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Any of you guys do deep creative inner visualization? I'm talking seeing the apple in your mind, being able to recreate and interact with worlds you create. It's a skillset taught during gateway meditation and "astral projection".

I enjoy reading/memorizing d&d modules and then imagining travelling and playing the game inside my head sometimes. It's also fun to take a well-remembered video game world and traverse it mentally from a first person perspective.

Anybody else do this?


sounds very cool, i don't think i have experienced any of this. i might not be using my phantasy and crativity that much because i am so busy catching up on basics in real life like using tools, buildling furniture, not drowning in consumerist mess, spending money that keeps accumulating regardless of how little i get, using my time wisely.

i am always hesitant of anything that might become a mental escape for me the way video games have been.

what i found in deep meditation was effortless contentment. happiness as the default sate. unconditional completeness. so i usually default to keeping my mind empty. though i have experienced glimpses of what you speak. dreaming of fantasy places that do not suffer from the same cultural limits that is keeping humanity down has been enjoyable to me in the past.


Yours is healthy brain. Keep it up.


it's quite easy to accomplish. The meme that people can't see internal objects is quite wrong, it's a skillset like any other and related to serotonin levels. Take 5htp for a bit and sensitize the 5ht2a receptor and you will be able to vividly "see" in your mind's eye. The tricky bit I've found is that sometimes your mind automatically wants your inner world to work in certain ways whereas you might want to do something totally different. Control of the frame without totally breaking the sequence is a skill for sure


You tell me? Extroverted intuition is my auxiliar cognitive function and I daydream almost whenever I can.

Probably other types find this much harder.


hah, be fair I couldn't have known. Did you practice it or did it just happen naturally?


>lots of memes there about Ne aux daydreaming

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