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If i post without my proxy will you dox me?

Please tell me how to post with my proxy, i don't really want my IP on here.


Why would anyone dox you


People get mad all the time over tiny disagreements on image boards, what is to say that won't result in a dox?

I know one reason why someone would dox, but i don't want to say because it might actually cause it. But it happens all the time to someone like me.


You're just being paranoid. I've had countless arguments and even personal beefs over the course of all the years that I've spent on imageboards and I've never been doxxed. Besides the fact that doxxing results in permabans in pretty much any IB, there's no way they can actually do that to you without any clues.


You can't be doxed just from your ip address and no, the mods even at their worst don't dox and will permanently ban anyone who tries.
They will actually delete your post and give you a warning if you post personal information that could lead to you doxing yourself.

That has been something consistent about the site that is taken seriously.


Oh, and anti doxing is so important to the staff that images uploaded to wizchan have their location meta data automatically removed.
Like this site honestly is broken as fuck in a lot of ways that don't matter that much, but that aspect is important and been maintained since the site's beginning.
This is one of the few places left on the internet where you are actively discouraged from revealing too much about yourself.
No one on the staff wants to dox you even if you personally get on their nerves.
They might ban you, or lie about you, but they won't dox you.


You're free to post with a proxy or VPN. As a countermeasure to the kind of spam that could get the site shut down, posting images and videos from an IP known to belong to a VPN company is disabled. Furthermore, recent waves of spam have left several popular VPNs' available zones banned. You can check the status of the IP it gave you with the banned checker. Be warned that you may see shocking content if the IP was banned for such.


Yes, they will have your IP which then can be linked to your name, then your address.

This is all public information. All they need is your IP and they can go snooping around data.


Caleb Arbuckle
1138 Nonvirgin Lane
Cincinnati, Ohio


What are you afraid of

>no please dont let the Internet Service Provider corporation know that i use my Internet Service to post on imageboards


Yet even at it's worst there has been no instance of the staff doxing users.




What problems are you having exactly? What do you mean when you say the captcha doesn't work? It shouldn't be this hard. Some vpn IPs have been banned but most should still work. Please respond if you are still having difficulties and I would love to help.


I don't like being in setting in which people can form opinions of me. I think it's because of my own lack of self esteem. I think that if people get to know me, they won't like me, so it causes me anxiety to be in a situation where people can form opinions of me. This has lead me to gravitate towards anonymous imageboards. I wonder if OP is experiencing an extreme form of this to the point where he even assumes mods could be stalking him. OP if you are reading this, please let me know because I am curious if this is your reason or if it is something else entirely.

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