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File: 1692659654991.png (309.24 KB, 1753x893, 1753:893, roachmin.png) ImgOps iqdb

181dd No.64294

Roachmin, the current Admin of Wizchan, is arbitrarily banning people for whatever reason he feels like. Posting jokes on /b/ will get you randomly permabanned by him. Clearly the rules no longer matter. He's also a pepe posting Brazilian retard.

Wizardchan is dead. It's time to find a replacement


OP was banned over 100 times for posting pornographic embeds after he was banned from the "Wizcord" for admitting to being a crab and then trying to dox that chat's users here. If you're upset that VPNs are being rangebanned and barred from uploading files, this is why.

90d6d No.64296

don't know if based or cringe tbh

8608d No.64297

get a life loser lol

068fe No.64299

I believe it.
Usually I am suspicious of staff here but this checks out.

eea88 No.64300

I love the back story for bans. It's always like:

>user: wahhh i was banned for no reason wtf mods hate me! persecution!

>admin: [actually] u spammed and trolled the site non-stop for 48 hours, being banned for more than 21 times. we were almost tempted to call ur aul ma when u threatened suicide.

Trolls can get fucked.

068fe No.64301

To be fair, some of the mods blatantly lie or tell half truths.
Often before having a oh shit moment and going on a deletion spree to cover their tracks.
I wonder if the admin has the ability to monitor mod activity and ever checks in on what they are up to.
Accountability would be nice but I don't expect it.

58858 No.64302

stop using private internet access vpn to post this shit

you are fucking ruining it for me


7954a No.64303

You're acting like a child. Grow up.

eea88 No.64304

I don't think you realize just how horrible chan people are and the extent to which these people will post spiteful bullshit. I guarantee you mod logs looks like the flashing panel of the Chernobyl power plant prior to melt down. It would be literally full of underage, annoying as fuck kids, who spend their time annoying people over the Internet because they have no real parents. Wiz mods have to be surrogate parents for these fuckwits! That shit aint RIGHT.

4398e No.64305

mods here shadow troll my IP right after I post but can't take down trannie operation gore posts being spammed on all boards?

4398e No.64306

okay thank you jannie for getting on that.

7954a No.64307

If the admin hates the userbase so much maybe he should just step down instead of abusing random people like this?


>abusing random people
Banning someone for evading his Rule 3 / 4 / 5 bans and then calling him a nigger when he outs himself as the evader yet again isn't "Abusing random people". OP has a history of trying to 404 as many threads as he can with pornographic mutilation imagery and Discord drama. As the site owner, it's my responsibility to hurt his feelings any way I can.

7954a No.64312

And you know this how? Because of your animal intuition? I assume that this ban evader you're talking about isn't stupid enough to let this site's tracking cookies on his browser. You've banned me before because you thought I was your boogeyman. It's always the same story with you. Making up stories about how the person getting abused is totally a bad person and that everyone should just ignore the fact that the ban is blatant abuse and unfair because he totally deserves it trust me. It really doesn't fly. Trying to connect this to off-site discord drama doesn't help either, and just reinforces the corrupt modclique reputation that you people have.

b72d9 No.64313

He adds screencaps of his ban messeges to his posts… He even did it in the OP. You're sealioning to troll.

7954a No.64314

All these ban messages prove is that the admin is abusing his power. If someone gets unjustly permabanned for "ban reason: Nigger" it's completely rational to circumvent the ban to alert people of the abuse.

b72d9 No.64316

>Le staff must be accountable and need to write a 500 word essay and prove the guy they just banned for ban evading was in fact the same guy they banned 80 times prior for the same offense
>They need to be RESPECTFUL to him too
Uninstall whatever computer virus you have that makes you type posts like this

7954a No.64317

I don't hate wizchan. I hate you for destroying wizchan. You clearly have nothing but contempt for the userbase here and have stopped at nothing to try and drive them away. I don't forget the countless instances of abuse you people have perpetrated against us and the shameless lies and gaslighting attempts you've used to try and cover them up. You should be ashamed of yourself.

eea88 No.64318

I have to be honest: you've shown yourself to be fucking incompetent at running an image board so far (and it's not difficult.) Things you've so far done:

(1) Installed a GOOGLE captcha. This makes GOOGLES jew code run on every users computer and severely undermines their privacy. It shows you understand fucking nothing about tech.
(2) Break posting for everyone on the site 'nigger nigger nigger' 'post discarded'. There is like a single faggot spamming on an unlisted board and your solution was to drastically degrade usability of the site for everyone here. Actual sped level thinking. Imagine if a patient were sick with an ulcer and doctor retard comes in with his shotgun to cure the patient. 'NO MORE ULCER, I GOOD DOCTOR' he proclaims. congratulations, youve killed a website that lasted over 10 years in a single day. you ginormous faggot.

eea88 No.64319

im fucking TIRED of the wiz mods WIZ CRIMES and my god jesus christ im welli– fucking welling up right now. u just broke wizchan. u fucking broke my home and threw us out. it was all a scam, im so angry, ui fyc i cant calm down

eea88 No.64320

i cant believe this is what finally did me in… i cant believe it… ill haunt u forever.

b72d9 No.64321

You want privacy? Log off lol

eea88 No.64322

>Ignore all my valid criticism


7954a No.64323

You seriously think everyone who evades a ban is the same person? Are you serious?

Do you really expect someone who's probably been using this website for over a decade to just leave forever without saying anything simply because the mod had a paranoid BPD episode and permabanned him because "Nigger"?


>You seriously think everyone who evades a ban is the same person? Are you serious?

Any IP a permanently banned user posts from while the ban is active, no matter how many other people might have access to it, is going to be prohibited from posting all the same as soon as we're given evidence that the IP is being used by a permabanned user to continue his antagonizing behavior towards the users. The guy handed us evidence on a silver platter in the form of his ban message which proves he is indeed permabanned. The only other option is to not ban VPN IPs at all, which is silly.

Look at the ban in the image in the screencap of the post. He was banned for "Discordfag". As in, he was banned for the hundredth time for coming to Wizchan to exclusively complain about how he was kicked out of a Discord server, followed by a porridge mix of usernames and real names of the people who supposedly banned him. He was banned for proving himself to be an outsider and then trying to dox.

So if you want the Robomods' and Admindroid's ban reason that takes four hours to type:
>Posts that are deemed to be posted by someone deemed not to be a native of Wizardchan may be removed
>Rule 5
>Rule 8
>Rule 9
>Multiple past violations

If you want the ban reason he deserves:

068fe No.64325

Not sure if this is related or not but don't really want to make a new thread.

Did you guys actually implement a new anti-bot system or am I just super late to the party and never triggered it before?

Had to wait a day to post while the system then tested if I was a robot, then it thought every attempt at posting was a flood post and discarded it instantly regardless of content.

What is going on?
Is there anything I can do to not randomly trigger the thingy despite using the site normally.

7954a No.64326

>Look at the ban in the image in the screencap of the post. He was banned for "Discordfag".
He was banned for making a joke about discord on /b/. That hardly proves anything. I would understand if he was banned for posting one of the spammer's copypastas, but as far as I can see that didn't happen. He just made a post with the word 'discord' in it and you unjustly permabanned him as a knee-jerk reaction.

You people have done this sort of thing before. I myself was banned like this for bringing up the time that one of your mods (or you) threw a tantrum on /b/ because people were making fun of crystal.cafe. Not everyone who makes you angry is the same person. Assuming this against all evidence is the behavior of a paranoid-schizophrenic and is not befitting of an admin.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

680b8 No.64327

Good to see the site's staff has finally grown some balls.

And yeah, discussions of off-site cliques and communities should be purged. Anyone who wants to find such people and places can easily do this on his own at this point.

eea88 No.64329

lol man baby.

4398e No.64330

the new flood protection posting is annoying and the image captcha, but after watching magicchan die due to cp spamming I can't say I don't sympathize with the site. Now i'm starting to like these mods.

4398e No.64334

jesus mod man what did you do to make this low effort troll so salty?


>He just made a post with the word 'discord' in it and you unjustly permabanned him as a knee-jerk reaction.
He was permabanend for flooding again and again, with dox and drama of guys who hurt his feelings. It doesn't matter if any posts he makes thereafter are breaking the rules or not; if it's clear that it's a guy who is perma'd, this new IP is getting wiped too regardless of the post contents.

Reading the rest of your post, it's clear you're the same guy who's been ignoring our explanations for why spam gets deleted for years now.
>I myself was banned like this
You're banned? Thanks for letting us know that you're evading.

d9156 No.64342

>a native of Wizardchan may be removed
What exactly is that? If I use other '-chan' sites am I not a native of Wizchan?
No they just added that three days ago.

b72d9 No.64343

>What exactly is that?
Wizchan users are united by their shared philosophy of "reject succubi". We share in our enjoyment of being alone. There exist communities which value the opposite. Crab forums where users lament over having no succubi or friends. To admit to being from a website that's directly antithetical to what makes Wizchan unique is to be regarded as an outsider. Those who admit to being from one of these crab sites, or even admitting that they're just here because they're banned from some other board, will be banned for being outsiders.

If you use Wizchan because you enjoy Wizchan, you're fine.
If you're using Wizchan because you wish to undermine its core principles, or because you need a refuge from whatever board you were banned from, then you're a goner.

eea88 No.64344

give me mod powers. i want to ban random people and gang stalk them.

4ea34 No.64357

File: 1693778926910.jpg (150.67 KB, 780x826, 390:413, osifa.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

47cf3 No.64396

It really is like that.

71a26 No.64644

I miss Roachmin

2270e No.64646

where'd he go? died?

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