
this is not a tech support forum


need adobe phoneshop premiere to register googlephone for wizard post sir


go get a pixel 8 pro. That's what I've been suing. Cheaper than latest iphone, but it looks and feels on the same level. At least to me.

If you want want a specifically a phone with no google account, go get an iphone, no google account there, lmao

Every android phone needs a google account, as far as I know.
Pixel 8 pro is best choise I think. I's andoid in it's purest form. Even the UI is very nice, it doesn't have those typical andoid navigation buttons by default, so you can use it like an iphone essentially.


Nope! Better stick to a Windows phone.


The worst part is iShit is the only phone without telemetry and they restricted Safari to work on that phone only. Being the only browser that fully disables tracking and has a true sandboxed incognito mode, I'm forced to use the phone.

To make sure Apple gets no money from me, I got a refurbished IP12.


you arent going to like the answer. which is no. to go further, i would point out that you really shouldn't be using a smartphone. i have never owned one, and never will. they're devices for normals, and i fail to see how any wizard could have use for one. they present only as a distraction and a good way to mess your mind up more. you have your computer, you don't need a mobile computer for everywhere you go.

while youre glued to your phone like every other normal out there, there are people you're not seeing, wizards, that never use such a device as it is the anti-thesis and stands for everything that is against wizardry. the most serious problems of this age are all a result of this technology, and the world would be so much better off without it.

who needs every other idiot out there with a mobile internet link up and video phone, the way that has changed the psychology of people and the way they act and go about their life in the world has been capitalized upon and is being used to cause further destruction.

this is the reality of the situation. enjoy your phone, i basically steer clear of stuff that most normals do, it's a really easy way to live a clean and moral and nice life.


>Normies breath air, therefor breathing air is bad
>Normies eat food, therefor eating food is bad
>No wizard could ever have a reason to do anything that any normie does

You can't be serious.


normies use the internet, you know what to do…


based. I also don't have a smartphone.


Yes, buy a huawei :) they don't come with google services preinstalled ;)


I think you might need one for device setup, but afterwards you can install a custom ROM that doesn't have any google shit (gapps). You'll have to get all your apps through alternative means like F-droid or the Aurora Store since you won't be using Jewgle's storefront. Also your phone's warranty will likely be voided.

I use LineageOS, which I think can be used without gapps, but I am a bad wizard and use them anyway. There are ROMs that are super focused on privacy that might appeal to you more. Obviously you should google :) these things to see what your phone is compatible with, and to determine whether or not you are too retarded to install all of this shit correctly.


buy an unlocked google pixel and install lineage OS, this will remove all jewgle apps and your phone will now have much more battery life as well as having no login and being very difficult to trace if you're a privacy minded person. it is also faster though at the cost of some apps not working. there are simple guides on the interwebs on how to do this. ur welcome


100% you can use an android phone with no google account, no idea what anyone in here is talking about, unless they mean just the google apps and not the phone/OS as a whole.

My aging, tech illiterate mother begged for help getting her a smart phone against my protest. I explicitly did NOT make her an account because i wanted it to be as barebones as possible. Two phones ive done this on for her now, over the course of a yearish. Google apps do occasionally beg you to register still, and my mom's use case is minimal (literally just phone, text, browser, youtube), so i cant speak to what you'd be using it for specifically, but i cant think of anything you couldn't make work if you really needed too.

Biggest issue i can think of is im pretty sure you need account for google app store, but you can just manually download apps from browser and install them anyways.


Wiz bro, I use smartphones to order food delivery every day


We can do that from our desktops computerzzz


I use the anki app while on my couch, during my walks, and when im in bed. Smartphones are more useful for wizards than for normalfags.


Desktops are not their primary intended device so it's more difficult to use, some services are not even available there. Smartphones can do things that regular desktop computers can't such as answering delivery phone calls


>answering delivery phone calls
Must be a pretty crappy delivery service if they need to call you



I wish I could go back to having a simple cell phone. Main reason I keep it is for GPS


just buy a cheap smartphone, and make a google account.
you are not using the smartphone for much anyway (if you are a wizard), so google can't retrieve that much information from you. i.e. you browse with your PC, you do 99% of the things you do on the PC.

if you DO use your smartphone a lot, then you are not a wizard anyway, so you can even buy an iPhone at this point.


Categorically untrue. iPhones are also the only phones without inbuilt spyware and telemetry, unless you count obsolete Blackberries which no longer get software updates.

It's also the only mobile company that refuses to share private encryption keys to LEA's whereas Android manufacturers are completely indifferent on user privacy, and even sell user data.


iPhones absolutely have telemetry


Yes. You can use a de-googled ROM. I like GrapheneOS but there is also Lineage OS and CalyxOS though I have no experience with Calyx.

GrapheneOS even has sandboxed Play Services + Work Profiles you can compartmentalize the time Google is able to effectively track you with them, without having your phone be overly nerfed not being able to rely on Play Services, for example, notifications don't work as well without them. Many applications won't work without them.


not outside surveying the os version for pushing updates. for all the flak it gets from outcasts its the most privacy conscious os, and safari is the most private browser

i modded my phone to work with the above mentioned grapheneos, but it did break some native android capabilities


File: 1709303595483.jpg (215.58 KB, 1459x436, 1459:436, app stores.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

While the company is run by utter douchebags with stupid ideologies, it's extremely protective of customer data.

Most apps you install from Play Store get practically unlimited access to modify your phone and read all your data.
IOS is extremely paranoid about allowing devs to access anything on your phone, even the memory space outside that apps allocation.

That's why it doesn't really even have malware, it's impossible to make because the company is obsessive about app rights and basically sandboxes every single app to the point it can't interact with the operating system in any way that could cause a stack overflow or the execution of arbitrary hidden code.

Unfortunately Google couldn't give a shit about customer privacy so the best way to get away from their bloatware and spyware on low end phones is to install a custom privacy oriented operating system.

Apps from Play Store are also about 1000 times riskier to install than Apple store apps because moderation is nonexistent and only happens after millions of people report said app. Nobody checks the code or functionality in advance and the Play store apps often require unlimited permissions to modify the phone in order to work. That's how there are entire botnets consisting of infected Android phones from kids who installed a funny looking icon pack or ringtone library.

That's why it's also impossible to run community apps like emulators on iPhones. The company flat out refuses apps that load ROM files for any purpose.
On Android phones you can run pretty much any emulator that exists, even Dolphin.


It certainly does less telemetry than Android and common apps also have more restricted access on iPhone to user data, then they do on Android.

Apple is pro-privacy in a proxy-warfare kind of way, if they became dominant in the ads and tracking space, they would act like Google does.


from what i remember, when using an iphone you store data on apple's servers and they scan it for illegal shit. i don't know the extent, or what the data is, just media stored on their cloud services? but yeah that is one step worse than telemetry imo


Nowadays you can even install windows on your android phone if it has snap 850 or higher.


All cloud services are inherently unsafe, the only correct action is to disable Google Drive or iCloud on the device.


Unsafe in what way? I agree that they are privacy violations, but aren't the potential harms dependent on your identified threat models, and many people seem to have threat models that do not suffer much from using cloud services.

Also, Google Play services encompass far more than just Google Drive, pretty much every feature has it's tendrils in it, unless you're using a de-Googled ROM.


The only way to achieve iOS levels of anonymity and lack of prying eyes is precisely through using a de-Googled ROM like Lineage or Calyx.

As for cloud services, as said above, it is 100% certain the drives get scanned by said companies.
Keep files, passwords, documents on the internal storage only.

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