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5f0d9 No.64535


02e8a No.64536

yea some wizzies browse at work and we don't want the bossman to see babyfuck accidentally!!

adae9 No.64537



Seeing stuff you don't wish to is always a risk when visiting a website with user-submitted content. Several imageboards of this size are being hit by the same spam. It's being made by someone who's able to complete captchas, and the codewording always changes so there's no way to automatically deter it.

The website's form and function aren't going to change. Your best bet would be to block the ##.left.box element with your AdBlocker, or to bypass the homepage entirely and browse with the "No Images" theme.

5f0d9 No.64542

Yeah I understand this, but at least some measures could be taken to prevent your userbase from seeing this disgusting ass content.

Frensch4n for example removed the recent images tab on the homepage, and in combination with the list of recent posts you can see when .. spam is present on a board, and then just choose to protect your eyes & not go there.

Too bad yall don't want to take the effort & remove a few lines of code so your userbase is protected psychologically and legally. I guess I'll go and browse somewhere else then with mods that actually care about their website

f5bf2 No.64543

File: 1706644100708.png (2.86 MB, 2200x2500, 22:25, 5d5d26285fcbad1532a47e30b6….png) ImgOps iqdb

Sounds like you should grow a pair. No guy here is in danger of anything besides his old mother slapping him on the back of the head with a slipper. Imageboards aren't safe spaces meant to be browsed in the lunchroom at work or on the sofa among family. They are what they've always been and altering their very face in order to appeal to tech-illiterate limpwrists such as you would be the end of their unique identity. You talk of how mods won't make things "safe" for users by altering few lines of code (to destroy the homepage), while you yourself aren't doing the three clicks it takes to block the whole element on your end. Clearly if you believed in web safety, you would have a WYSIWYG AdBlocker at the very least, right?
Runs banner ads, so it needs to be outwardly ad-friendly. It's also a zero-pornography or even 0-R15 website so it literally is a safespace that should aim to distant itself from the usual imageboard motif. I respect Frenschan for their unique and successful approach to board ownership, but Wizardchan was built on a foundation of neck hair and bottled piss. A naked witch at the gate now and then helps to keep the succubi away.

You type like a nigger with your "nahs", "Yalls", and Redditspacing so it's probably best that you spend less time posting here. Looking through the Frenschan ban list, you're likely one of the people banned from there for typing precisely like that. Put down the iPhone, Tyrone.

2dd2a No.64555

admin do you know what filter/block system you're running? does it support regex?

5dfeb No.64556

File: 1707573268037.jpg (8.62 KB, 260x194, 130:97, second.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Sounds like you should grow a pair.

2dd2a No.64557

sir please response


ec121 No.64558

File: 1707725833017.webm (1.06 MB, 1787x1267, 1787:1267, easy.webm) ImgOps iqdb

here's one simple trick that fixes all your problems


Sorry, I don't even fully understand the question. It's likely whatever system is included or available for the NPFChan software we're running. If it's a webserver thing, then whatever Amazon has on their Ubuntu 20.04 deployments.

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