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78df0 No.64708

my browser is non stop nagging me about this site being unsafe, outdated certificate and stuff even if I use proxy. What's happening?

1ff81 No.64713

roachmin too lazy to update the certs

05cd0 No.64715

the admin is a fucking retarf

c1544 No.64716

it can be done automatically but apparently the admin doesnt know anything about linux

like he doesn't know you're supposed to open crontab (sudo crontab -e) and add the following line:
0 0 * * 0 /usr/bin/certbot renew --nginx-ctl /usr/sbin/nginx --quiet

so that it checks for renewal weekly. assuming he has certbot installed (sudo apt install certbot)

and to renew it manually right now:
sudo /usr/bin/certbot renew --nginx-ctl /usr/sbin/nginx

1c95e No.64718

same as you, my internet says wizchan is unsafe

87697 No.64720

Can't use the site at all on my cell anymore due to the site claiming the clock is wrong therefor the cert doesn't work.

I don't really get it but it's annoying.

73378 No.64721

Jannies, fix the certificate!

d4dd2 No.64724

What a funding shit life is garbage, only retarded meme board I visit and it has this unbearable certificate issue, life is truly over
I want a stray bullet to cross my brain to at least make it into purgatory

87697 No.64725

Cert is still broken.
Still can't access the site on any smartphone browser I have tried.

So far can only access it on desktop using Firefox opened in administrate mode.

87697 No.64731

So any news on fixing the broken cert?

05cd0 No.64732

Frankly I'm glad that phoneposters are being inconvenienced.

1c95e No.64733

I don't have a computer I only post from phone, so be kind to people using phone, you don't know why they use them and can hurt them. don't be racist against phone posters, thank you

a0e07 No.64734

fix this asap it's extremely annoying

9c2b4 No.64735

Laptop user here, even the certificate shenanigans keeps me away from using this website. It's the browser, not the device you're using.

1c95e No.64736

what causes that, I'm tech illiterate.
is there a problem with the server?

9c2b4 No.64737

I'm Not really a tech dude. From what I know Chrome-based browser wouldn't let you go on website without updated certificate probably because Google's security standard.

95356 No.64738

ok I get it. lucky google doesn't block the website tottaly because it is not upgraded haha

87902 No.64739

Implement Caddy so you don't have to worry about the certificate issue again

87697 No.64742

What's that.
No one on staff is a web dev so you have to keep shit super simple.

c1544 No.64744

Admin bro just give me the site's SSH password and I'll renew it for you, and set up this auto-renewal >>64716 so you don't have to worry about it later

87902 No.64745

That's exactly why you should use it. Install it, make that go through port 443 then set in the Caddy config something like this

wizchan.org {


Whatever it needs to point to and that's pretty much it

762e0 No.64760

is admin ignoring the website or incapable of changing the certificate?


I'm taking it easy under the shade of the few benefits offered by an expired certificate. I'll get it fixed when my Neetbux comes in because I have some other things to do with the hosting which require money.

388ec No.64762

What benefits of expired certificate are there?

87697 No.64763

He is probably referring to chromium browsers being unable to access the site, which includes most mobile browsers.
It means less traffic overall especially from most cell phone users.

But I could be understanding the situation or the statement.

11b0e No.64766

I don't think less users could be concidered a "benefit". It's not like this site has too much traffic.

87902 No.64769

Self signed certificates don't cost money and the above benefit is it autorenews

d5e5d No.64770

Neither do lets encrypt certs. I'm not even sure why admin said anything about money since it's already using a LE cert.

87902 No.64772

I misspoke, that's what I meant.

a3573 No.64781

So…Do you ever intend on fixing the cert/site or should I just leave?

05cd0 No.64782

I think you should just leave

a3573 No.64783

1ff81 No.64785

why has the wizmin forsaken us

e59b6 No.64786

This is pretty much a regular occurrence at this point.

f7e7a No.64790

Why the certificate still not updated? What's the wizadm is doing???

aed49 No.64792

Jannies!!!!! Update the certificate!!!!! I can't acess it !!!!!!!! JANNIES!!!!!!

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