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No politics or religion in the crawl thread, please.

>Ambient sounds to wash away distraction



Ulillillia was ahead of the curve for slowing a downpitching the music he listens to


Its hilarious this guy got 13M views for this clickbait, but the actual vid is its so horrible there are scumbags out there spreading false rumors, maybe there should even be criminal charges against them? Why would anyone do such a thing?


i think im going insane, i understand why picasso drew faces in geometrical shapes


It's not too bad of a feeling.
Knowing I was never required to be fixated on one thing forever..


I think that I accidentally applied for jobs working in AI fields or something.

Maybe I’ll get paid?


this is top notch pixel art


File: 1712806574835.jpg (78.36 KB, 666x509, 666:509, Screenshot_20240410_163613….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Oh hey, I found this again.


jung isn't based on reality and his reputation is completely undeserved


Good thing this is from Haruki Murakami, then (unless he stole it from Jung, in which case meh).:D


Here is even another song titled "Hikikomori"!

Artist is https://waneella.tumblr.com/


Jojo is wholesome masculinity X3.


The cartoon monkey, the child star, or the weird meme manga/anime?


The anime… Though it sure af varies with each episode o_o


Me a decade ago: ;_; I will one day kick the bucket ;_;

Me now: …I have kicked the bucket on every other godfucking level, so time to get back to work =_=.


34 today.

Feels pretty meh. Just another day. Honistly feel slightly depressed. Will treat myself to buffet tonight. Maybe I will feel less shit then.


File: 1713054745790.jpeg (25.5 KB, 352x251, 352:251, images-5.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

The internet lately:
Mums are awful people..
better start breeding to make more of them!


All you shitters stay out of Oklahoma. Tell your gay ass people not to come here too.


Happy birthday, Wiz. Remember that the dessert section's cubed Jell-O is the same as can be bought at Dollar General so better to get your fill of something else, such as cheesecake of Belgian waffle.


I could never be a rich person. I've spent the day watching YT docs about rich hotels, cruises and whatever and none of it really appeals to me. What's the point in spending $9000 a night for some tropical island resort where your cabin is one of 30 on a street? You might as well stay in suburbia. And why do their 5-star hotels all look the same, that same modernist minimalism where you can barely tell if you are in New York or Tokyo? And then there's the food, Sea urchin fried in chilli-infused truffle oil and topped with caviar, Jesus, just give me a burger or lasagna.


Actually wealthy people have their own culture and generally don't go in for nonsense like that.
For wealthy people even their luxury spending and hobbies are calculated to be assets that add to their overall wealth.
They would almost never waste large amounts of money on consumables as such behavior is irrational and wasteful to them.

The stuff you saw are traps for the young/dumb money who doesn't understand wealth and just have more dollars than sense. The wealthy don't like to associate with such people.

(Used to work for generational wealthy people as a seasonal job)


>(Used to work for generational wealthy people as a seasonal job)
Does their greed ever subside?


I am talking about a class of people who were born into wealth and trained since childhood to understand how money actually works.
They don't come off as greedy in any traditional sense of the word.

Greed is fundementally doing anything for the sake of getting more money.
They already have money and just very good at managing it to not squander the generational wealth since to them being the one to drop the ball and drop the family into a lower class would be shameful.

It's a very aristocratic type of world view.


Don't speak as if you know something you don't


What's your problem?


Damn. Little fuckers are still doing their faggy bullshit several hours later. What could the big fellas possibly be up to?



Heard Wild Child by Enya for the first time since the cusp of the millenium yesterday.

Always felt like I was looking at things from years ago again with binoculars.

Still a calming song.


Eat my ballz


Take your meds you weird nut case.


i wish mods would just automatically ban people who are posting crazy unintelligible nonsense.


File: 1713428337442.gif (1.16 MB, 625x626, 625:626, cb3.gif) ImgOps iqdb

Ah, the bands that are living peaceful lives because of the music I've refused to overplay from them due to people's occasional tendency to disturb said peace. X3


File: 1713504082460.jpeg (11.86 KB, 554x554, 1:1, images-7.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Oh sweet niblets!
The world has been goin' to the toilet for the past 2 years, 3 months, 2 weeks, and 4 days!

And it totally has to do with me retiring from comics for a nonliving thus making it muh problem..


You know for all the users that now populate the internet, it's really hard to get a conversation going. Even places like reddit and discord it's hard. I wanted to talk about a particular comic I finished reading yesterday (not at all obscure, capeshit, fairly well known title) but you either get drowned out because there's just too many people posting but not responding to each other or the subject matter you bring up gets ignored. One would think with thousands of people reading a comment one would get some replies but it's not usually the case. The internet really is a shouting match and if you don't write your message in a way to cause a knee-jerk reaction you get ignored. On the other hand, I don't want those idiots' low effort garbage anyway, so I don't write the message as a provocation.

I get better feedback talking to my mother who knows nothing about comics but at least she listens to what I have to say. It's funny. I think I should try to make online friends, I don't know how hard that is.


Private messages do exist.
>I think I should try to make online friends, I don't know how hard that is.


On one hand I'm tempted to return to certain things I was a part of..
And then it hit me: I was a part of it.
I did my part already.
They can coach themselves on however a job they're doing now, apparently.

Especially since we BOTH have our hands full now, biznatch! ;DD


Watched The void.
It reminded me why I hate "cosmic horror" and lovecraftian inspired bullshit.
It was so badly written and the only punch of it was the visual effects but I have seen better elsewhere in better films with better scripts that had better context behind them.

I tried reading some lovecraft and stuff inspired by his stuff and always wonder why the fuck such shit got popular. It quite honestly is shit story telling and not well written. I always come away from such stories annoyed. Also people who don't know fuck from shit really shouldn't write sci-fi because he doesn't know dick about science, the occult, other cultures, or really much of anything and consistently gets most of the details painfully wrong.
This isn't a "it was back in the day so cut him some slack" thing because writers of the exact same time didn't consistently have the same issue. I have read low grade pulp adventure stories with more care about getting shit right and crafting a well structured narrative then any of his shit I have come across.


My AG album got here today…
Better late than not at all! :D


How many wiz have in real life friends? How many wiz go out during the weekends? How many wiz have a semi norman life but only it's a virgin?


we're not allowed to ask such questions…
and they're not allowed to answer!!



3.Do not post about voluntary real life social activities (e.g. going to a bar or party).
>breaking rule 3


I don't see how you could possibly live that life and be a virgin by age 30. Unless you are actively saving yourself for marriage.


It's possible, world is big and people are different.


But why there rule?


I don't know


if you dont understand then this isnt the place for you


>it's possible to have a big social life go to parties and meet succubi and be a wizard
you don't qualify as a wizard at that point.


What's qualify as a wizard then?


Schizo mindset. Or at least way too introverted


I work during the weekend.
I work at my other job when I am off from my main job.
These are things I do to not be homeless or starve since the rent keeps going up and food keeps getting more expensive.
Go out, spend money to be with "friends"?
Ha, what luxuries. Why would I waste money on such things not needed for survival.


How do you get yourself to be productive as a NEET shut in? I have nothing going on in my life so I should have all the time in the world to work on my hobbies. But every day I find myself just doing nothing.


File: 1713908320443.png (8 KB, 400x400, 1:1, Savage_strength.png) ImgOps iqdb

Lifting, collecting wizdom, collecting memes, downloading games, downloading stuff…
>lifting is specially needed after 30s, since you become slowly weaker after that age. Also having great muscles slowers aging quite fairly


File: 1713908680753.jpg (131.41 KB, 680x891, 680:891, tumblr_lloh9izssA1qj4uijo1….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>How many wiz have in real life friends?
None of us do, here's an explication/explantoin/explofntx that best illustrates why


File: 1713941136619.jpeg (16.97 KB, 517x593, 517:593, images-9.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

"You're showcasing PTSD symptoms!"
"I ain't got time to showcase PTSD symptoms"


Talk for yourself. For many of us is enough to merely be introverted.


K. It was mostly just a bad joke, though


Do you have actual concrete actionable goals. Make a personal sqedural related to said goals and stick to it so that it becomes habit.
Right now your habit is just sitting around rotting rather than doing stuff. You need to force yourself to be in the habit of doing stuff.


File: 1713993862411.jpg (97.52 KB, 470x642, 235:321, 3y3.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I took the time to think and i reached the conclusion that the classroom rules are not to teach children how to behave in groups, but rather, to force them to not behave like savages


What classroom are you talking about?
Are you underage or something?
Or a teacher?


>don't answer such private questions on imageboards


Ok, I am going to assume you are a 12 year old school teacher of special needs children.


Tard wrangler!!


I had a real vivid dream where I could move things with my mind, big things such as buildings. Not only do that, but I could also travel without moving from my seat or leaving my house, so I did some space traveling and I was admired by this universe. My body never left my house but I could experience the rest of the world, that was my power, and guess what else… My grandpa was still alive and we talked and I decided to show him my powers, projected in real time what the earth looks like from space and galaxies, all right into our living room. He could see through my eyes. I lifted my entire house as well a good 3-4 inches above ground just to show him that my powers were real. This use of my powers proved to be problematic because not so long passed where I got a vision of an angry functionary, not from this world, but a parallel world, that got increasingly angry every time I did so much as move one small object, for his world, me moving things, meant earthquakes. I felt sorry so I stopped then, but he was already upset and seemed to know about people with powers like me and there was a system in place to stop me and he was going to voice his concern along many other public servants.

I was just happy to be able to see my grandpa who died 20 years ago. And it's funny because it seems I willed this dream into existence since I've been thinking lately about him and how we are so similar.


When you don't waste your jizz the productivity will come on its own, I keep going for walks when it's a week +, can't stay still


File: 1714097083154.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 37.72 KB, 456x390, 76:65, images-12.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Gee, I wonder how next month is gonna end =_=…


Productivity means living for yourself. You're probably dealing with needs you're not meeting and to maintain yourself you rely on "doing nothing" (which probably refers to a complicated host of behaviors that you are devaluing) to cover for the gaps as best you can.
Imagine a person that is fasting. While fasting, your life begins to revolve around this deprivation. Everything is about keeping up the fasting or experiencing the struggle. It's like a giant filter over the breadth of life. Having unaddressed discomforts can be very similar, it is difficult to take spontaneous action when you are already preoccupied with yourself. You need to leave some empty space in life. Motivation follows on its own.


Motivation is a unreliable bitch whore to be trusted less than a succubus without external accountability.


Motivation needn't be trusted does it? Just acted on. The unreliability is in accordance with the amount of actual empty space in your life in either case.


>The unreliability is in accordance with the amount of actual empty space in your life in either case.
The point is don't rely on motivation to get things done. It will consistently fail you.


I had a idea for a wiz village or apartment complex but only allowing wiz to be resident, like a old folks home, but for wiz, a place for oddballs can leave together and help one another.



Why? Imagine a real life wizardchan meeting


One community enters

One man leaves



One harem enters.

One keeper leaves.


Imagine a meet up of asocial and antisocial people who don't really get along even when online.
Now imagine that some of them are violently mentally ill.
Now imagine that there is no way to screen bad faith actors, trolls, and crab in a bucket people who just want to watch whatever you build burn, possibly literally.

Shit would be a disaster.


Yeah, true, probably a good screening system to let trolls, violently crazy and unhinged out would be need it.


File: 1714265207537.jpg (1.05 MB, 1133x1602, 1133:1602, GEMEPqlbAAEAsWj.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Moving expenses have perfectly aligned with gym membership due date, running out of protein, running out of creatine, running out of eggs, running out of food period, phone bill overdue service cutoff, and laundromat day. pic unrel


most people are easier going in real life. But there's no underlying connection between most of the people on here aside from the fact it's an imageboard. Also crab memes will never win commiecel


are you that poor?


I'm a NEET with bills to pay and who just helped with first+last on an overpriced townhouse.


I don't know if any of you dumb spergs or flaggots noticed, but Gogle is using AI sentiment analysis tools to pre-screen every single comment posted to YouTube in order to block anything remotely controversial or "dangerous" from ever appearing on the site. Every comment goes into quarantine and it takes ~15-60 seconds for the AI to either pass it or reject it. You realize that if Google can afford to run every single YT comment through an LLM based AI gestapo, we are at the point where they can use this technology on literally every single form of communication. SMS, voice calls, messenger apps, DMs, you name it. They can monitor everything you say for wrong-think and either censor you, establish a hidden social credit score, or just arrest you. How long before your smart TV, amazon echo, or phone are conducting sentiment analysis on the AI transcribed audio it picks up 24/7? Do you honestly think that it's not happening right now or is at the very least less than 5 years away? People joke about their "personal agent" who is monitoring everything they say, but with AI that is literally possible now. The "community guidelines" of a handful of corporations are going to become de facto law in western countries and you will have no method by which to discuss it or complain about it.


Completely agree. We are clearly hurtling toward a reality even more dystopian and horrific than any of the popular dystopian novels


Youtube has comments?


I get slightly annoyed when people call rowhomes townhouses.


Do you usually just make shit up to sling at people?
Does it make you feel better?
Do you know you just make yourself look like a clown when you behave that way?


npc's don't have higher order, self reflective thought. Leave that one, tis a clay man hylic


File: 1714376795420.jpg (20.31 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Just rewatched his HUHA2 tutorial series for the first time in years.
Without talking my butt off things got irritating and convoluted since then, but it did help on a few yet enough levels..


Gonna take a break from chans for a good portion, if the majority, of next month. Tricky times are imminent, yet not only have I at least contributed to something greater than me but there are also things that are helping me move forward. Not gonna let them be in vain. 諦めない


Good luck and hope the best for you, dude.


Anyone here is a true recluse?


File: 1714530275050.png (Spoiler Image, 3.05 MB, 2916x1592, 729:398, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps iqdb

Nah man, I have no idea what you are talking about fellow human.
don't let anyone know you are a spider



Wow, both religion and politics in the same post.


lol. I want to chelate this neurotoxin from my brain.


Another reason to avoid plant-based foods.


even if you realize that you are alone in this world, it won't make things get easier. Only money can buy true freedom in this world. My wizbrethren number one priority is to be free from this hellish and decadent society so that we don't have to suffer and engage with others. You can call it a cope, but do you know what it feels like to wake up early in the morning to go to a shitty job? Think about the number of people having to do that, now think about a wiz who has very little in life and is a subject of slavery. Things get worse and worse. This is why money is important.


-Homemade dynamo to generate your own energy (using strength in exchange for speed, grants you quite a decent amount of power)
-Water distillery
-Electric furnace and heating
-Underground architecture for mining structures
-Sunlight replacements in the form of LEDs.
-Basic electromechanics
-Dry WCs
-Portable kitchen
-Looking for a place where you can easily put your hideout without being sighted.


File: 1714834844358.png (563.07 KB, 690x912, 115:152, rat-pressing-lever-8537320….png) ImgOps iqdb

I am finally done with the internet but I keep checking all my usual sites out of habit even though I don't care about the content anymore. I am so used to years of constantly checking imageboards it's strange to imagine that normal people have a plan on what to do instead of aimlessly browsing the net looking for something interesting.


Normies are just as addicted to twitter, insta, tiktok etc. you see them browsing their phones in public all the time. You don't need to get rid of the habit completely to be productive though. Internet addiction is a pseudo problem, you will naturally fill up your free time with useless activities, doesn't mean you would have used for something productive. 3 hours of genuinely deep work is about as much as a normal person can hope for.


it's biological. The "brain changes" which happen from internet use are the brain physically changing to become codependent on upvotes and f5's for stable function. It's very insidious, although reversable


Can a person with no sexual experience but with normal social life and well paying job still be called a wizard?


No. Now fuck off.


Ok, why exactly a person like that wouldn't be called a wizard?


Yes. A wizard is a male virgin over the age of 30.


I guess but it depends on what you mean by normal social life.

To most normies that includes a romantic relationshit. Which isn't wizardly.

But if you just mean friends, family, and the like then sure. Though friendships with females is suspect if they ain't kin.

That said, we don't want to hear about your social life at all ever here. So if you had a brew the da boyz, or play expensive toy battles with toys you have to paint and put together yourself but cost more than a car payment, keep it to yourself.


You act exactly like the crabs that you hate. Lmfao.


How so?
Explain yourself if you are able.


I want to create a wiz only apartment complex, but with screening beforehand to detect those dangerous and troll so they won't cause problem for the rest of the ok wiz, how could that be done before I'm old and frail.


you're probably a normalfag yourself if you want to have roommates.


>wiz can't socialize with other wiz



imagine wanting this bad to socialize with others that you will think about creating an apartment complex so that you can live with them.

Hell is other people, really, and moreso extroverted socialfags who want to steal your time. Real human pests.



Landlord is raising the rent by a hundred bucks citing inflation.

Sucks but still the cheapest place in town so I ain't moving.
Wish my income would keep up with all this inflation. Just feels like I am being punished for trying to save money.


File: 1715171444405.jpeg (37.13 KB, 611x611, 1:1, 1695211491771.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

i need several hundred kilometers free space, ideally with closed airspace and without anyone upstream of any rivers, yes i am using all of it (for trees and animals)


Can we create a wiz villa inside your space?


no littering
no shouting
round huts only


Every Friday night and Saturday nights is tabletop games and movie night on the communal hut, all wiz are invited


it's better to meet on new or full moons, i have no idea what day it is


Ideally Friday and Saturday night would be nice, wiz tabletop and movie night, wiz barbecues on Saturdays morning, and huge space for nightly wizwalks for those that like walking, wiz villa project sounds cool


You posted this on a device that shows the day, time, and date.

If you are going to roleplay could you at least not suck at it.


So, wiz villa is approved by the wizzies?


I prefer living alone and not being in a commie hive of madness.


Wiz villa would have screening system to detect and avoid unhinged ,trolls and other difficult people.


Who would win in a fight: the power transformer outside my house or seven consecutive x-class full-halo coronal mass ejections?


You talking about the solar storm going on right now?

Besides causing my router to reset and making the night sky outside the city look weird, I didn't really notice.
I doubt the current one is powerful enough to damage your local transformer.


File: 1715432587932.png (378.99 KB, 763x629, 763:629, 1715309694496465.png) ImgOps iqdb

I didn't even see the lights due to light pollution. Nothing really happened as far as I can tell. Everything's a psyop. The world is continually ending but never does. Quantum immortality or some shit or maybe I am in Hell. Just how many more times can I continue to believe what I read online?


There's rich wizard? I only see broken and poor wizards, where's the trust fund wizard?


File: 1715458701669.jpg (139.84 KB, 555x777, 5:7, 1715378626224177.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm a trust fund wizard but I have to share the trust with two other siblings and hope my parents don't go to a nursing home. My dad nearly died caring for his demented mother so he didn't lose his fund to a nursing home. When God rolled my character, I got the wealthy family as part of my dice roll but he made me profoundly disabled and 5'9" to balance things out. Neither of my parents ever earned more than $25/hr.


File: 1715462097260.jpg (Spoiler Image, 142.45 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Welp, did everything in my power to refrain from submitting this, but my American siblings came over and met enough of my expectations. Including grant me cause to fail.

Cheers and ttyl. =_=


There's no western hikkikomoris, never heard about a real western hikki, all supposed western hikkis go out and leave the house from time to time.


indeed, it's a japanese phenomena. that's what they told me


Nobody outside that kind of society can exist as a hikki, even with NEETbux.


>There's no western hikkikomoris, never heard about a real western hikki, all supposed western hikkis go out and leave the house from time to time.

the infrastructure to be a genuine hikki does exist in the western world.

also your way of thinking makes no sense. if someone were to be a hikki, how would you ever know about it? you think the dude becomes a hikki and then gets a big drum and walks around the neighborhood once a week yelling about never leaving the house so that even you fool end up knowing about it?

there are probably hikkis and they are probably glad you don't know em personally.


Hikkis are terminally online, so yeah, you could find a "western hikki" in some obscure imageboard or some discord server




what game am I looking at here?


The third certainty in life people would rather brush off:

And Imperfect love :(


By looking at the jump animation, I would say Roblox


Yume Wizzi (Yume Nikki but for crabs)


Does anyone knows a YouTuber channel about the life of a lower class male? I saw, out of pure luck, a Korean channel of a single older dude showing how is life for a korean "loser" like him, it's was interesting, anyone know other YouTube channels like this, I only know OsakaSyndrome


scheck out primitive skills on youtube, the most honorable dude alive. seeing him work so hard has inspired me. i did not know a man can work this hard before.


>lower class male
What does this even mean outside of meatspace cults devoted to gaining approval from random succubi?


Poor, dudes it means poor.


What army of sillies raided Wchan to the point even my internet connection was infected by their "insecurity" this time? XD


Highlighting text in bookreading apps is good, but if it's an image, I can't tap on anything since no text. Workaround: use EBookDroid where it's possible to draw. Downside: if there's plenty of drawings, part of them would stop showing. Workaround: close the app, open the app, chose file, it'll say "access denied", open file through EBookDroid in the file manager (on the memory card in my case), then the first part of drawings previously shown will be not shown, but the next one previously unshown will be shown. Repeat if doesn't work or for other not shown parts. Every other app is 😭 💩 so far. Speaking of 💩, unfortunately with the death of mixtape sites plenty of mixtapes are unavailable. Livemixtapes looks like it's missing a huge chunk, MixtapeWire doesn't have working links for older stuff, DatPiff uploads to Archive.org but very slow, SpinRilla was forced to close and pay millions of dollars to greedy labels. Just as an example, Squad Shit Only by RondoNumbaNine (serving about 40 years in prison now) and L'A Capone (died) is unavailable, even on SoulSeek. And that's not even underground nonames. Cultural catastrophe happened and nothing to be done. And then fuccin pigz raided Juelz Santana house and deleted plenty of songs from his 💻 and no baccup. He himself was devastated. Metallica's guitarist's phone got stolen with all the riffs for an album back in the day. And, of course, terrorists destroying archives/museums in Europe. That's fucced up n then SSDs and hard drives and relatives don't release posthumous stuff even for free years after the death or pretend as if a leak by hackers had happened so there wouldn't be legal issues for not paying for beats, samples, etc. if there's any problems. 🤮 🤢


*releases with fake tracklists elsewhere like on SoundCloud rewrite the history. And some stuff early Chief Keef is completely lost. Johnny Cage has at least one album and it won't be released by his son posthumously, even tho from his words, the impression is it's just not something spectacular but not bad either.


And then all of old pro wrestling that was destroyed by producers in the tape days. At least Jim Cornette bribed the cleaner and got some tapes. Plenty of promotions' tape libraries got bought by WWE and no sign of it being available in the future as there's no big demand too. Reading lostmedia is heartbreaking.


>And some stuff early Chief Keef is completely lost
Good. The less music from those types that is made public, the better.


I can already sense my plans to travel, to and from somewhere later this year, being sabotaged in advance, as we speak (like most of my plans, which have required ID, already have, thus justifying my cynicism once again despite what most illiterately convoluted asswads would judge for eitherway).

I'd love to try and do something about it, except I'd rather not garner that kind of powet, thank you very much ;D..


Tempted to get cold steel stuff I don't need.

I know it will most likely just collect dust somewhere and I don't need it.
Fun things are fun sometimes.



Feels good to be happy and clean.

Improving my life with every day and feeling motivated to do the simplest of things as a result.

Not eating junk food or drinking alcohol or smoking or taking any other substances makes a difference.

The best life is a healthy life and drugs are for failed normalfags.




I always thought that drugs were taking by people with empty brains that need outside stimulation to have some modicum of a interesting thought or having any type of thinking at all


Now it cost 80 bucks (in my local currency) in my country to watch a movie in the cinema, what the fuck?


>Needed a bike fork
>Ordered it through amazon
>Was a pain in the ass putting in new address because they wanted it imput exacty a certain way for their computer to recognize it
>Somehow, don't know how exactly it still ended up defaulting to my old PO box that is 20 miles away and I am not even sure is still active

Fuck, why you got to make my life harder Amazon?
Now I have to wait for the bus on Monday or do a long as fuck bike ride during the heat of the day.


Jesus Christ, oh lord, im shitting myself, i can feel that the time is coming.






Normalfarts laugh at this but really they're jealous of Demetrius' power level.


How was your high school experience, bros?


>Grade 9
Boring. I don't remember any nice school events happened. Nobody even putted me on the list during intramurals as they see me as a wimp so I never got to play any games (even E-sports). 4/10
>Grade 10
Thesis shit, we were required to write it on a fancy-styled formating with specific font per content which I forgot. The worse part is we had to "defend" it which I'm incapable of since first, I don't care, second I don't see the point. Now the worst part is I was just standing in front of class doing nothing, when it was my turn all I said was "uhhh uhh uhh" and I got laughed at after that. But at least someone had the audacity to put me on handball and chess during intramurals. Overall 2/10
>Grade 11
Online class. It means the teacher made sure to make the class more difficult by asking questions on tests that can't be searched on the internet. Also prone to cyber bullying, there was this guy who always picked up on me and I can't think of any comebacks. 1/10
>Grade 12
Forgotten. ?/10


I was an autistic blending in with the stoners, everyone always thought I was high, it worked


Drugs are for people incapable of interesting thought, so they need some outside estimation, in another word: drugs are for idiots


You wanted the approval of the "cool kids" (retards) so bad that you pretended to be on drugs to hang with them? Sounds like failed normalfaggotry.


I was lazy and eventually drop out but finished somehow, despite not even attending to most of the classes and barely going to school. A real waste of my time, almost a torturous wizcel experience. Learnt to hate people and became asocial and avoidant as a result. Probably would have killed my classmates if I was born in USA. Had plenty of antisocial thoughts because I just didn't want to like being there and saw the school system as a prison. I don't think is humane to have to be around other kids or anyone for that matter on a daily basis for more than 2 hours. It makes you go crazy.


Painfully boring and occasionally cringe.
Most of it felt like a waste of time.
I wish I could have gone straight to collage after middle school. The first gen ed stuff you go through in collage goes over all the shit you went through in high school anyway only much more effervescently with more competent teachers with students taking the material seriously because they aren't legally mandated to be there.


- -
Condescending dreams that foreshadow the shitass life choices of the sports palace country, here I come!


More like being in a group so you don't become a target, if you were a wiz you'd know the hazard of being by yourself, if you could pull it off any wiz would have done it for protection.


It's delusional and draining. The sole fact of that what you said being true is enough to have no other choice than staying there to become a target and depredate the damned bastards as hard as possible.

If you are forced to suck the shit of bad company under wsuch conditions, you are already being bullied.


NEETdom is cool for the first year, after that is extremely boring and the copes run out fast.


NEET for 10ish years here, it entirely depends on the person, hylics need to be told what to do. People like me find shit to do, after 10 years I've gotten very good at it. Oo I'm bored best start shoveling shit. Couldn't be me chief


10 year neet here I agree


Retarded take. That's a huge loss for hatelisteners not just the people who enjoy listening to it. And, of course, there's 0 evidence that music itself leads to violence. In fact, about the extremism violence, there's a 3N model that includes network, need, and narrative, but not artistic narrative itself, even if it's reality rap.


get a hobby or something. i wake up every day looking forward to working towards my goals.


Not sure why my beard is itchy, is never been like this. I would shave but not only am I lazy but it's cold so it keeps me warm.


Could be bacteria getting cozy under the hair. Get some alcohol on that sucker


i will change my bed sheets and pillowcase, it's been a month i think.


Lower class wizzies, what's you story?


>Lower class
We're not succubi so "lower class" doesn't mean anything to us


Lower class = poor


Then say poor.


>you can't be lower class if you aren't female
why are you such a dumbfuck?


That's not what's being said you dense ESL. The concept of "class" and the voluntary self-sorting oneself in to any of these labels is an effeminate act. What determines a man's "class" is superficial and governed by how he's sorted by succubi. Asking
>any low-class wizards?
is no different from
>any sub-5 wizards?
In regards to the scale succubi use to rank men's attractiveness.

So yes actually, you're right. If you're broke as buttons, then you're just a poor wizard. But if you call yourself "low-class" then you're dancing to the tune of succubi who classify men primarily by their assets, to which you become a succubus at heart.


Talk about being boneheaded and completely oligophrenic.
Being such an ignorant fucktard that you don't know it's men who came up with social stratification based on wealth, education, income, race, etc.
>n-no it's effeminate to use such terms! class is superficial and some succubi care and rate you on your looks
You are unintelligent and schizophrenic to the point of spouting unrelated dumb shit like that out of nowhere so you must be lower class.


We have greatly offended the crab.


One thing I constantly had growing up was people everywhere always making out the most basic shit people achieve every day is all some herculean effort. It wasn't just my parents, I had in middle school teachers spreading lies about high school, about how if you're a second late you get sent home and get detention, how the work is so hard that most of the class would fail….Get to high school and it was the same shit.

Teachers also started going on about jobs, about how there's a massive pile of 600 CVs sitting on a company desk and "you can't just expect to get a job". At least once a week it was a five minute horrorstory about how employment is basically impossible. Meanwhile most people have jobs, and most people get jobs fine.

With housing it was my parents, "What, you just think -you- will find an apartment and a place to live. I think you don't understand how intense the competition for housing is". Meanwhile at the time homelessness was near zero.

It was supposed to motivate us I guess but I feel like it did the opposite? I struggle to think of the reason to just make out everyday life is impossible for the average person to achieve.


Demoralization is the language of those who have failed themselves.


It's not an insult to mention facts. It is a fact that you are an imbecile. Social classes, social stratum, hierarchies, have little to do with succubi but you are too nigger brained and ignorant to even know something like this. You have no reply to this, of course.

Wizards 1
Retard 0


File: 1716561696204.jpg (192.97 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 8657515896.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I have read that mouth breathing can cause attention deficit.
And I've noticed that I don't breathe when I read or play.
That might explain my ailments.
I wanted one of those ventilators, but one of those costs 25,000 usd on average, so I guess I'll have to look for other alternatives.


just one advice for my virgin bros, my true virgin bros, those who don't go on hating the involuntary celibate wizards or the autistic.

Do not pluck your nose hairs, it can cause infection and even blood clots behind your eye sockets and it increases the risk of alzheimer and dementia.


But the ones doing it already have comfy homes and stock portfolios?


>pretending he's a wizard
Ok boyos. Let's mass report this fag


File: 1716660391746.jpg (348.32 KB, 1024x1608, 128:201, nosebreathing is hidden.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I have been called alot of things these past 2 years.
A workaholic was never one of them.
and it's too late now, my niggas! :D


I hate how the post rate slows down to 3 every 24 hours whenever I post here, then I leave and wizchan gets 100 new posts in a day.

Am I being targetted? Shadowbanned? Why? Just what did I do?

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