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Let's start with this interesting one I just found:

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i dont believe in free will but i believe being gay is choice


hard choice. like choosing between your favorite cake and feces


How the 1000 year 3rd Reich ended



How is choosing to eat cake instead of faeces a hard choice at all, scatman?


ok ok you win!


They say the Dark Ages was a myth, and the fall of Western Rome in the 400s there was still a lot of Byzantine culture going on.

But the 900s AD were pretty damn dark everywhere in the world, its even when the Mayans collapsed. And the last Lion in Europe died.





this is true and an example of some of more esoteric understandings you can develop with powers. we missing some close to 800yr history.


>The district attorney portrayed Jeff Hall as a "loving father"[20]
>"Some of those that burn crosses are the same that hold office" - Zack de la Rocha

Dear GOD/GODS and/or anyone else who can HELP ME (e.g. TIME TRAVELERS or MEMBERS OF SUPER-INTELLIGENT ALIEN CIVILIZATIONS): The next time I wake up, please change my physical form to that of FINN MCMILLAN formerly of SOUTH NEW BRIGHTON at 8 YEARS OLD and keep it that way FOREVER. I am so sick of this chubby Asian man body! Thank you! - CHAUL JHIN KIM (a.k.a. A DESPERATE SOUL)


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I am not a troll.

I find it sad to think that people think I am a troll. I have been banned from numerous communities in the past, all under the mistaken assumption that I am some sort of bizarre troll trying to stir up trouble. But I am not such a person.

You see, I had dreams of becoming a biochemist. I wanted to work on curing cancer and aging. I wanted to be the guy in the white lab coat holding a pipette in his hand while loading buffer solutions into the gel electrophoresis tanks. I wanted to wake up every morning knowing that each day spent at the lab would be one more step towards freeing man from the confines of his biology. But in 2013, my dreams were cruelly snatched away from me by the University of Otago administration:


So I moved onto Plan B, which was to win the Powerball jackpot with the help of God so that I can become a "gentleman scientist" and build my own lab and thus pursue my dreams outside of (but in parallel with) the traditional academic system. I had earlier bought my first lottery ticket in June 2011 when the jackpot was a "must be won" $35 million which ended up being a dud but now that I had been kicked out of college, my efforts went into overdrive. I was buying lotto tickets left right and center. Yet fast forward to 2021 and every ticket for the past ten years has resulted in a dud.

I also prayed to God to be sent back to 2009, so that I can purchase Bitcoin at a few cents each (or mine my own) and in effect, get the same result as a lottery win. But every time I woke up, I would find myself in the then-present year.

In other words, despite all of my efforts, there has been no response from God. So I decided I had enough and crafted my Request for Transferral of Omnipotence which is an offer that still remains open to this day (God, if you are reading this then please re-consider it). I believe that God is doing a terrible job at being God, and I would like to step up to the role of becoming God. Unlike the modern God, I would not be an absentee God. Instead, I would be proactive in ensuring the happiness and healthiness of mankind and all the creatures of the world. Given that rates of religiosity are declining throughout the Western world and more and more people are turning towards atheism, it's obvious that God's current approach is not working.

In fact, God had the chance to create a renaissance of Christendom that was practically given to him on a silver platter by simply waking Olive Alayne Heiligenthal up in late 2019 but he fucked that one up too (just like the way he fucked up all of my prayers).

Currently I am working on attempts to communicate with God via electromagnetic means. According to Erich von Daniken, God isn't actually "God" but instead an extraterrestrial with godlike powers (cue Arthur C. Clarke's quote about a sufficiently advanced technology being indistinguishable from magic). While von Daniken posits rather stable extraterrestrial civilizations technology-wise, I believe that post-singularitarian alien civilizations have access to time travel (and thus nearly unlimited computing power) and as a result, live in a state where technological progress is measured in literal picoseconds. However, our Universe is set up in a way that according to Einstein's theory of relativity, both having mass and velocity result in a sort of (minuscule) time dilation effect which would put any "rebellious" components of these superintelligent alien civilizations that attempted to make their presence known in our Universe at a significant competitive disadvantage. This is also my personal explanation for the Fermi paradox.

Thus my hope is that any post-singularitian God has not fallen into this "trap" and he is somewhere out there listening to us. Because of this, I am researching Steven M. Greer's CE5 protocols, which might be helpful for communicating with such a God. There are also philosophers like Carl Sagan and Terry Davis who have proposed that the mind of God might be ascertained by exploring the nature of entropy such as the kind found in the digits of Pi or from random numbers generators.

Finally, there is also the simulation hypothesis to consider. The idea is pretty straightforward. Basically, if you're playing a game of The Sims and one of your sims is constantly bugging you with messages about something that they want done, then there's a chance that you might eventually relent and respond, even if you normally follow a pretty neglectful style of gameplay. Eventually one of those messages could be the straw that breaks the camel's back. Likewise, eventually one of my prayers could be the straw that breaks God's back. By proliferating these prayers into our cosmos, I hope to become that sim that changed God's mind.

So anyway, I hope this explanation is enough to solve this "mystery" and show that I am not a troll. I can understand why bumping into one of my prayers without the context behind it might give the impression that I am trolling though, so apologies for that.


some of that does make sense except the one that needs to be explained away is how there has to be dark to be light and there has to be bad for there to be good. what if the whole thing is playing out the only way it can and the understanding is beyond us. what if even, those who suffer in life the more you suffer it does something to you which gets you to live some kind of amazing life when this thing is over. what if its a test even, and lots of what you say is true, and that the super AI or aliens or God, whichever you want to call it, is making you live this life, because of the way you're living this life retroactively, and punishing you in the present for the future.

it makes sense, the thing is we cant see how things actually work or how the machine is set up we can only see some shadows of how things work and try infer reality from that. humans will never be able to grasp reality what it actually is, it's beyond itself and some kind of recursive fractals or some such who can say that is only what i intuit.

i believe in God.




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If the nazis won, we could breed children with intentional abnormal neuronal dendritic trees. sounds like an xmen timeline. i am curious if anyone has ever tried to make an analogue neuron network to simulate the brain. it would be nice if we could lobotomize death row inmates to facilitating the perceptual asynchronity.


File: 1708614087723.jpeg (1.84 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, IMG_1617.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

this idea is so scary


troll or God believer, doesn't make any difference to me, they are part of the same group to me, that is [-]



it's obvious bs though, so no big deal




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File: 1708806116520.png (525.17 KB, 680x448, 85:56, unknown.png) ImgOps iqdb


File: 1708806467989.mp4 (210.07 KB, 540x540, 1:1, d12d12d12dasd.mp4) ImgOps iqdb

>A CBS radio station, KFZ, was set up on the base camp ship, the Bear of Oakland and The Adventures of Admiral Byrd program was short-waved to Buenos Aires, then relayed to New York.[42] Sponsored by General Foods, the broadcasts aired on Saturday nights at 10:00 pm and reached #16 on the Hooper rating for the 1933-34 broadcast season, reaching an average audience of 19.1 million.


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I used to think earth ships were cool and wanted on. That was until I got the chance to visit one and realized how much work they constantly require to not go to shit.
Lots of complex overlapping systems to keep balanced. If one goes out of wack it can throw off 10 other things instantly.

That said some of the things are still pretty cool about them, and if I ever got the chance to build my own place I would implement some of the elements.



File: 1711351806917.jpg (43.31 KB, 249x575, 249:575, images.jpeg-5.jpg) ImgOps iqdb





File: 1713855050115.jpg (340.47 KB, 1706x840, 853:420, nuclear pasta.jpg) ImgOps iqdb


Ashkenazi IQ is false like the Chinese', they take all their samples from the creme de la creme of Jewish private schools. Nepotism is why they make up the upper crust of jobs in society.


There's a theory that if the universe is a simulation, civilizations that get too advanced or expansionist get deleted.


>Abstract: A corollary of the Simulation Argument is that the universe’s computational capacity may be limited. Consequently, advanced alien civilizations may have incentives to avoid space colonization to avoid taking up too much “calculating space” and forcing a simulation shutdown. A possible solution to the Fermi Paradox is that analogous considerations may drive them to avoid broadcasting their presence to the cosmos, and to attempt to destroy or permanently cripple emerging civilizations on sight. This game-theoretical equilibrium could be interpreted as the “katechon” – that which withholds eschaton – doom, oblivion, the end of the world. The resulting state of mutually assured xenocide would result in a dark, seemingly empty universe intermittently populated by small, isolationist “hermit” civilizations.


How weird, I went to post this and saw it was already posted!


I've seen arguments suggesting the real number is 108? The Israel having a sub 100 score thing isn't representative of the ashkenazism


kike shill using the very same crap excuse they all use for muh holocoast

even here at wizchan they have come

Who cares anyway. We cannot do crap about it.
Ignore this troll. You wizards are trying to outsmart him but he just argues in bad faith. He knows you are right already.



>waluigi effect
why do they give cringe name to phenomenon?


Is that question just your rhetorical way of saying you disapprove of the name? Or are you seriously asking as if anyone here is going to pull up an encyclopedia and tell you the exact reason?


I'm conplaning nerds and geeks give bad names go things and their children too



>According to the National Registry of Exonerations in the United States, 27% of those on the registry who were accused of homicide, but were later exonerated, gave false confessions.


>ywn be a decorated Naval Aviator Harvard-educated MD Surgeon Astronaut with a beautiful wife and 3 children
why live


>All of our greatest explorers and the great men of European history were da JOOOOOZ!!!! Europeans never did anything great on our own! Faggot.


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