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Wizards never lost their morals unless you count degenerates as wizards but hear me out.
If we were able to have sex at a young age we would’ve lost our morals and become putrid but by us not being able to because we were not Neurotypicals we were able to keep our morals.
We still think morally and in terms of what's ethical or unethical and normalfags don’t. They are soulless and want to corrupt the rest of us who who have souls.
Have you ever noticed how someone might be EVIL and still be liked by males and females? That's because they are soulless. They are demons with no regards to justice, truth, or love. This means they’ll be accepted into big groups of people where everyone has signed a contract to praise the devil.

THE SOUL IS A REAL THING. Whether you want to believe in it or not, we the true celibate virgins are closer to GOD we are like monks and can get to heaven while they don't we are hated for it by normies and females.


to further develop my point, you have the worst type of people in this world firmly believing they are special and unique and this notion is reinforced by their peers. They succeed in life due to the validation they receive from others like them, DESPITE being evil people they receive a boost of seelf esteem while actual GOOD people like us who try to do what is right and live according to GOD are PUNISHED, BULLIED, AND MOCKED. If you try to be good in this world you are faced with thousands of millions of demons who will block your path and make your life miserable.

At one point, you will question your own sanity, if there is something wrong with you because they will be attacking you for absolutely no reason. Normalfags with their own actions will try to get true wizards to commit suicide by destroying a peaceful environment and doing the most unimaginable and horrible of things.
They ostracize you and then they become the good people and believe it because everyone around them tells them that lie. They perpetuate a lie and part of that lie is that we are the evil ones for dare to critcize them.

Wizards who read this. Think about it, society prefers whores to us virgin males, they will give them support and money while we will be cast out, oppressed, and shamed if we dare to say were a virgins. It's hivemind and if you are an individual with your own thoughts you will be punished for it.


Straight out of Eric Harris's weblog.


Eric Harris was misanthropic as all get out but from what i read about him during my columbine phase he was actually a pretty darn shitty person himself. He was bullied by a literal jock mafia which was supported by the principle but he also would bully anyone he could impose himself on. The whole shooting had nothing to do with bullying in an ironic twist and had more to do with him being a blood thirsty psychopath. his life went out with a bang and he is remembered forever in all his edgy glory.

they died at like 17 and 18 because they realized how trash society is. Thing is they weren't wrong. But they were also trash.


it's really beyond human perception and understanding but i've seen glimpses of god and universal justice. What is called universal justice isn't actually jurisdiction in the sense that some third party entity like god or Satan comes and judges/punishes you. Instead its more like this. Evil in your heart hurts you even more than it does the victims. NOT at the moment its done. Not even after it's done. But you are made of the same star stuff as everyone else. You are subject to the same forces that be. And most importantly you will die. Technically. If what you did made you feel good, and by good i mean joyful (think some type of maniac like pyro from tf2) it won't effect you. But like a sadistic or selfish pleasure. It will bite you back. its a blur. theres more details but i've only seen glimpses. It's hard to believe but it's there. Perhaps after death if their soul doesn't reincarnate. Or if it's extricated they will face some very insane, hellish state as their karma is released. I don't know but it's there.


File: 1698386008829.jpg (14.83 KB, 474x266, 237:133, OIP (2).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm an atheist, bro.
Otherwise, yeah, in a nutshell @ everything else.

Kek, I still recall Lightposting when I was reading a longass book at the start of this year. I wonder how it will be seen now…


Atheism is more retarded than theism. Where's theists at the very least see god as a metaphor for larger, nonphysical forces, atheists are so retarded they think they already know how the universe works with their tiny, limited monkey brains. Science has more questions than answers and quantum physics is just the science of 'i don't know, it doesn't make any sense but it works' If atheists were right. we wouldn't be conscious or have a sense of experience. Some say that consciousness is an illusion but to fall prey to an illusion you have to be conscious in the first place.

if you strictly mean you don't believe in god as a bearded man in the sky. you are right. But spirituality and mysticism is 100% real.


Those are some sweeping generalizations, mr. mystic.


spirituality and mysticism is a farce normalfags love to buy to feel a higher force or energy or some higher being or the universe itself is looking out for them.


It's always been a dog eats dog world
Shit on others or get shitted on. Sadly wizards always are lone wolves and have to fend off from pack of normalfags.


i see a lot of truth in that.

i've witnessed a lot of dummies who believe sex is the key to a happy life and it becomes true for them because they believe it so hard. like a dog waiting for a treat after doing a trick sex becomes their happiness and succubi and culture try to gatekeep the believers into compliance.

meanwhile they had the happiness inside of them all along.

selling the soul and entering the corrupted state of mind must be the biggest possible disappointment for a human. trading happiness for having someone sit on their back, dangeling a carrot in front of them.

the uncorrputed and unmolested state of mind is the only thing there is, everything else is just varying degrees of disappointment and imprisonment.


>you are made of the same star stuff as everyone else.
what's that supposed to mean. You are made of the same atoms as everyone else. Your entire post is some wishy washy reductionist nonsense. Some people are rich and poor are you going to the poor kid and say "don't worry you will die", "you are made of the same star stuff as rich people"


>they had the happiness inside of them all along.

how true can this be? Do we have happiness inside us?


The moment you lose your virginity is the moment you lose your soul.


it's kind of horrific how unaware normalfags are


lmao so true, rich people don't give a fuck about poor people same with sex havers


they just fake they care about the misfortuned when they have to virtue signal and wanna feel good about themselves


File: 1700963815777.jpeg (2.72 MB, 1526x1935, 1526:1935, 297B28B9-3478-4672-91B1-E….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>true wizards have souls and normies hate it
>We still think morally and in terms of what's ethical or unethical and normalfags don’t. They are soulless and want to corrupt the rest of us who who have souls.

You saying that over 3,000,000,000 people are wizards…!? Chew you havisfaction a singlelicious satisfact to snack that up…!?


Smells like copium.

As a wizard I can tell you we avoid a fuckton of drama that can go from mild nuisances to actual murder situations, and we also have lots of financial stability (for wizards that wage or otherwise have an income). Depending on that stability you could afford small or huge treats for yourself… but those are essentially all the good aspects of wizardry.

My own copium is thinking this is a good deal


The value garnered through the wizard's pursuit is that of time. Trinkets and curios are worthy prizes to be valued, but are easily obtained through sensible financial management even for normalfolk. The pure unobtanium that is bestowed upon the true wizard is time, unfettered and personal. It can be used for any purpose, productive or unproductive. True free time for the normalfolk is rare and always accompanied by obligations to others, distractions, foregoing one thing for another. And as their clock moves at the same pace as the wizard's, they will find 1/16th of the free time that the wizard shall, and that is on a good day.

Think about that in a serious way. Unless the normalfolk delight in their job, wanting not for this elusive free time, you are living 16 times the life that they do. For those with large families, abusive wives, financial problems et al., it may be even worse. You may be living a hundred times the lifespan that they do. Time is not endless, but the wizard has hacked human reality. It is rare and valuable nearly beyond monetary measure.


it's not rare to see normalfags who become dissolute from engaging in sex and drugs So it is true that you lose a big part of your soul.


File: 1703755406373.jpg (43.64 KB, 720x648, 10:9, 1579994695179.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm not one to believe there's people out there who have no soul, but I'm damn near it. I've been interacting with normalfags on various of their dwelling places like Instagram, and the shit I see there makes you tear your hair apart at best. They'll be at your throat the moment you challenge their worldview, and they are completely uncooperative when you ask them a simple question. I once compared jerking it to drawing of kids to killing people in vidya to see their reaction, and the retards were calling me a pedo while unable to tell me why that comparison is invalid. They automatically adopt the popular opinion without having the necessary equipment to defend it should they be questioned about it. I ended up giving them the answer because that was a pretty pathetic display.

And that's not to mention the sheer dread they feel when you utter the word "source?". succubi in particular will do everything in their power to dodge that question, and will keep believing their argument despite not being able to prove it. I once asked 2 separate succubi to back up the same claim. One ignored me and the other gave me the nerd emoji. Another time I asked for examples of the "countless inventions from succubi stolen by men" claim and was asked to google it because she's "not there to teach me". I obliged and found only computer programming as a decent answer among a sea of clickbait. I brought up my findings to her and was told I was bad at using Google… with a clown emoji. I always try to go easy with strangers on the internet so I'll ignore Occam's razor and assume she was attempting the 'girlboss' act to one up an ebul m*n and give the finger to the patriarchy, and wasn't just a state of the arts golem.

I'd definitely believe normalfags have no souls if it wasn't for my current beliefs. I don't think it's possible to have free will without a soul at least. My worldview is that when the scheming 1% grows in power, an opposite faction of 1% naturally spawns to counter them (rise of autism). Those two factions fight for the normalfag herd in a sort of battle of shepherds while the herd live in their own matrix world. The evil 1% ultimately poisons the other's well to misguide them (promotion of trannyshit and crabfaggotry). I'm writing up a whole ass book on this shit that I'll dump here if I ever finish it.


I believe they have souls, but they are dormant or like larval stage, I believe animals have similar souls. They have some kind of basic free will and they exercise that will to remain ignorant.


normalfags aren't different from their online personas. that's a giveaway.


You'd be amazed how many normies don't give a shit and just go through the motions. It's an obligation in this society to go along with those who want to grind down a society to its lowest common denominator. The people who promote the rot are doing it consciously because that's how they can keep taking our shit - they've been doing it for this long and their masters engineered a society where no one is allowed to tell them no, so why would they stop?

Until very recently, wanking was shameful and seen correctly as a mental disorder. Doing it the way they insist is "normal" will drive a man crazy, deplete his energy. Grown men aren't supposed to wank every day of their adult lives. That's what teenagers do because they're bored, and even then it happens because this society cages young men and tells them this is all their lives can be. In a different world, we'd have lives that are much more interesting. The more successful normies will say it's a trap, whether they are sexhavers or not. So many men will tell you they wish they never started, but they're afraid to say it too much in this society that insists on grinding others down, kicking down, and introduces every poison when it looks like the people are no longer tolerating the rot. The rulers and public relation ghouls make sure the people are set against each other and encourage rot, if the people start talking as if we don't want that any more. The last thing they want is for anyone to talk to each other without the PR mediators telling them what reality is. They don't want anyone to compare notes with another person to reassemble what actually happened. If that happened, none of this is possible and those who promoted the rot would be marked down and eliminated.


we have proved to be…
real human beings


Religion should have no place in internet spaces like this, it's really a pity to let the stupid and ignorant speak.


File: 1704215283926.jpg (78.21 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, .jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>Religion should have no place in internet spaces like this, it's really a pity to let the stupid and ignorant speak.


Please, stop posting pictures of chads 🙏


Normalfags are social media addict animals on facebook, instagram, discord, etc. They fall under the illusion they are the good ones and know what is right, but they couldn't be more wrong.




>religion should have no place in an imageboard based around hard notions of celibacy, purity, hermitism, and virginity


>a belief system that promotes family building, social communities, and unwavering faith in their leaders has no place on a website about individuality and being alone


>a belief system that aims to punish sinners and the morally wicked with the intention of building a better society for virgin males and males in general to live in peace has no place on wizchan a site that's primarily anti sex, promiscuity, and moral decay


File: 1704739366847.gif (1.96 MB, 268x325, 268:325, IMG_6231.gif) ImgOps iqdb

> the intention of building a better society for virgin males
Do you actually believe that?


i've noticed this growing up. We are more than human, normalfags and socialfags are animals.


I've noticed this as well because growing up there was this peer pressure to get a gf or lose your virginity, it's like if you didn't want to submit to the degeneracy of others they will mark you as an outcast and try to bully you. Being a wizc is pretty hard so there is only isolation from those beats


This is no new stuff. I'd love to hear your games against some of those fools out there, either.


Normalniggers detest wizards because we don't act like them. We haven't even had sex so we are like a different species to them.

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