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wizards itt i try to channel a spell. since i am a legit health wizard, my focused attention can manifest physically. there is surprisingly few magical activity happening in here but i am not willing to take example of that.

the spell i am humbly attempting is healing. these are the magic words:

>may every wizard who wants to be more healthy find a way to become more healthy.

the idea is i keep posting in the thread, having the thread serve as a reminder for you; of your power to create positive change in your life and not succumb to the general direction of decay. i intend to hold high the proclamation that you can be both the architect and the builder of a better life if you so choose, it is up to you. you can just decide to be more healthy, demand it from yourself and watch the gears start to turn as your intelligence comes up with ideas to improve your situation and then your muscles turning the ideas into actions.

i've said this before, don't mind me repeating it: the number one most important aspect of healing is the belief that it is possible to improve. everything starts from this positive expectation, this confidence and if you boil it down and look into why some people have it and others don't, it is that those who have it decided to have it. choose health.


I had a granny related to me who practiced psychic healing with her group every sunday. She was quite healthy even into her 80's


File: 1715607757227.mp4 (10.69 MB, 532x798, 2:3, daniele bolelli tao 05 sto….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

yesterday i said the belief that it is possible is the most important. a doctor who does not try his best to let his patients know that improving is within their reach should not be a doctor and instead build roads.

once health has been chosen as a destination, what is the best way to get there? the best way is to take the smallest possible step as soon as possible.

why the smallest possible step? because when the step is chosen too big, the gravity of the habit is too hard to overcome.

imagine a fatty trying to lose weight. he might come up with something like this: "from now on i'll train 5 days a week, high intensity for an hour with the weekend off!" and then the first day arrives. the hour is often not even attempted i would expect but even if it is successfully attempted on day 1, then there is muscle ache and tiredness, and the uncomfortable loudness of a awakening lymphatic system that has been laying dormant. then the joints are complaining and the fatty might not even know how to walk, as many people don't. then there is sweat and smell and exhaustion. maybe the euphoria of finally using the physical body tips the scale in the other direction, exercising is such fun if done harmoniously. but i expect a novice fatty to then say on day 2 "i am too tired from yesterday" and the attempt has failed before it barely begun. i've done dumb things like that when i was younger. completely misguided.

better example: imagine a smoker. the smoker smokes 20 cigarettes a day. what is his smallest step?. smoke only 19 tomorrow. that's a step so tiny, it barely creates any ripples. that's the way to do it. and then hold the 19, let the 19 become the new normal, only then go for 18.

why as soon as possible? because positive habit pays interest. as you become more healthy and understand how to use your human body to feel good all the time for no reason, the only regret you will have is that you should have done this sooner. what is the best time to wash a moist dirty plate? now. because the longer you let the food residue stay on the plate, the harder it becomes to wash because it dries and sticks more. so it would take 10 seconds right after you eat and 40 seconds when you let it sit around for 2 days.

if you try to warm yourself towards these two principles
>seeking for the tiniest step
>taking the step as soon as possible
you are already deep into prevention.

prevention is the best way to achieve health. if people knew what powerful difference tiny steps taken without delay have on a persons health, there would be nobody not doing it. everybody who took the time to understand this, would want to take advantage of this. any good doctor would do little else then to preach prevention to their patients all day long. he would be tired from talking about it at the end of the day. i mean it.

this story in the attached mp4 beautifully illustrates the power of prevention. if i had heard this, when i was younger, i would have started getting healthy sooner, which is my only regret.


File: 1715786603909.mp4 (1.17 MB, 460x340, 23:17, jamie oliver trying to sho….mp4) ImgOps iqdb

i vaguely remember this phrase: "no man walks into the same river twice because it is not the same river and he is not the same man."

that's how i feel when i wake up. i go to bed at midnight as one dude and then i wake up 7-8 hours later as someone else. when i am in a particularly lazy phase, it takes me all day to remember the things i wanted to do. during laziness, it is like at night i forget my entire life and have to remember it the next day and once i do the day is almost over.

this has been a constant source of frustration for me in the past. i would make these grand plans and they work for a short while and then i fall of. what i wanted to do would work 3 days in a row and then on day 4 i couldn't do it or something would prevent me.

when seeking tiny steps, this frustration usually resolves itself by simply "trying again next day" or "trying again in a few hours". when doing things too fast and skipping steps which could easily be argued only to waste time, the frustration becomes way more difficult to grapple with.

this feels like such unimportant detail; this would be very easy to maliciously frame as "what are you making such a big deal out of not succeeding with something, just try again" but i believe there is more too it. knowing that not everything will work out as planned beforehand will reduce the PTSD of failing something simple or having a bad day.

maybe this will tie it together: when in the process of changing habits new autopilots are being born and old autopilots are about to be discontinued, which is a messy, nasty sometimes painful process that can be laughed about afterwards when hindsight makes this easily observable but in the moment, as the old autopilots are still part of the structure, this is one big thing that sabotages personal choices, i have noticed.

knowing this, the best way to not have this interrupt your newborn decisions who can barely walk i believe is to anticipate that simple things can go wrong and have a lot of patience with yourself. as if you were in a supermarket checkout and you notice the worker is retarded, that's the kind of patience you should reserve for yourself when you are starting out. as you get better, you can be more demanding of yourself but reserve this for when you are already in motion and everything is already easy. the beginning is the hardest.


File: 1715795503532.mp4 (1.92 MB, 460x252, 115:63, aeQXWMB_460sv.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

marginal benefit

i'm pretty active these days. i used to be pretty hikki and hermiti but now i am out and about every day (and pretty hermiti) thanks to my truck, which gives me a place i can retreat to wherever i am at and pee and poo in peace without having to go to public bathrooms and smell other people's poo. oh god i hated the bus and the train sooo much. the mean people there always into some social experiment type of shit. had i known how nice it is, i would have gotten one the second i was allowed to drive.

i'm on the move the entire day, which is very easy when the weather is nice and warm and the sun is out. i do something exhausting for about 30 to 90 minutes, once or twice a day most days, sometimes even all day because my energy does not run out. at most i take a break of an hour and then i can keep going.

let's say i exercise for 10 hours every week and it makes me healthy and i feel good from it. would i still feel good if i only did 9 hours? yes. what if i only did 8? yeah still. 7 hours would still be nice.

when looked at not as a enjoyable way to spend a life but purely for the health benefit, which of the hours i am spending exhausting myself is the one that makes the most difference? the first one. while the increase from 9 hours per week to 10 hours per week barely even registers. the increase from 0 hours per week to 1 hour per week is ASTRONOMICALLY HIGH! there is no better hour then the first hour! it is the absolute best.

that means people who don't exercise by doing just the minimum of one hour per week have the most to gain from it with the least time investment.

if you understand this, you also understand that not taking advantage of this is the biggest arrogance. there is something those who go 0 hours per week can do to have a gigantic effect on their life with a minimum cost of time and they say "ooh no no no that's not for me, i just throw away this incredible opportunity".

a better way would be to do the one hour every week and whenever someone comes along and says that the person should do more argue "what do you even want, i go for one hour every week and this has the highest marginal benefit, no move out of the way so i can see the screen and shove industrial colored sugar down my throat".

there are more of these things a person can do once in a while and greatly benefit from it. not only exercise. i'm talking about netipot, enema, healing tea, oil pulling, breathing exercises, cold showers, sauna.


File: 1715896549369.jpg (212.23 KB, 1920x1024, 15:8, bmi.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

every lost kg makes a difference

i've done quite a few unusual experiments on myself in all my days. a few years ago i was at bmi ~21. the weight was constant for a few years i think.

and then i was on the way of becoming bmi 20. 21 doesn't sound so different from 20, does it? but the difference felt gigantic. i was standing on my scale often at that time and as i felt better and better i would check the scale and realize "last time i weighed myself i was 1kg heavier and i do feel the difference. i feel better and noticably lighter."

NOTICABLY LIGHTER from just one single kilogram. i wouldn't have thought that 1 kilogram could make that much of a difference. movement became so effortless. everything felt so easy.

since this time i keep thinking this thought when i see a fatty: when the difference for me to lose a single kg is so big, at a point where i am already thin and i can expect the least marginal difference from that kg… how insane must the difference feel to a fatty? shouldn't the difference of 1kg be felt even stronger for someone with a big belt?

i believe yes and no. fatties don't have a sensory apparatus as sophisticated as thin people, they are duller, they don't have the same precise perception of nervous system activity. they can't hear as good, can't see as good, can't smell as far, they are sicker often, they cough and sneeze more often and their body is generally more busy surviving to have capacity for sensory perception. also the food that provides the nervous system with enough electricity to have very high perception does not make a person fat so a fattie with exceptionally high sensory acuity is outside the realm of possibility i would expect.

what i am trying to say is if they could feel or even just detect what difference each single lost kg makes, they would be quite surprised of how much better they feel and how much easier everything is. they'd discover that 24 hours are quite a lot of hours! they'd feel better but they would barely be able to notice.


mind the traps

traps have been placed around you. i see people stepping in them and because they don't just detonate instantly like someone stepping on a mine, they assume things are safer then they are.

one of these traps is called ice cream. don't eat it ever. i could never respect an ice cream eater. ice cream has been placed on this earth to make people sick and give idle npc consumers some place to flock to on a hot day. i live near a handmade icecream shop where people stand in lines as long as 30 meters on a hot day. i could just go there and get an ice cream but i don't hate myself so i don't. i don't want to be sick, i don't want to be unhealthy, so i just don't participate in ice cream. the degree with which you can resist these traps will be the glass ceiling to your health. giving up ice cream would be healthy.

alcohol is another thing i don't participate in.

coffee is another thing i don't participate in.

lemonade is another thing i don't participate in.

so is candy, so is pasta, so is pizza, so is burger, so is cake, i have not gotten rid of bread yet but i am in the process of. i'm still eating exotic bread as well as wraps every so often but the wrap is small and more like a tool to hold a salad in my hand.

the more of the nasty stuff you kick out of your life, the healthier you will get, because that's what worked for me and why shouldn't it work on you.

i found something similar to ice cream that i eat very often but it is not filled with industrial isolate sugar, dairy and whatever else they put in, how would i know, i don't read the back of ice cream containers, that is idiot food to me. anyways i just blend frozen banana, grape and raspberry into a paste, fill it in thick glasses and then i put it in the freezer so they are always ready. banana + any other fruit = ice cream that doesn't make me sick. and then i have a bunch of these glasses (500ml and 1000ml) and i just pick one from the freezer in the morning and 2 hours later i start eating it with a spoon and that's my breakfast on a busy day.


> so is burger
A burger is a rounded meal of lean red meat, vegetables, and carbohydrates. Just because it's stacked vertically instead of being spread throughout the plate doesn't mean it's unhealthy.


>A burger is a rounded meal of lean red meat, vegetables, and carbohydrates. Just because it's stacked vertically instead of being spread throughout the plate doesn't mean it's unhealthy.

in most cases you can't even tell what the burger was made from because whatever is in there is unrecognizably ground into a paste and then industrially extruded and frozen into shape. if you believe in meat (which i don't) why wouldn't you eat meat that you can at least recognize like a chicken breast? so you can tell that it is ok and not been tampered with. have you not seen what they do? they glue meat together or put other stuff in there or they take the worst parts of the meat and you just trust them with your life. sounds foolish to me.

also the meal you describe is problematic from a digestional perspective. as far as i pieced it together bread (which already is unhealthy in itself) and meat run on two different digestive programs that are said to cancel each other out, which i believe to entirely possible. i ate mate for decades and i was always tired. i was weak like you, barely able to write two sentences. you don't even know you are like a washing machine and have to choose a program each time you eat. a better way would be not to eat meat and bread at the same time. i guess the bread first and then a few hours later the meat but even if you go so far, meat has such strange digestive patterns, when you eat it, it wants to take over the entire stommach because the protein is so cumbersome to crack.

i dunno man, i dunno how to make the best out of your dire predicement, i'm just glad i am not trapped like you and i have restricted myself to stuff i am excellent at digesting.


>why wouldn't you eat meat that you can at least recognize like a chicken breast?

I can only speak for myself but the reason most people eat minced meat as opposed to stakes is money. Meat, especially nowadays with the current inflation is super unaffordable. Trust me I'd gladly eat butterfly steak, but I can't afford it. The only cheap "meats" are organs and ultra low end industrial waste products like salami.

As for meat and carbs canceling each other out… I really haven't heard about that ever happening. Man literally created wheat because it was nutritious. I really don't understand this whole gluten scare, we've been eating it in Europe and the middle East for thousands of years.

Plus the whole scepticism around meat is pretty retarded, at least in my opinion. Even the Hindus, arguably the most vegetarian society ate animal products en masse. They just substituted meat for dairy.

I've personally went vegan for more than three months to save money and it was the most miserable time of my life. Just eat whatever makes you feel good and don't try to demonize something that you don't like. That's peake succubus behavior.


>Just eat whatever makes you feel good
Now now, this logic should only apply to food. REAL food. People taking "eat whatever makes you feel good" to heart is why so many people's hearts are taking time off. Evil scientists have re-engineered poison to "make us feel good" for a while after ingesting it and it's up to a man to identify and exclude this feel-good poisons from his diet.

Do greens, meat, grains, dairy, and eggs make a man feel good? Yes. Does Doritos make a man feel good? Yes, but he shouldn't eat them.


File: 1716987688560.jpg (73.99 KB, 843x787, 843:787, 2030 food pyramid.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1716988248575.jpg (7.19 KB, 213x160, 213:160, Cover_GrainBrain.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>retarded lack of will to even investigate

So you won't do anything just due to your fear of being caught imitating a succubus? Damn.

Anyways, here comes the cause of gluten fear

Also a yt channel bout this: https://www.youtube.com/@DavidPerlmutterMD


Obviously you'd feel good during the short term if you only ate Doritos. (I personally dislike the taste but I can imagine why someone would like them) though no person would feel good during the long term.
Eating junk food all the time is a grade A way of becoming diabetic. So no you wouldn't feel good if you only ate sugary ultra processed stuff.


>some random doctor on jewtube
I'm skeptical. Anyhow the burden of proof is on you ainc es you haven't made any sort of counterargument. If you can't state your own case then there is little use in pasting the video that convinced you that wheat is bad.
But because I'm feeling extremely good faith I'll watch it. And I'll also check out the book.


>I can only speak for myself but the reason most people eat minced meat as opposed to stakes is money. Meat, especially nowadays with the current inflation is super unaffordable. Trust me I'd gladly eat butterfly steak, but I can't afford it. The only cheap "meats" are organs and ultra low end industrial waste products like salami.

if you really believe in protein (which i don't) maybe you wanna get more into eggs. i don't eat them because they are basically glue but if you have a digestion that is already dialed into it, they seem to be more affordable then meat, especially if you can manage to get your own chickens. basically all you need is a little bit of space and not have neighbors who'd be bothered by it and you can build them a habitat easily and get eggs for free. you can also butcher the chickens and eat them.


>As for meat and carbs canceling each other out… I really haven't heard about that ever happening

a simple way to verify this yourself is eat meat for 3 days and then eat carbs for 3 days seperately and then for 3 more days eat both together. if what i am saying is true, you should be able to detect the feeling of being more tired in the days where you eat both. no need to trust any bitch, all you need is 9 days and you can verify this yourself.

>Man literally created wheat because it was nutritious. I really don't understand this whole gluten scare, we've been eating it in Europe and the middle East for thousands of years.

it is rather dense and i guess you can store it easy, it does have it's fair share of disadvantages though. harvesting, preparing, milling, those are all laborious processes, unless you have advanced industrial tech.

i mostly don't eat it because it is dead. what i do eat though is rice. rice is a plant unlike bread. bread doesn't grow on trees, it is a industrially refined product. i have a little rice cooker that i use to make me a cup of rice in the evening and then there is a little steaming basket in there that will steam vegetables too (a method to 'cook' vegetables lightly that does not destroy it as hard as other ways of cooking like boiling, baking or frying). i use a little blender to make me a sauce from actual raw tomatoes and that's all i need as a kitchen. i don't need a complicated stove or pots and pans. i just need the little stainless steel rice cooker with the little stainless steel basket and a small blender (i have one from mostly glass).


>Plus the whole scepticism around meat is pretty retarded,

all the animals except for the real omnivores (bears, dogs, pigs) have a foodtype they are specialized on and that they have been evolving with in cooperation. the longer this cooperation lasts, the more specialized the organs and body parts become. once you understand this, you see this in every facet of a creature, it is based on cause and effect, pure logic.

when you look at horses or cows, you will find they are based on logic, they have the anatomy that is best suited to extract the energy from their preferred food source. the way their teeth are shaped, how many stommachs they have with what ph-level inside them; it all makes sense.

cats are true carnivores, look how different their teeth look, how strong their stommach acid is said to be, how long they sleep, how they come with deadly weapons (their claws and teeth) and then compare that to you.

>I've personally went vegan for more than three months to save money and it was the most miserable time of my life.

3 months is a respectable duration to try it out, you should have felt way better if you really followed through. i hope you actually did eat mostly raw plants and not just french fries and other nonsense, there is plenty of unhealthy technically vegan food. unless you triggered a detox which requires some understanding in naturopathy to make sense of. when you all of the sudden eat very healthy after eating stupidly, your body basically does not stop 'vomitting' out of excess stuff. vomit, diarrhea, stink, dandruff, oily sweat, toxic piss. that's the body doing deep cleaning and i've seen vegan newcomers be intimidated by it and then emboldened to eat their stupidfood again because the stupidfood stops the detox.

however to the body this feels like having your power cord from your game console ripped from the outlet right as you are at the fun part of the game. "hay man what are you doing eating the shit again? i was getting ahead on cleaning so good?! the fuck!?"

even though it feels uncomfortable you want your body to detox. doesn't matter if it is uncomfortable, it will start to make the body feel better in the long term.

>Just eat whatever makes you feel good and don't try to demonize something that you don't like. That's peake succubus behavior.

you may have never fasted and don't understand how strong you might be in the grip of negative habits manifested in loud hostile microbiomes that somehow found ways to manipulate your emotions. a bit of fasting makes these microorganisms die down and then you understand what taste is. in most people it is like a drug receptor that turns people into junkies. i see someone eating a burger at a fast food place and i imagine a heroin junkie slapping his arm ready to insert a needle.

taste is not a need that requires you to satisfy it, that is what the loud microbiome wants you to believe it is. it is however more like a poison detector. when i eat watermelon for weeks every day, the tastebuds dial into my food. when i get hold of a bad watermelon, i can taste that from the first second my tongue touches a new melon. i believe taste is meant to be the human's mechanism to verify the quality and purity of food. so is smell.

the people who engineer industrial food to meet a certain taste and smell are disgusting perverts. cooks are mouth molestors. the mouth is not meant to be a sexually arousable erogenous zone, it is the entrance to the energyextractiontunnel. don't let them convince you taste is a need that you have to constantly be in the look out to fulfill, that's idiocy. you eat whatever makes you healthy and then after you eat it for a few days your tastebuds dial into it.

i have this herbal tea i like and the first time i drank it, it tasted so disgusting to me, but i kept at it. and now i like it. took me like 5 times drinking it and feeling how good it made me feel for my tastebuds to change their mind and like it.

tastebuds are bitches, don't let them decide for you, you do the deciding.


Evil scientists have re-engineered poison to "make us feel good" for a while after ingesting it and it's up to a man to identify and exclude this feel-good poisons from his diet.

back when i was studying evil shit myself i knew a few "food technology students" and yes these motherfuckers were evil. i obviously don't keep in touch with human trash like that. i have no doubt that they would do whatever they are paid to do no matter how much it harms others.

>Do greens, meat, grains, dairy, and eggs make a man feel good? Yes.

Does Doritos make a man feel good? Yes, but he shouldn't eat them.

just eat super clean and light for a week, then eat doritos for a week and then eat clean again and i believe you would reconsider if those make a man feel good. i believe you'd notice the difference.



is interesting that seed oil has managed to get into mainstream scrutiny. most of the time i don't use any oil and often i don't have any in the house. i stocked up on some cheap organic coconut oil recently but already got tired of using it.

if anyone is one the look out for a nice versatile source of fat that digests way better then oil, try sesame paste (aka tahini). it is nothing but ground up sesame seeds. it's not sesame oil, it includes the proper fiber. it is kind of like peanut butter but not as solid (which you would want it to be for the purpose of better digestion).

you can't use it to fry something in but nothing that is fried is healthy anyways.

if you never had sesame paste, get a jar or glass (you can buy whatever brand, i have tried 10+ different brands from all manner of countries most known for their terrorism, and they all taste different but i never had a bad one) and put it in a blender with real tomatoes (i prefer cherry tomatoes). the result is a sauce from real tomatoes made in seconds. put in some herbs and spices you like and that sauce turns into a tasty sauce quick! if you are having french fries, rather dip them in your real tomato sesame sauce then in ketchup. it digests way better then ketchup and you can be way more generous with how much sauce you load on an individual fry.

lol when i happen to eat actual ketchup once in a while i treat it like i was a nuclear scientist handeling dangerous substance. i dose it very carefully on the food, making sure i don't put too much on it like i worry the food would explode. that's how much industrial sugar has me worried.


File: 1717093844127-0.png (346.21 KB, 530x727, 530:727, 1.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1717093844127-1.jpeg (163.19 KB, 921x741, 307:247, 2.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1717093844127-2.png (103.06 KB, 586x621, 586:621, 3.png) ImgOps iqdb

interesting short thread about fat people's self-deceiving behavior. this completely breaks a person's mental health. i especially notice this when i am involved in some form of fasting and then see how people who would never fast buy the overpriced sugary treats that they put in the checkout line in some stores. i see them lead astray by their cravings and i look down on those people. unless their complete disregard of logic allowed them to be crazy geniuses that are masters in their field, i'd never value the opinion of someone who buys checkout-candy.


File: 1717093949379-0.png (101.55 KB, 586x663, 586:663, 4.png) ImgOps iqdb

File: 1717093949379-1.png (106.56 KB, 588x640, 147:160, 5.png) ImgOps iqdb

>Fatness is a uniquely malignant epistemological phenomenon, because fat people manage to deceive the one person theoretically impossible to lie to: Themselves. This is a profound and devastating psychic event and the reason that fat people come across deflated, pathetic and sad.

well said, i also believe this but i doubt i could have put it into words this skilled.


He says it’s theoretically impossible to lie to oneself. How can you take anything he says seriously? Just garbled twitter nonsense, yet again from a self declared intellectual who claims to love the western tradition yet reads nothing.


>He says it’s theoretically impossible to lie to oneself.

i agree with this statement. why would you lie to yourself? you lie to gain advantages and convince people to do things they otherwise wouldn't. why would you have to convince yourself of anything, aren't you YOU? can't you just decide over yourself, coordinate your actions? don't you choose your actions? don't you control yourself?

and the dark little discussed answer that this implies is: no, many people do not control themselves. they have little to no ability to influence their own actions, matter of fact they might call you crazy for suggesting there is something like free will, simply because they don't have it. they are not governed by themselves, they are like worried chicken, chased around by their programming, their owners, the expectations placed upon them, their emotions, the culture they were entrapped in, …

if someone wasn't fucked up in the head already, there would be no need to lie to oneself. it would not have any advantage and doing so would make no difference.

how can you disagree with the statement?


“Nothing is easier than self-deceit. For what every man wishes, that he also believes to be true.” - Demosthenes. It’s not a new concept, and it certainly isn’t some unique psyche breaking experience that reveals [group I don’t like] as uniquely non-human.
You defined lying within an evolutionary functionalist account, which is fine. There is however thousands of years of writing on it from the human experience.
Intentionality of the act is discussed here : https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/self-deception/
I’m sorry but I’m not really interested in discussing it further, I shouldn’t have said anything at all. That twitter argument from a person like that just got me.


Nothing is easier than self-deceit. For what every man wishes, that he also believes to be true.” - Demosthenes

i resent this labrat perspective on humans. that's the kind of potential-denying oversimplification of the human experience that only someone can arrive at who oversees humanity without being a part in it; from outside a window. that's how you'd talk about your grain reserves, not about humans.

apart from that i resent the implied schizophrenia aspect. not everyone is 20 different personalities that are all blind to each others thoughts and actions and can act independant from each other. what are you, some kind of video game from the 90s where people take turn in hotseat? who is at the seat now? where did they touch you, show me on the doll…

to put it more bluntly: THE MOMENT YOU INTEND YOU LIE TO YOURSELF, YOU ARE AWARE THAT YOU ARE BEING LIED TO. that implies that you have to find away to be unaware of your own actions as to better lie to yourself. HOW IS THAT EASY? "Nothing is easier than self-deceit." oh really Demosthenes? you sound like you have not understood what this implies because this implies a split personality or at least some other way to circumvent awareness.

how many people are there? for a liar to to lie to a victim, there needs to be a liar and a victim, that's two people already. there is probably a third person to help hide the liar from other people, someone who seems normal and inconspicuous. man what a mess. that's imaginary friends.

>I’m sorry but I’m not really interested in discussing it further, I shouldn’t have said anything at all.

i am always disappointed when someone contributes nothing to a thread and makes no attempt to communicate his perspective and instead just points to some website: "here, whatever they are saying".

if this is your approach for communication, why even bother to say anything at all, just point to the most prestigious university always and rest assured in the conviction that they must have figured it out.

the only thing i agree with you is that you should be sorry because you were not able to back up your original post with substance.

>It’s not a new concept, and it certainly isn’t some unique psyche breaking experience that reveals [group I don’t like] as uniquely non-human.

that's impressively devoid of any substance. "what you say isn't!".

i thought milo did a good job of illustrating his perspective and you did not. that's why i subscribe to milo and not to you. you sound like you were eager to talk shit but i have long known that i can easily cringe conflict seekers such as yourself out by reminding you of your fearful relation with the free will issue. for some reason talking about free will to those who don't have it is excruciatingly painful. i think for someone with split personalities like that it makes it harder to play dumb because what if some of the personalities inside are reading it. i imagine the relation between the personalities in a split personality person are usually parasitic and this might threaten the supremacy of the parasite-personalities.

if this has you worried that people might understand the far reaching consequences of such split personality issues, just fake-laugh nervously and have one of your personalities convince the worried personality that these are just the ramblings of a crazy person and eat some candy, this seems to be a popular course of actions i have witnessed in such situations.


after a while of putting effort into maintaining a positive habit, it no longer requires the effort. it just becomes normality. everything becomes effortless and quick and suddenly there is space to do other things.

in the beginning making a big change costs willpower, a short duration of climbing up a hill. the hill is never as big as it seems though. after walking up this hill carefully, making small steps, the top is reached and after that it goes downhill and everything becomes easy.

the willpower only needs to be summoned in the beginning. i keep wondering if most people's perception of willpower is just wrong. they think of it as a genetic attribute. an adjective that you are either born with or not. that's idiocy to me, all willpower is keeping a thought in your head. thinking it often. thinking about it, imagining it. that's all it is. achieving something is thinking about it for one minute today and for two minutes tomorrow. it's a verb, it's an action, it's a skill and the more you do it the better you get at it.

every time i completed something using willpower i am left with the same feeling: this was easy, i thought it might be difficult but it turned out it wasn't, had i known how easy it would have been i would not have procrastinated it for so long. complete a few things that way and you are already deep into using your potential and everything seems like it is easy and possible. that's how a positive upward spiral that can lift a person out of depression/ nihilism can begin. just by holding the thought.

i already eat healthy but recently i put a bit more effort in and bothered to get stuff i believe is even better for me and stopped eating a snack here and there once in a while. my father wanted to buy me dinner in an indian restaurant today and i tricked him. i said "sure come over at 11 and then later we can go eat there" and instead of having him buy me cooked dinner in a restaurant, i made a big ass salad with this increadible sauce from sesame paste and raw tomato. been feeling good the last few days, i know i am over the hill now and maintaining eating like this and rejecting all sinful food will be easy now.


time is the only currency. there are other currencies that pretend to be the currency but they are not the currency.



time is not money

one thing (which arrogantly insists on being called currency) decides how big and luxurious your bedroom is or how shiny and new your vehicle is. it can be measured in pieces of paper, or variables in a computer. mostly just bytes on a memory.

the other thing (which humbly doesn't advertise for itself) decides whether you will be here tomorrow.

one can be easily regulated, manipulated and stored.

the other one is just and righteous, it is distributed to everyone fairly. similar to the sun who shines on everybody unconditionally. it is so perishable that it can never be stored. it can only be used fresh.

through the theater of 'work' one (the fake one) exists as a desperate attempt of those who don't have the other, to trick people out of their fair share of the other.

money is just a complicated, cruel, deceitful method of holding other people's time hostage.

don't be tricked into giving your fair share away. you can not hold it, only slightly bend it in your favor. keep it and use it while you have it.


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