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I hate cyberpunk 2077, it failed at depict a cyberpunk. it mimics cyberpunk and looks like a gta game in the future they should have made the game based on the genre and not only mike pondsmith's table top rpg game.
It is lame compared to other cyberpunk games (example: deus ex).
I hate cyberpunk 2077 for another reason too; it is that when you type cyberpunk 2077 in the search bar, every results is about cyberpunk 2077. the results are 99% of the time about cp2077 (it completly broke the genre on internet). cp2077 was a mistake to me and a burdden for the genre.
But now that the game exist, it is good because now you can separate the bad cyberpunk media from the good ones (and cp2077 is a bad one!).
about cp2077, is now normalfags think what is cyberpunk is what they saw in cp2077 (neons, shitty rap music,…).
anyway, enough of cp2077. I only played 10 minutes of the game.

>What cyberpunk media (game, book, music,etc…) did you consum?

>Is your life High tech, Low life?

"The future is here. It’s just not widely distributed yet." William Gibson
there's some elements of cyberpunk in real life but cyberpunk is just far away from reality. just take surfing in the virtual world (cyberpsace) and using internet on the computer or even cyborg arms/legs. Or megacorporations, but yeah william gibson is right, we have cyberpunk things in reality.

-I like the neo-tokyo city in Akira. it make so much sense to me to build an artificial island on tokyo bay with neverlasting buildings.

-I also like Kowloon walled city. maybe the most cyberpunk area to ever exist. If I was about to make a video game on cyberpunk, I'd add a kowloon level haha!

-One thing I don't like is flying cars. when you see cyberpunk cities, they have roads but if flying cars exist, better make all cars flying therfore not making roads. I don't want to it to turn into the fifth elements. The cars must no fly. or only for ambulances, firefighters and police. so to me cars shouldn't fly

-There's a lot of cyberpunk media that are in fact post-cyberpunk media like Matrix and Ergo proxy, am I right?

-I like the role of megacorps have in cyberpunk genre. I like them to be the main antagonist and those who don't like corps are punks in the sense of anti-megacorps. it make so much sense about the name of cyberpunk. (the cyber part=future). it's the rich against the poors like in real life for nowdays world. so cyberpunk is kind of down to earth sci-fi genre.

-one of the aspect of the genre is the hacking part. it is cool: it gives to the genre another point of vue to the protagonist (the protagonist must know some hack shit and not only knowing how to shoot guns).

-When we think about cyberpunk cities, we think about asian megapolis first and american coast's cities but never about european cities. what can make cities in europe more cyberpunk is to think about commieblocks in eastern europe countries (example russia)

-overcrowded cities, most of the population living in big cities. crime and gangs everywhere, drug and cyberspace, hacking and cyborg parts, electric impulse and micro technology, endless underground parties, silly fashion, that's what cyberpunk is!

watch this: https://youtu.be/nAuYKQ-j86s?si=lskFJL1TYsvrCJat


Burn:Cycle and Dreamweb were pretty fair games for their times, and also loving Cybershadow and Ghostrunner.

But let you you know about the really noice Cyberpunk game who rang the bell:
>same franchise and timeline


waoh hacking part is weird. is doing a mini game for hack level is good game design?


File: 1715712596731.png (437.08 KB, 720x667, 720:667, 3827b7f9ca8957d6.png) ImgOps iqdb

nice thread. i really hate this recent development of companies or pieces of media calling themselves after something that happened organically.

the game cyberpunk being 99% of search results is such garbage. i remember days where i could exclude stuff from searches but it seems like search engine in an effort to be more useful to their owners became less useful to their users; the feature never seemed to work for me back when i was still using google. dirty facebook did the same thing. they called themselves meta after the word was used to discuss the current strategies in online videogame/esports. assholes.

i very much enjoyed animatrix. i remember being very impressed when i saw it; with the genre being a canvas to tell stories, teach life lessons, express humanity, warn of potential dangers, question boundaries with thick emotions and surprises. also the different art styles did it for me as well as the music not just being background but actually helping in carrying the load of the storytelling.

i noticed several memes in the last weeks of people exploring the idea of taking both pills.


The hacking in Ratchet and Clank 3 was specially fine, for this case.



File: 1715729525257.jpg (67.68 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, MV5BZjc1OTBhMjgtMmUwOC00ZD….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Yeah, I myself prefer post-cyberpunk things.
In an age where imagination seems to be at war with intelligence, I just find more solace in character-driven things with just barely enough of its genre's components to qualify. Otherwise it just isn't worth immersing in.


why many cyberpunk media have a policeman as a protagonist?
>blade runner


Same reason there are so many crime shows in general.

Most jobs are extremely boring, so you ether have to pick one of the very few intresting ones, make something up, or keep the job as just something in the background of interpersonal stuff.
There are exceptions but something like cops or criminals are common because it's inherently interesting and sets it self up for certain genera.

For example blade runner is a Neo-noir film inspired deeply by detective pulps.
PSycho-pass is in part a mystery that also addresses issues of state/police power and the idea of thought crime taken to the extreme, among other things.
And gits is also largely a mystery with a mystery plot structure. Both the movies and most of the shows.


It's because they inspired in blade runner. and blade runner took themes from noir movies, which often had cops/detectives as main characters.

Wish there where more media from the view point of marginalized groups or outlaws like neuromancer or cyberpunk 2077 nomad and streetkid paths.


>marginalized groups
Oh no.
Only a certain kind of people use that particular buzzword. The kind who are actively toxic to any and all communities they interact.
Please, wherever you came from, I beg you, go back.


I agree with >>313233. That phrase is government propaganda to a tee.


cut the soy pls


File: 1719429939401.gif (2.39 MB, 540x540, 1:1, 1718889678025148.gif) ImgOps iqdb

anyone into cyberpunk who knows a lot about it? I want to ask you some questions


File: 1719592908870.gif (76.13 KB, 281x296, 281:296, 1719538810706424.gif) ImgOps iqdb

apparently, cdtproject is going to make another cyberpunk game: cyberpunk 2. jeeeez killing the genre on internet wasn't enough, they need to kill it twice. I fucking hate them


File: 1719734782294.jpg (49.8 KB, 640x823, 640:823, keanubeer.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Well you can expect that for just about anything that once was interesting and/or meaningful. It's a race to see how can turn as many once-good things as possible into lowest-denominator slop.


I'm glad you agree with me and on my side. bitching about things is childish but it is rightful when they ruin an entire genre

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