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d29f1 No.63096

Recently I started filtering racial slurs on 4chan and I found it greatly improved my user experience. Is there any chance we could implement a similar feature here?

3798f No.63097

just write a userscript

4c072 No.63098

Why? You'll still know people are saying those mean words, just the words wouldn't be recognizable to those new to the site. Do you have a word phobia? Is someone looking over your shoulder reading everything on your screen, judging you?

If we do implement a word filter for racism, it should be something that takes mild racism and turns it in to super racism. "Nigga" to "Nigger", site-side coincidence detection, auto IQDB lookup of posted images and if a Booru source is found, have the server fetch the tags and apply a file spoiler if the tags suggest dark skin is present. A simple "proper toilet use" test as a captcha could not only keep out spambots, but also undesirable races too.

d29f1 No.63131

That is not a practical solution for the end user considering most people, including me, don't know how to code scripts even if we are given the option to do so. A built-in feature would make more sense.
It's because they are always stupid and toxic posts with nothing of value. Seeing someone aggressively spewing hatred and attacking others is not comfy.

eb471 No.63614

Fuck yes
It would solve most of my problems

a0e0b No.63616

File: 1678222497216.jpg (41.72 KB, 358x381, 358:381, bootyhurt?.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

filters = [ "userscript", "problems" ]

document.querySelectorAll(".body").forEach(post => {
if (filters.some(filter => post.innerText.includes(filter)))
post.style.display = "none"

Just stick in options -> user js at the top of the page

0c464 No.63621

>filters = [ "relationship", "succub", "dating", "volcel", "involuntary", "cope", "coping", "projecting", "nofap", "sexual", "r9k", "depression", "discord", "crab", "politics", "russia", "ukrain", "neurotypical", "tranny", "transex", "janny", "wizcord", "brazil", "pill", "autism", "weed", "alcohol", "coomer", "nigga"]

very nice. what are some other good words

37a74 No.63625

maxx, goy, jew, fren, chad, andrew, kiwi, crystalcafe, based, cuck, kek

0c464 No.63626

that's a nice one.

421f6 No.63627

Why just "jew"? Why not Christian, Catholic, Mormon, Islam, or Buddhist? What do you have against people speaking only about Jews?

37a74 No.63628

poltards, that's why

421f6 No.63629

Back to /leftypol/ you go

37a74 No.63630


0c464 No.63641

nah jew is a good one too, low hanging fruit

they are such a small fraction of the world yet there is too much discussion of jews, it is annoying

421f6 No.63642

>they are such a small fraction of the world yet
Yet they own every bank, major media corporation, insurance provider, and medical institution. Yet pointing this out is now illegal under hate speech laws.

0f6c7 No.63643

95% of times jews are brought up on image boards it has nothing to do with discussion of religion or anything else on topic and instead is just being used as a meme buzzword or blanket zero thought scapegoat by some retard who got their opinions from shitchan's /pol/.

Though I seriously doubt you are being sincere. You know full well why.

421f6 No.63645

>shitchan's /pol/
Masaka… Mata ka!!

0c464 No.63646

yeah we all hate jews, tell me something new though. i'm tired of jew talk

37a74 No.63647

lol thanks for proving >>63643 and my point

96fe9 No.63650

an honest hero

0c464 No.63659

for some reason this is 100% filtering all my own posts, no matter what filters i provide for it

30bed No.63662

I just tested it on my dev console and it works. PEBKAC

0c464 No.63744

works great. i actually forgot about the russian ukraine war thing when i made a filter list. only now i saw something elsewhere on another site and my brain remembered that thing is still going on. glorious 2 weeks of ignorant bliss

d29f1 No.63777

Thanks. Before I try it out though what does this mean?

/* Have a backup of your storage somewhere, as messing here
may render you this website unusable. */

How do I backup the storage? IDK what that means.

b2de5 No.63784


421f6 No.63785

Fucking RUDE! Why must you enter every thread just to call the OP a manbaby?

b0e24 No.63789

It likely means web storage. For instance you could do localStorage.setItem("stylesheet", "Tomorrow") but you could also set it to garbage. You can backup storage by assigning it to a constant variable, but it's unnecessary in this case as it's not being modified

That's a good addition to the filters

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