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Since they did a reup of Encyclopedia Dramatica, why not also have a thread where we post interesting articles just like in the Wikipedia thread.

Lets kick it off with the wizardchan thread which has some funny stuff in it and an interesting documentation of wizardchans history:



im kinda embarassed by i think i 1st heard of wizchan from ED, well i rarely used 4chad, so where else was i gonna hear about it in 2013?


File: 1711942082518.jpg (75.88 KB, 850x400, 17:8, Japanese_wisdom.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I still remember when I found Offended for the first time when I was about 16. I scrolled slowly through every single image and it really felt like I had beaten the internet final boss.


aaaagh wizchan needs to fix youtube thumbnails looking identical to images. I hate clicking on videos by accident. You know they track all that shit and it goes in some database associated with some profile of you.


File: 1711949179108.png (83.75 KB, 225x338, 225:338, 10ElementalMastersBookCove….png) ImgOps iqdb


>It should be noted that the front cover was created using a perfectly calculated algorithm ensuring that the printed version matched the original image as it appears on Ulillillia's monitor. He also wrote an algorithm for the greyscaling of the images inside the book.


Negligent parents



>This problem actually started as early as late 1997. I know as I had it in 7th grade but doubtfully in 6th grade. During this time, I was watching a cartoon. The cartoon was an action cartoon otherwise safe for children. In this cartoon, some of the characters, with green hair, were saying of saving their [insert bad word here]. The way they used it triggered this and it has been with me since. I no longer write, speak, or read the word aloud. I can, however, only very indirectly mention it (more directly through a bunch of clues).

The two "bad" words are:
1. A single human. Has the same beginning sound of "purse", the thing females carry around often. (used in a common phrase: "meet in ______")
2. Multiple humans as a group. Has the same ending syllable (for the sound) as "apple" and the same beginning sound as "P" as said as a letter. (Fill in the blank: "A stadium holds about 50,000 ______.")

This is so damn strange. I wish I knew what the cartoon was and the line so I could see it for myself. This dude really is crazy. Can't say certain words, can't use chairs, can't go up stairs normally, can't use spoons. I wonder what his life is like now.



You can really tell the people who wrote this are mentally ill. It is a mess. They claim it does and doesn't exist going back and forth over and over. They call aspies psychopaths who are incapable of empathy and then proceed to talk about how they are the lowest of the food chain and should be milked for lulz and if they're unfunny they should be killed. The lack of self awareness is astounding. The people on this site are basically all psychopaths and this is some serious projection. Same when it talks about how aspies think they're so smart, delivered as though the writer is an omniscient god. I'm amazed this guy didn't die from suffocation after breathing 100% farts out of his own ass for so long.


>On Wizchan you will get banned for a lot of shit you would have gotten away with on wizardchan. If you go there and make a long, thought intensive post about being lonely, about days going faster and faster as your introspection fades into a buzz and you spend all day on image boards reading the same posts, making the same arguments, running into the same metathread, about your parents slowly getting more and more angry at you, and about looking forward only to a certain occasional meal, you will probably be banned for violating rule 3. The new mods are more interested in the idea of wizardry as a philosophical mindset than they are in the well being of wizards. It stopped being about a place for virgins to talk without normalfags breaking through walls to tell them to be themselves or to never give up, and it became about a philosophy where the enlightened man avoids sexual relationships or even friends to pursue a more meaningful existence. This has a lot to do with people crying on /meta/ to ban 3D pornography and anything associated with feelfaggotry and other shit. It feels like a bunch of schizoids who hate human weakness took over all of that place, even /dep/, and everybody's so much more uptight now because of it.

Doesn't seem that accurate really.


>Doesn't seem that accurate really.
Implying wizardchan/wizchan didn't go through several reboots and changes over years. The current wizchan as it was the last 3-4 years is not even really documented in that article yet but the userbase is also way smaller than it was and the board kinda lost relevancy on other parts of the internet.


I guess getting rid of the crabs gets rid of like 80% of the people who would be interested in a site like this. They just want a pity party where they can talk about how unfair the world is and how jealous and resentful they are of everyone and everything. This site now is much better than wizardchan during the hotwheels era so I don't care about the reduced traffic flow.


>I guess getting rid of the crabs gets rid of like 80% of the people who would be interested in a site like this.
I don't understand this bullshit contempt that you zoomers seem to have for crabs. I mean, are you okay with gay transexuals that have embedded themselves here in corners of the boards?


You always change the subject to deflect from crabs not belonging on wizchan.

Just because crabs aren't the only group we hate, doesn't mean we don't hate crabs.


I don't think you understand the meaning of the word.

And also I don't know if you've noticed zoomer, but there's a growing disdain for virgins now that they've settled on the sexless (white) male as the current scapegoat. Normalfags don't differentiate between vocels and crabs.


File: 1712236557154.png (9.14 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 6784323.png) ImgOps iqdb

>anyone with opinions different from my own is a zoomer
is no different than
>anyone with opinions different from my own is a nazi

^ Nobody itt


>new scapegoat
I remember when Rodgers ended up in the news and IIRC one of the headlines being "virgin killer" and my colleagues at my wageslave job spent a couple of days going round mocking imaginary virgins and doing mock questionings on who is a dangerous virgin or not.

>nobody itt
Not him but in all likelihood you probably are a zoomer, there aren't that many millennials here. Most millennials of our type are not on imageboards anymore or still on SA.

Zoomers haven't even reached wizardry yet.


>fails to engage with post


There is scientific research linking screen use with social anxiety. I think this is part of gen Z's problem. They are all addicted to screens and all have some level of social anxiety. Not that I am any different. I asked my dad when we first got an internet connection and he says we had one ever since I was born. We were early adopters I guess. I didn't really use internet much until the neopets era though. I didn't really do neopets but I say that because it is the only site I remember being popular at the time. I wonder if that like 10 years or so of my life made me any different fundamentally than zoomers who grew up using ipads during that time of their life. My social anxiety is far worse, my internet addiction probably too, so I doubt it.

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