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9c705 No.64570

They are still posting stuff that has simple evasions for word filter bans like putting a - in between spelling out the words. There has to be a way to combat this so at a minimum they don't clearly advertise cp. Just some random link, whatever, but we must be able to block the set of strings that communicate the content of the link. I assume they only spam it here because they get morons who click it. You stop the ability to tell people what's in the link, they stop clicking it and hopefully the links stop getting spammed.

bc039 No.64572

Pretty sure it's a actual person rather than a bot.
So every time they get a new ip they wait to post banned content.

Been doing it for years so it must be one hell of a grudge of someone with nothing else going on in their life.

Stuff has been done but as long as they can get new ip addresses they will probably keep figuring out ways to evade the filters.
Thankfully the current staff seem largely on the ball and don't leave that shit up for hours then punish anyone who complains.


It's pretty much what >>64572 suggested. This spammer is human. She's savvy to how imagebaords work too. She's been targeting imageboards small and large. There are some challenges that make wordfilters and our usual ban evasion deterrent ineffective.

For IP-related automoderation
- The IPs she uses are unique, without any consistent subnets that could be reliably rangebanned
- The IPs are very rarely listed as known VPN or Tor nodes, so the image is able to be uploaded
- Even when a VPN is detected, the spammer simply excludes the image

As far as wording goes
- The words are always obfuscated in unique ways
- The URL shortening service changes almost every day
- The name of the file changes every time (As well as its MD5, and sometimes format and attributes)

And above all, our captcha which is still broken to the point of being even better at deterring spam, is being passed with ease. There are some automated spammers going around but our system catches them for the most part. This one has experience in rapid multi-site spam. She's been using Telegram as a landing site to host the child erotica previews, but despite multiple reports from myself and other board owners, Telegraph hasn't acted towards deleting any of the child pornography they're hosting nor the links leading to the more violent stuff. We're just lucky that the image she's posting here isn't really all that shocking. I've taken the opportunity to confide in our webhost with the details of the spam we're being dealt against our best wishes so it's unlikely they'll pull the rug out from under us in the event that they take a look at our sever during the few minutes that a CP spam is up.

7928a No.64576

why is she like this??

ecc3e No.64577


2e95e No.64582

succubus moment

590a5 No.64585

>The IPs she uses are unique, without any consistent subnets that could be reliably rangebanned
All of the IP's I saw him use are from these ranges:



>All of the IP's I saw him use are from these ranges:

There are 24,000 ranges listed there… It would take years of daily spam for any consistent patterns to become apparent in our log. It's typically only when someone spams rapidly and requests new IPs from their VPN within a single session that narrow ranges become apparent, but a day or even a couple hours between spam sorties can award the spammer an IP completely unique from the last. Taking some random samples from that list and checking them here, our system is indeed functioning normally and picking up that they belong to a VPN. To ban so many IPs would most definitely affect regular uses.

>why is she like this??
Don't ponder why the ape throws its dung. Take time rather to prepare for when it does.

c1ceb No.64587

File: 1709787890482.png (244.82 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Friday Night Funkin' VS Pe….png) ImgOps iqdb

Mmmh-hmm Peppa… what are you doing in my thread?

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