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8ab35 No.64033

go on /wiz/ and look at the thread, then go on /dep/ and /lounge/, you'll see these three boards are slightly the same: you post your feelings over the world but /wiz/ is supposed to be more concrete. So why isn't it? Everybody post their feefees like they're on /dep/ or their threads completly belongs on /lounge/. My take is to create a new board to free some niggerthreads from /wiz/.

>what will this new board be?

I don't know but it mustn't be like /dep/ (so not a board who you talk about your feefees), or /lounge/ (where you talk about whatever comes to your mind: a more serious /b/) or /wiz/ (something more concret, the real life). So what can it be?

0b224 No.64035

File: 1685052853754.jpg (122.89 KB, 800x450, 16:9, FpxGRjLagAMXWfb.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

[wiz] - General Discussion :|
[dep] - General Discussion :(
[lounge] - General Discussion :)
[jp] - Genelar Desucussion -_-
[b] - General Discussion with Futanari :D
[Newboard] - General Discussion ???

>boards appear the same

>so make another board that's also the same
bad idea misaki soup poster. If you think /wiz/ needs more srs discussions then go make some srs posts on /wiz/.

21c5d No.64040

it wouldn't decrease the non serious thread on /wiz/ my anime friend

0b224 No.64041

Making srs threads does indeed decrease the amount of non-srs threads

8ab35 No.64091

a lot of threads belong on /b/

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