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66 years old. Retired. Comfortable because I know how to live frugally (by first world standards). Anyone here older than me?


It’s good to know this place isn’t all kids. You’ve got me beat by a large margin only 30 but been here since the early days. Glad to hear you are living comfortably, best of luck to you mage.



What was your highest and lowest point since becoming a wizard (30-66)? What advice do you give to younger (30~40) wizards?

Congrats on making it to such a ripe old age. I hope your remaining years are pleasant and full of nice foods and entertainments.



Lowest point was high school. Not all uphill from there, of course. Highest point was when I ran the numbers and realized I could afford to retire a few years early. 2019 to be exact.

At the time it was just good to retire. But in retrospect I got out just in time before everything went to shit.


thats nice having the lowest point be 40 years ago in the 1980s


It is an honor. Kind of gives me hope, even. wish you just as much luck, good sir.


Very nice, you made it. You can now rest without anyone calling you a leech. May I ask how you made your retirement goals?


Does people irl know that you are a virgin? If so, does they bother you about your virginity?


Sounds liek God lieks you


That's bullshit, prove you're 66.


Do you use a cool wizard walking stick?


What was your career?


How is life?


role playing thread


our normie parents that age use the internet.

and if anything someone who has been using the internet since the 1980s and is more familiar with the obscure sides of it, would be more likely to be a virgin.


>Anyone here older than me?
There was a 75+ year old gentleman here who was documenting his emigration to Mongolia to live a quiet life herding Siberian tigers. He got hung up in bureaucracy and gobbledygook.


do you believe this


80 years old here, looks like you're just a wizkid


1000 years old true dark wizard virgin, to me you're all just a bunch of wizkiddos.


At this point if a succubus tried to rob you of your essence, she would probably overload and explode

Did the rest of your post get cut of or something?


no. i am asking if you honestly believe this poster's story


Then you should have ended your post with a question mark!


What advice do you have to a 22 year old apprentice?


Don't live your life the wrong way around. First put in the work to later enjoy the product of your efforts.


really is such a trip to think there are people alive from all different ages in history. whose lives are at different phases to you and were busy doing stuff before you even existed. idk if this feel properly comes across… like when you see people all different ages they're just 'people' but each have their own lives that they've lived out, been part of history, done interesting thing… far from appearing to be npcs… idk what im saying…


Fucking hell, the grind starts the moment you hit double digits in this world. Can’t enjoy shit without fucking up your life and falling behind.


Please tell me you have an awesome wizard beard…


File: 1688637406922.jpeg (3.67 KB, 274x184, 137:92, download (86).jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

How the FUCK has nobody asked this… How did you come accross Wizchan?


i call bs as well


This. The wizards' administration placed a spell on this site to keep out anyone who isn't a Millennial over the age of 30. So this pretty much leaves out anyone born after 1993 and before 1980.


File: 1689638408889.gif (11.43 MB, 640x510, 64:51, 1679607618077.gif) ImgOps iqdb

What did you do for a job? What do you do now that you're retired and not working?




i will be 73 in a few more months…


that was me, banned because i 'spammed" the board (HTF do you spam this board ?) i was 71 at the time, but i never planned to raise siberian tigers…
I got tired of being fucked around by gvt bullshit artist with their hands out…
so… i'm back… i was told that 37 dammed vacinations were required to enter Mongolia… WTFF?sheeeeeeeeit…


as far as getting old is concerned; it happens…
i have lost almost all my friends except for one who is 93 years old and plans to see 103…
life happens get used to it..


anyway, its what it is…
enjoy it while you have it….


you know what really sucks?
its when you run out of viewable flics on tubi… some friends gave me a box of 200 + videos, i didn't have the heart to tell them i'd already seen every one of them…


the reality is this; because you are not F** up your life with a woetoman; you will live a much longer and more stress free life than all my poor dumb bastich friends that were foolish enough to marry…
yeah, its that simple…


I am 44 years old. I've been on imageboards for almost 20 years by now.


before the web was, I AM…


ok its obvious it din't work…


File: 1699050573339.jpeg (72.41 KB, 399x599, 399:599, 3F7CB5A3-D762-4794-8316-8….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Oh, hi.

My name is Bill Gates.


I triple the profits on a PC



what if Bill Gates is one of the crabs that post here


It's funny how you could be my grandfather, and here we are.




/wiz/ just became a soft /b/

Quit a shame



Just had my 67th birthday. Successful career after a slow start. No sex no regrets.


happy birthday, elder!


why? this thread fit wiz


Has anyone noticed OP has fucked off instead of answering a single question?


Someone earlier in the thread linked to a post in the Fap Thread and it gave OP a heart attack and OP DIED OF A HEARTATTACK


now 73 years old, i expect to live between 30 to 60 years more, my family is very long lived…


can you make a 130th birthday post here?


wouldnt be suprised if true
there was a guy on 8kun while back sounded suspiciously like bill


back in the 90s he was like the nerd dweeb icon, those were the days


He's a nepo baby who doesn't even like computers or books. He just takes a lot of photos surrounded by those things.
Because normies believe everything they see on TV.


you better believe it 30 some vaxx's are required to get in the door, i just about shit myself,,,Genghis kahn come back mongolia needs you!
i would love to have siberian tigers to rid my world of filthy dirty stinking dogs !


well Mongolia was Communist ruled just 3 years less than Russia itself


>>213570 if the dam'd liberals don't fuck everything in the ass.


best reply to this bait thread, indeed


i will be 74 in a few more months, i have had people tell me i look to be late thiries/early fourties, i must be doing something right…


i finally figured it out, its so simple its scary; I NEVER GOT MARRIED! (OR EVEN SERIOUSLY INVOLVED)
all my 'friends' that were married died far too young due to the SHIT/STRESS dealt out to them by families and HO'S…
its as simple as that…


I'd be glad to hear the wisdom you accumulated since your 30s oh, archmage



please post proof of thy GRAND WIZARDRY

and I will literally prostrate myself before thee, oh MIGHTY ONE


Happy early birthday! Once again thank you for being a beacon in a post-feminazi age, good sir.


Slow life strategy

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