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e81fd No.63120

I think gay and bisexual wizard shouldn't be posting here, only straight males should post here. it bother me knowing this website wasn't meant for faggots but they still think they belong here. i hate them they're ruining this website, can we ban their threads and them too? I think a lot of wizard agree with me

3b0ea No.63121

Crab mentality, if they're a virgin its good enough

c1cb3 No.63126

If they don't talk about butt stuff then I don't mind them. However, lots of different freaks think they belong and like sharing their laundry lists of paraphilia.
>celibate doesnt mean asexual!!1111111112
Yep, okay. So it definitely means being obsessed with sex and just not having any (allegedly).

b0897 No.63127

Rule 2 needs to be enforced better. Especially on b literally every thread some one is joking about sex or sucking dick it’s not even funny because you know it’s un ironic and they are homosexual

642b8 No.63128

Better yet: Only asexuals. Why should we allow straight males if we're going to exclude gays?

d3bba No.63129

The mods themselves are fags

99ad8 No.63130

I agree with >>63121
you're a fucking crab in disguise

e81fd No.63133

ok faggot

741d7 No.63140

Considering that hatred and disgust against gays and bisexual people have their origins in the fact that these people don't make children or use sexuality for other things than just procreation I'd say I like gays and bisexual normals better than your average hetero normals. As a hetero wiz who just masturbates every once in a while and refuses to get entangled in any family or relationship stuff I feel the rainbow movement closer to me as an outsider than hetero normals who have children and live de healthy normo life.

I would pick the biggest faggot gaylord wizard who dresses in succ clothes and uses dildos but is a volcel over failed normal /pol/shits like you to post here.

e81fd No.63141

fine kill this website already

e81fd No.63142

finally I changed my mind, fake problem

5f223 No.63145

>I'd say I like gays and bisexual normals better than your average hetero normals.
They're all the same thing.
>I would pick the biggest faggot gaylord wizard who dresses in succ clothes and uses dildos but is a volcel
So you're just another crab who goes as far as to fuck fags just so he can have his willy tingle a bit? Go to twitter, they'll harbour you.

e6282 No.63148

the homosexual guy posting his "Ironic" sexual fantasies with pedoshit on /b/ trying to get posters to interact with him is dragging the quality of the whole down just by existing. Falls under the same category as succubi imagery removal.

There should just be a short term /b/ ban filable under the category of "you overdosed" lasting 3-4 hours for these retards to sober up. Oldwiz mods absolutely would have put this guy in a pit and stoned him to death in accordance with perfect sharia.

741d7 No.63153

They aren't the same because gays and bisexuals are seen as freaks by many people still. They almost get the same treatment as us virgin men do. While hetero normals are übernormals basically, they are the vanilla of vanilla, they are the "default", the basic npc, the "norm".

And a gay volcel wiz is always better than a failed normal /pol/crab as far as contents or quality of posts go.

b7e3d No.63633

We all know why and it's clear they should be casted out as long as they push their mindset here.

1e435 No.63860

Pretty much this. Only volcels don't show contempt for the wizlife

085b8 No.63863

Fully agree, I don't believe in "gay wizards" or "bisexual wizards", they should be banned from Wizchan.

c7728 No.63879

I think gays are okay, furthermore I think wizchan is very gay as well.

bbf62 No.64092

Straight people are cuckolds.

f4064 No.64099

most wizards are gay or bisexual. how else do you expect them to 'disregard magic?' a wizards true power can be found in his wand.

c2de6 No.64104

Are you saying females are magical?

b84d1 No.64105

I do agree.

c1b97 No.64122

Gay and bisexual "wizards" don't exist, they could just install Grindr and in a couple of minutes to hour max find a gay nigga fuck or be fucked, so yes, gays and bisexual should be banned from wizchan.

87b40 No.64125

File: 1687131637227.jpg (9.81 KB, 225x225, 1:1, thinkin.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

nice crabthink, but not having sex > ability to have sex

c1b97 No.64126

Sure, gaylord, just go and install grindr and get the fuck off of Wizchan.

87b40 No.64140

you get the fuck off wizchan, if you're only here because you haven't been able to have sex

stupid crab nigger

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