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9ee39 No.64629

This imageboard has had an influx of some crab users who are now forcing their own lingo from crab forums here, words like "wizcel", "mogged", "maxx" that were never used here before. That's not really an issue to me but now they have been trying to come up with their own definiton of what it means to be to be a "true wizard", essentially dividing the userbase. Can you adress this please.

a9d89 No.64630

Its against the rules to demean volcels, yet this "wizcel" guy's entire posting history is doing only that.

00384 No.64631

You're either trolling, or you haven't seen some of the hundred or so posts they've made calling the staff "virgin haters" for deleting their Wizcel posts for exactly the reason you've outlined (as well as rule 8). The concept of appending "-cel" to things is also an outsider meme used pretty much only on crab sites. Heghtcel, trucel, fakecel, femcel… Nasty!


Pretty much this >>64631

He can entertain his new word in his /wiz/ thread and /b/, but he and others have already been banned for rule 4 in it due to them trying to invalidate common wizards and other voluntary celibates. Use of the word outside of that thread and /b/ is banned and so far is conducted almost entirely by one guy ban evading

a9d89 No.64633

I thought you wrote Hegelcel

f6721 No.64637

Its really annoying. I've made a thread last year complaning about it too, but it only got worse ever since.

f2271 No.64640

Hegelcels literally think that heartbeats and blood circulation are known as animal functions too kek

a9d89 No.64641

b8fae No.64642

File: 1712432716625.jpg (345.73 KB, 850x638, 425:319, 8e26195355f534b17c50dc4991….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>he never enrolled and completed a course. His academic career was a disaster.
hegelcels won

c04dc No.64656

Brutal mogg, truly crab-lingomaxxing is gone to far and we are slowly becoming wizcels, a mix of crab and wizards

57fb8 No.64657

No need to! Let them come, and make their words ours by appropiating them.

Normies are gonna call us crabs anyways, just for the sake of denying their slavery towards pussy

cf864 No.64660

I thought we called ourself wizcel because normalfags have taken the word volcel to mean a pause in their sex life

c29cd No.64665

ban him in all boards wtf man

57fb8 No.64666

Should we dance at the rhythm of normalfags? I use my own expressions and definitions when talking to them, confusion ensues, then they explain me how their mindset is enough to change the deep truth of any word and I ghost them or keep rambling as if I just heard nothing.

Let's not let them decide what things mean

de24f No.64674

retroactively change all text mention of wizcel to "faggot" in big red text, would be worth the laugh imo

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