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fa91f No.64247

I've always wondered how people found certain sites, and what sites I might not know of, but would enjoy knowing of. There is also a certain taboo about talking about certain sites outside of those sites, as if each user just materialized with knowledge of the site. How did you find out about Wizchan?

f2b7b No.64248

literally guessed.

fa91f No.64250

>literally guessed.
That does not answer my question in the slightest.

dc3a9 No.64255

At one point, most /r9k/ users would've known about Wiz even if it wasn't to their taste.

9aa7f No.64257

File: 1690435358606.jpg (37.78 KB, 400x267, 400:267, boner_fuel_1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

What I don't understand about small websites: there are sites I've heard mentioned on 4chan many times, yet only have a few thousand posts. How is that possible? Am I one of the few non-automatons who seeks out good websites?

c308b No.64259


> How did you find out about Wizchan?

Q:Into the Storm HBO documentary. I had been in several image boards for many years, specially 4chan, but I'm 100% a Wizard, so never felt comfortable in those.

When I heard about Wizchan and had one look it took the 1 spot on the image boards for me.

71016 No.64262

2016 is when i actually visited the site first, but i heard about it since maybe 2014 on 4chan

0d256 No.64269

File: 1690752578179.png (257.31 KB, 800x936, 100:117, wiz.png) ImgOps iqdb

It's funny; I try to think of how I found out about interesting sites in the past, but I can't really remember exactly how I did it.
I think it was all "word of mouth", but online. I remember using Gaia as a teenager and people talked about sites they liked and other, smaller forums. On those forums, people talked about sites and even smaller forums, and so on. Gaia is how I found 4chan, and one day on 4chan, I eventually heard about wizardchan. Back when it was just, like, /wiz/ and /v9k/. (pic related is a joke I made in those "good ol days" but I don't remember if I ever actually posted it)

Nowadays, most smaller forums I once liked no longer even exist. I don't even know if Gaia still exists.
>There is also a certain taboo about talking about certain sites outside of those sites
I've noticed this. Nowadays everything is consolidated to subreddits and discords and a lot of those places have actual rules forcing nobody to talk about other places.

And then on 4chan and such, some anons know about interesting sites, but refuse to mention them, in fear of too many newfags flooding the few pristine communities they have left.
You can't even use search engines to find new stuff anymore. You just get sucked into an infinite sea of malicious spam sites created by bots/Indians/Chinese attempting to give malware or digital-HIV or some other shit.

Ultimately I guess I have no actual help for you; I just wanted to kinda relate to your problem. Maybe try hunting through 4chan archives like desuarchive or warosu or 4plebs etc. Try restricting your searches to a decade ago or more. If you investigate an archive of 4chan's /jp/, for example, and search for a phrase like "image board" in quotes and restrict the search to dates before 2015 or something like that. Maybe add ".org" and/or ".com" to your search. You might find cool old communities such as the Secret Area of VIP Quality (dunno if that still exists) or something like that.
When you find one community through 4chan or reddit or something, search through archives of that community to find other communities. Then search through those communities' post histories to find other places and so on.

a1e2d No.64271

I mentioned that I didn't care about getting a gf and never wanted to marry, and that even not having sex didn't really feel like I was missing out on anything important, in one many demoralization threads on /r9k/.
Dude trying to do the demoralizing got frustrated at this and said people like me should go to wizchan. Curious I checked it out and liked what I saw.

That was like 7 or 8 years ago, yet I still visit here from time to time even though it's falling apart on a technical level and I am pretty sure some of the staff hate me in particular.

0f23c No.64272

Came to wizchan 2015 when the new domain was registered. Saw the gamergate thing in the news since I follow video game news. I hadn't regularly been on imageboards since 2007 but I thought I'd check it out. I don't visit any others either.

33679 No.64280

>How did you find out about Wizchan?

Found out about Wizchan through 4chan maybe sometime in 2018 or 2019.

Found out about 4chan through the Outpost Nine forums sometime in between March and May of 2005.

Found out about the Outpost Nine forums through the Gamerulers forums also probably sometime in early-2005.

Found out about the Gamerulers forums through Battle.net sometime in between 2002, 2003, and/or 2004.

Found out about Battle.net through a middle school classmate sometime in 2000 or 2001.

6c6eb No.64282

ironic Battle.net was the original 2000 Steam, and now folks bitch about having to play COD on it

d195f No.64285

Is it called Wizchan or Wizarchan?

104d8 No.64286

why has this thread not been moved to /lounge/ already?

549bb No.64287

Why would it be? It's relevant to the function of Wizchan and the quality, origin, and opinion of the userbase as a whole and how it applies to Wizchan. If OP wanted his thread to be in /meta/, then that's OK.

20d91 No.64375

File: 1696623097365.jpg (52.99 KB, 500x374, 250:187, Mario_Gem.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

This is similar to how I heard about it. I heard about Macintosh Cafe from 4chan about three years ago, and then heard about Wizchan on Macintosh Cafe. Dead Internet Theory, one of the pieces of culture of Macintosh Cafe, originates here. Your image is cool; I know that feeling of looking through your downloads or some folder and looking at old creations and things you've saved for some reason…maybe even trying to recall the memory.
>Maybe try hunting through 4chan archives like desuarchive or warosu or 4plebs etc.
Gr8 minds think alike. A few months ago I searched into desuarchive and 4plebs "Buy an ad", as people will often say that as a response to a mention of a small discussion site. The sites I found were ones I already heard about, but it felt like a stroke of genius.

d60a5 No.64398

I was thinking recently about how it would be nice to have a faster website with more posters and that made me question where all the users come from in the first place so I'm glad this thread exists. I assume 4chan is the big one since that's where I heard about wizardchan from. That means we are drawing from a pool of frankly pretty shitty users. We should go after reddit users. Someone should make a /r/wizchan and post highlights from this site. That would allow us to go after a higher caliber of poster.

7738a No.64400

Someone mentioned it on the old 8chan, you know, the one with the board were you could post little g*rls shaking their butts to good music and had a zoophilia board witj guys fucking pigs.

549bb No.64401

That one just turned 10 years old. Hotwheels's cheap knockoff was a cunny honeypot

e927c No.64402

>cunny honeypot
Only racists got the rope
it was a bbc pot of man honney

bef34 No.64403

i'll freely admit I first heard of wizardchan from /r9k/, back in 2013 or 2014 I'm not sure. It was around the zoe incident and the supreme gentleman times

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