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File: 1717883338297.jpg (27.65 KB, 612x408, 3:2, boxtruck.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


anyone wanna hear about my awesome boxtruck? i'm surprised i have never seen a wizard write about vanlife or RV because i believe it very much helps with living life outside the house.

i hated being out anywhere just on foot, i often was bullied or harassed or molested or tortured otherwise bothered by people. it always felt like i could never be anywhere before someone seeks me out, tries to find some way to bother me. i liked to run or wander or skate or train and since i am in a big city there is always someone who wants something.

it has so many advantages. i never have to go into places to pee or poop, i can do that in the vehicle easy. is just nice to head someplace and just having the ability to reliable and hassle-free pee and poop. when shit gets uncomfortable i can always just turn the key and drive somewhere else. hanging around and some asshole feels like interviewing me? noooope, i just drive away. some stupid whore wants to get to know me as to best figgure out how to take advantage of me? nope, i just drive away. everything i could possibly need i have on board. fresh clothes, warm clothes, rain clothes, umbrella, towels. you know how in dragon ball everything is so easy because the people have the capsule technology and can just summon stuff out of their pocket? it is kind of a low-tech version of that.

the boxtruck used to be an old delivery vehilce, similar to the one on the picture. is like a sprinter van but in the shape of a box and there is a sliding door between the trunk and the cockpit. it was very cheap and in good condition. the running costs per year are what i pay in rent for my 1-room appartment per month; so very affordable.

i did not bother to paint it because i want it to look like a delivery vehicle at a glance. is very stealthy and uninviting that way. i can drive it with a regular small-car license in my country. no need for some complicated driver's license. had i known how nice this is, i would have made a driver's license for large vehicles and busses though.

i pitty everyone who doesn't have this. my life before was shit in comparison! this car is like the nicest thing that ever happened to me in my life. had i known what positive difference having this in my life would have made, i would have never studied and instead just found any means necessary to get a car like that when i finished school.


File: 1717920821517.jpg (63.03 KB, 893x627, 47:33, 5f76fcf15ca7d222657291ba4c….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

How many loli can you it in your van?

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