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8f01c No.64421

Why isn't there merch for the website?

Beyond people not wanting to be associated with the site or vice versa, I think it could be a decent revenue stream. I was thinking that a line of gym-centric tshirts and stuff with custom designs would be funny.


Not again. We're still being issued collections notices from the printers about the dakimakura incident and that was years ago.

The userbase is small, generally less materialistic than average, generally less wealthy than average, and has a broad array of differing tastes in asthetics and quality standards. We could design the best armband or flag or patch or whatever by one wizard's standards and he'd be the only one to buy it, if he felt like it, when he could afford it. Not worth the 10,000 hours in mspaint. There's also a lot of dox capacity and potential to irl troll the site when finances are being exchanged.

The site doesn't really need a revenue stream. The best and only way to directly support the site is to simply engage other users through discussion in a way that doesn't break the rules.

c7605 No.64427

Nah, just make a hobby project of making wiz related stuff and show off pictures.

Even if Admin didn't say so, I don't really want this site to open that sort of Pandora box. If this site became more about making a profit then just being a hang out it would be a tragedy.

fcd43 No.64429

Go to Uncover and get the Wizchan logo cut out on your Macbook lid if you're that eager to burn money.

811c3 No.64436


e4d7d No.64447

tell me more about the dakimakura incident

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