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what is a good way to use money to help those in need and not have it go to a money laundering scam or be squandered?
only ideas that immediately come to mind are donating to a church or maybe giving the money to a family member


Start a business that creates jobs and produces goods or services on the free market. If you can't do that, then invest in other people's business ideas that you think are worthwhile. The trillions that go to charity don't make a dent in any of the problems they are fighting against, it's better to throw your money at entrepreneurs, they can at least fail quickly.


Giving money to wizzies.

They would appreciate it more and they would probably lick your balls for $500. Not only that, but wizzies are the most persecuted and vulnerable class in society, so by showing them compassion and charity, they'll likely remember you for the rest of their lives.


Give it to the Indian wiz. He can probably live for months on that.


Why give money to normies?


I have way more money than I can ever spend in one lifetime due to two elderly relatives dying early, so I also am constantly on the lookout for dono targets.
I couldn't care less about buying stuff at this point because I already have the stuff I want.

The last time I bought someone on wizchan a $50 amazon gift card, they used it to order a new mouse. Which is good, because it lasts for years and adds to their daily enjoyment of life.


Do you have some mental illness or are depressed?
Giving away money is for idiots.


What you should do is buy some land and make it available for people to live on in their car or something. Lots of homeless people have no where to go. Ideally you would also set up services like garbage removal and give them toilets that you maintain and stuff like that. Don't bother with a "shelter". People just need space, preferably lots of it so they can be distributed and not all bunched together with other homeless people (unless they're the kind who is into that sort of thing).


I have severe depression, nothing else. Diagnosed at age 11.

Rather than spreading misery I thought why not cheer up a few people I'll never meet or see.
It's no loss to me, I haven't toiled or worked for a minute to earn any of it and it just replenishes annually due to dividends.
I literally lose nothing of value if I give a random person some food money a few times a year. It doesn't impact my life or limit my choices in any way, but it allows a random person to feel a bit more happiness that day.


to give out of your wealth, that is a meaningless exercise; to give out of your poverty that is a majestic thing to do indeed.

don't think that people don't know and can't feel the difference. it was never about the tangible effect, it was about the relationship between effect and participants.

much more difficult for a depressed person to go up to someone who very much looks to have everything going for them in their life, only to be temporarily down. try going about and giving out of your poverty as a meaningful exercise. if money is easy for you to give, and it doesn't impact you much, i can promise you that the impact is insignificant to the people you're giving it to. potentially damaging even. the last thing i'd want is some rich person that can throw money around, throwing me a little bone, to remind me of my poverty. every time i'd look at that mouse it would serve to highlight the juxtaposition and contrast everything else in my life.

now if you were to give someone a meaningful amount, something you would feel and miss, that would make a difference. something you won't feel, they won't feel, only your indifference.

this is why giving out of your wealth is meaningless. as above so below.

it's only helping the person giving, and it definitely does impact that persons life because it lets them feel a bit of a boost in thinking they're a good person, helping with self-esteem and a value metric outside of and beyond what society attributes to individuals.

this guy hit the nail on the head. and it's what i was saying, i didn't read this until i had written the above. to make a difference you need to give out of your poverty, or absolutely give out of your wealth. people don't want to do that, just like the rich man that had great wealth asked Jesus what he must do to follow him, and He replied to give away all his things and to follow Him. the rich man was sorrowful because he didn't want to part with what wealth he had and so he put himself at enmity and disregarded a living God.

the epitome of foolishness and the heavily trodden path of the normaling


imagine looking at that mouse and thinking to yourself 'the only reason that guy has everything and i have nothing is because he was lucky and i was not' even still, like a dragon guarding its hoard. to think this, even if it's only once, that is much more damaging than not having that mouse.


severe depression as a stand-alone is a total meme. you can literally think your way out of it and with the right food and exercise you are cured.

necessity is the mother of invention, people like that guy, who are loaded with wealth, have literally no problems, of course they're going to be 'stuck' in depression. you have no reason to get out.

if you had a reason to get out, if you were desperate, you would. yours is an affliction of affluence, it's a luxury that the poor version of yourself couldn't afford and wouldn't have.

that is the cold hard objective reality of your situation and i sincerely hope you can make sense of this and fix yourself up because people like you, in the past, actively made me want to kill myself. you are a reminder of how far we have fallen as a society and that people are only lover's of themselves. depression is self-absorption, this is where the 'illness' comes from, there are times it is valid, and times it isn't. this is a time it's completely invalid and the self-absorption facet can be cured and your depression cured by

giving out of your poverty

go do something really difficult for you in your depressed state, charity, helping people that really need help, something difficult for you to do, something messy and uncomfortable for you to do that you don't like, something that really helps people and is a service, not money you can throw at them which as you said is meaningless to give away.

you're blessed to get this post today.

what a wild trip



to expound

the people who have a reason to be depressed and it isn't an illness rather a correct response to their environment are those who are absolutely helpless, poverty, disease, disability usually combination. depression is valid and there is no activity no change of internal frame or mindset which will alleviate because the problems are tangible and real and lacking actual resources to bring about the deterministic factors at play in addressing what causes depression. the depression is supposed to rally those around to assist in then creating an environment that will allow the 'illness' to go away.

because there is nothing wrong with richboy's situation, only his self-absorption and not focusing enough on people outside of himself, he is enabled by his wealth to continue with his larp until something actually bad happens to him in his life and he has a real problem to address and will forget about how depressed he is in an instant.

i would never trade places with you, ever, and being an advanced wizard, i distinguish myself as though i were an entirely different species as compared to you, i don't know what you are, rich old male virgin guy, i don't relate at all.

to make the funny joke part here

>I have severe depression, nothing else. Diagnosed at age 11.

going on 16



you sound deluded as hell, im close to homelessness and i'd be elated to get $50 for groceries regardless of the donor being elon musk himself or a hobo.

only reasonably wealthy comfortable fatties have the luxury of being picky like you.
food is food regardless of who donates it. once you havent eaten a warm meal in 3 days to keep the heat on, you suddenly dont really care about the philosophical implications of a donation.


delusional, and also and asshole. Trying to act like anyone with money can't be depressed and they all are faking it or something. What an absolute douchebag. Suicide is more common among people with money actually, so it is absolutely real to the point of literally killing people. Not only is he trying to make OP out to be the asshole for *checks notes* giving charity to people, he is also insulting his very existence while trying to claim his similar existence is somehow better and more pure and deserving. I fucking hate people like this who just come onto sites like this to try and tear down other people and elevate themselves at any cost. If you are mentally ill like that at least have the decency to keep other people out of it.


Go on twitter and donate to random peoples' ko-fi/boosty/paypal/gofundme/etc accounts.. plenty of people there asking for help and its directly to the person in need and not getting stolen by a "charity"


My father is a literal, honest-to-god multi millionaire (several high value properties, massive stock portfolio, several holiday homes) who has manic depression and is at a psychiatric hospital even as we speak at age 78.
He is suicidal.
He did nothing but run a pharmacy sales company for 40+ years. No hobbies, no real social life, nothing. Just work.

I have a hard time believing money is the end-all cure to every single thing in life.
I would consider my life a failure as well if I realized at the crippled age of 78 that I never really lived. All I did was work until I was too old to enjoy that money.

What does he do? Pesters me to move out of the house and never gives me a cent. Absolute miser.
He could easily make my life as an autistic shunned male into paradise. It would only eat up like 1% of his wealth.

Instead he is going to probably stick around until he's like 97 and mock me for a few more decades.


Typical boomer


Effective Altruism, save the most lives with the least bux


protip: don't invest, build a small company in which you pay people to do nice things instead. pay them to solve problems and treat your employees good.


Keep your money.
If you give it away, not only you're not doing any actual good, but you are going to regret it later.


somebody suggesting giving money to the admin and it looks like the post was deleted lol.


>but you are going to regret it later

later, this imaginary place in time that all illusory people cling to.

human life is finite, use your money while you can.


The problem is every time I spent my money on things that made me happy and optimistically thought I'll just make that money back, I never did.
It's very hard to replenish savings as an autist. It might be years before you get another job or your parents aid you.

Then bad stuff happened like my beater car suddenly requiring $1400 in repairs to run, and my washing machine broke down. I had to beg my grandparents for a loan and they started loathing me.

So now I have $20k saved up due to that trauma. From eating ultra frugally and not spending a cent on anything but the cheapest foods that have nutritional value.
And I'm afraid to spend even a cent of it in case I need it for catastrophes.

At this point, I feel physically ill if I have to spend more than $10 in one day.
Money has ruined my psyche and is the only thing I think about 99% of the time.


>At this point, I feel physically ill if I have to spend more than $10 in one day.
>Money has ruined my psyche and is the only thing I think about 99% of the time.

i have a similar outlook, i try to not spend any as hard as i can and i don*t care if my clothes are stained or worn down. i never think about it though.

i don't spend but there is tons of stuff i need or should replace, especially considering how fragile supply chains are getting and how products are getting worse and how the concept of ownership is under attack by the fascists with all the money engage in culling the heard by making everything worse and worse. they could just repeat the covid theater tomorrow and since they have enough violent enforcers and accomplices, i'd be locked into my little room again.

money feels so evil, i resent having to use it and having to think about it at all. only thing where i could save money but don't is organic food, everywhere else i choose the cheapest option. money was a mistake.


>use your money while you can
Which is my whole point. If you donate them, you're not using them, you're throwing it away.
But if it makes you feel good, go on with your delusion and enjoy the feeling.

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