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a8c64 No.64031

What happend to the culture of this board? I havent been here in quite some years (not that life got any better), but it seems like 2 groups have completly taken over. You've got the "crabs" with their blackpill ideology and the unironic mewing improvers. It's like im back in height 2016 redpill craze.

Have all true wizards left this place? That would make me kinda sad honestly

8a356 No.64032

>Have all true wizards left this place?
They all partook in a pilgrimage to the succubus realm. Those who were lucky enough to not die from pelvic fractures ended up being enslaved or cast in uranium. The succubus who organized the pilgrimage has since been banned.

What a stupid question you've asked. Wizchan is as good and as bad as it's ever been, but after so many years away you've only remembered what you consider to be good and had heightened hopes coming back. Turf wars between blackpill crabs and sunshining musclewizards has always been a thing, but in your overly critical state of return you just saw like 2 posts from either side and deemed things to be over.

The only answer to tourists whining about the quality of posts on a board where they can also post freely has always and will always be this: If you don't like the opinions expressed on the site, then post some opinions of yours which you'd like to see more of. Pull your weight; chip in to the quality of the site instead of helplessly waiting for quality discussion to be served to you on a silver platter.

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