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d854b No.63957

For me, I'd say a 32 post bump limit. I like to read entire threads, and a thread with more than ~30 posts is too long to keep my interest.

64965 No.63958

File: 1682731444055.jpg (169.27 KB, 1125x1077, 375:359, Ft3e14lWIAAd9eM.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'd make it so all normalfiends were banned and everyone who enjoyed manga and anime posted about it in /jp/ everyday

5d76d No.63959

no more jannies

2181b No.63962

holiday and temporary boards

bring back wizbux
wizbux reward system
post embellishment using wizbux (text borders, flashing lights, marquee text, font sizes, etc)
traps and pranks using wizbux (blind next user to open a thread, randomly divert them to another thread, send their next post into /b/, etc)
mod actions using wizbux (spend big bux to instantly send a post into limbo where it's hidden from everyone but mods)
wizbux lottery threads (every post in the thread costs wizbux in exchange for a chance to win the pool. if you dont win you add your post to the pool. lottery prize pool resets to a few hundreds wizbux every time someone wins and it continues forever)

random names instead of random IDs within meta (ie ID:John Smith instead of ID:lam3g4y)

i would make things more fun, vote me mayor i promise to do this and more

fd77b No.63963

Even though this site is dead don’t allow auto bumps to pg.1 after a single post. Anyone can just attention whore and samefag easily and it happens especially on b

64965 No.63964

>and it happens especially on b
Being mad at spam on /b/ is like being mad that someone on the other team is scoring goals against you. Just score goals back by spamming more of what you'd like to see.

fcb48 No.63969

>complaining about them leaving child porn up for 8 hours
you sound like a huge pussy i would ban you too if i could

fd77b No.63971

nah. just put up a IP counter at least. so every one can laugh.

55d8c No.64005

Ban porn. Ban racial slurs (already should be as it's inflammatory speech which is banned under rule 5).

082d8 No.64006

My dream would be for Wizchan to be reinvented from Ground Zero. All that matters is being virgin, volcel and neet-friendly. The Wiz without the Chan. And all the leftover cultural baggage from 4/8chan dumped.

Love the Wiz, Hate the Chan.

9a752 No.64007

If you hide the threads from the /wiz/dep/lounge/ horror show you're pretty much set.

ba30c No.64009

Your "dream" is attainable with a $9.95/m VPS rental and 3-click BBoard installation and yet all you can do is daydream about it on /meta/. Sad!

082d8 No.64013

I could have just taken r/volcels back when it was free

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