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File: 1711277711803.png (7.68 KB, 744x104, 93:13, post discarded.png) ImgOps iqdb

d63d1 No.64615

i'm not automated though. clearly the system failed or it succeeded in censoring undignified under false pretense.

b55ed No.64621

again it happened. i am not automated. when you ban people because they say stuff that goes against your agenda, at least have the balls to admit it.

this site is a mess….

258c1 No.64622

that word doesn't make sense in this context, unless you honestly believe that the site software is reading your post and deciding that you typed wrongthink and then preventing it on that basis while just using "automated" as an excuse

what is the chance that OP has a bunch of "privacy addons" and doesn't use java or save cookies or some shit that would make his browser behave similarly to that of a spambot?
it's a high chance!

c25cd No.64710

It's a bug in vichan, simple workaround is to just refresh the page

admin needs to modify the line in inc/config.php

$config['error']['spam'] = _('Your request looks automated; Post discarded.');
$config['error']['spam'] = _('Your request looks automated; Post discarded. Try refreshing.');


Then less people will complain

9f7c7 No.64712

why my internet says wizchan is not safe znd not protected?

f1e78 No.64719

You need to install a new browser. I recommend opera gx

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