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during my true wiz night walk like I saw a lot of normalfags outside partying and doing drugs to loud music. They did look happier and some even extremely healthy which got me thinking this people probably have some serious diet and go to the gym or exercise. The guys looked bigger than me and I've been going to the gym for 10 years by now and take protein supplements and creatine. You know, they looked like athletes and some succubi like models or sportswomen or runners. It got me thinking how can this people smoke, drink, and party all night and look like they were celebrities.
I've never experienced anything close to the type of fun they were having and it was a strange feeling because I've never seriously paid attention to that kind of social activity until this night. Drinking in a group and celebrating with music and beers, cigarettes, screaming, and talking loudly, etc. It's so odd to me how this is part of culture but I've never done it or being involved in it. I've never done something that's so big in my culture and so I started to feel a bit strange. My conclusion from this is that true wizards are anti cultural intentionally or without awareness.


It's not as entertaining to be there as it looks from outside. They're mostly having "fake fun", trying to copy what they see on instagrams by being loud and gyrating their bodies.
Was forced to participate in a bunch of these gathering way back in highschool and hated it every single time.


>They're mostly having "fake fun"


Appearing to "have fun" to placate their peers.
Same as you would do a fake smile when someone talks at you, but you don't care or even understand what they're saying.


>Same as you would do a fake smile when someone talks at you
I'm going to be honest with you but I've never faked a smile in my life.
>Appearing to "have fun" to placate their peers.
So are normalfags who party faking to have fun all the time? That just doesn't sound like the truth. Who are they trying to placate when everyone is smiling, laughing, and dancing?


>The guys looked bigger than me and I've been going to the gym for 10 years by now and take protein supplements and creatine

you are genetically limited and it's stupid. thankfully humans invented drugs to say fuck you to nature. you can take steroids for muscle. if you are mentally ill you can drink or take drugs to make your shyness go away.


You are right but you didn't really get the point. Or you didn't explain why properly.

wizards are anticultural but not because they don't enjoy partying or just being normal. But because being a recluse is not supported in any society. No society wants you to contribute the bare minimum and not have kids and not work all the time. You wouldn't fit in to any culture or religion because they would force you to participate in their bullshit.

Being anti-cultural doesn't mean you aren't a normie. that party could have had druggies and bums who sit around all day. When i see normgroids like that i don't even want to be near them. They have no morality and are (and I haven't used this word since my /pol/ days) degenerate. If you look even slightly off beat they will disrespect you.


zoomers are all getting taller, an actual wizard is probably shorter in comparison to your average zoomer. It's like every zoomer is 6 feet.


People have been saying they have been getting taller for ages. I don't think theres any real truth to it. I think the surplus of food has allowed people to gain an inch or two. But humanity hasn't gotten any latter. i'm somewhere between 5'10 and 5'11 which is tall in asia, average in most of the world and manlet in scandinavia. It's relative.


Yes i never ate enough. Now i'm doomed.


I can tell you they're having fun like someone whi would enjoy a video game


same. it's all genuine.


Omicron male status is peak wizardry. Just go for the roasted definitions given by the cattle to them at the urban dictionary


To give another example of how true wizard are anticultural:

My normalnigger neighbours can get unusually loud from time to time and it made me think where my despise from big families come from which is obviously anticultural:

It all boils down to the fact that as a wizard I hate noise and prefer silence. Most importantly, the noise I hate the most is the one humans produce with their mouths.

You can't enjoy peaceful or meditative moments when there's a bunch of kids running around screaming and who then grow up to become loud niggers who blast music or get drunk and loudly talk about the most trivial of stuff that happened to them.

Normalniggers love to talk and talk and breed and breed.

Wizards prefer silence and hate not only reproduction itself but the consequences of it, noise being one of them in my case.


A key trait of aspergers and autism is the hatred of noise and preference of silence.

Most if not all wizards are on the autism spectrum.

Wizards simply aren't socially compatible with yelling, screaming, biting neurotypicals, from a very early age.


I'm clearly on the spectrum but expect that getting a diagnosis at over 30 years old will be a nightmare or impossible.

It is interesting to think of how it would change things to have a diagnosis. All of my behaviors that have been unacceptable and caused so much strife would be socially forgiven, such as being incapable of small talk and seeming rude as a result, if i could just say "I have autism". Even in my own mind it is an interesting thought experiment to remind myself that i cant help it, it's just who i am, even if the medical establishment doesnt have a specific category to put me in


>All of my behaviors that have been unacceptable and caused so much strife would be socially forgiven



There is no acceptance or understanding for people with autism. The more we're isolated from the normies, the better off we are.


being autistic can be a blessing in disguise in some aspects. You learn quickly about the real nature of humans and how it's better for everyone to die.


>how it's better for everyone to die.
careful with the edge.


It became obvious to me when I had my first social interactions as a kid. Normalfags will always bully anyone that was different for any motive and separate each other.
It's all so tiresome, then they form cliques where they exclude you in school, college, work, so many cliques. Then they want you to stay motivated and do hard work and act like life is great. Wizards had no one to turn for friendship or help. We never lived like the rest, they shouldn't expect us to follow the same rules.


NTA but is it really edge to simply recognize what life is? You are alive to breed with the opposite sex, bring new life into the world, and in order to keep that life alive long enough that it can do the same thing.

If you believe that there is anything higher than that, you are deluding yourself.

I am deluding myself, too, for believing that there is anything wrong with the structure of life.

Unfortunately, as humans, we have to over analyze every aspect of ourselves and our "condition", so to speak. This simple fact is what has lead to political ideologies, ethical questions, etc…

In my case (and in the case of many others), it has lead to the realization that life is inherently suffering (not that there is anything innately wrong with suffering) and death (being the antithesis of life) is the removal of all suffering.

This "edgy" word is just you attempting to lazily refute an argument which you deem to be not worthwhile since it is anti-life, and that is something which you just can't fathom. I can't blame you for that, and I don't mean to come off as vindictive, but at least give discussion on the matter a chance rather than just brushing it off as something which is inherently against your cultural values.


It's better for everyone to die. There will always be people suffering so others can succeed where the rest have failed. Even with automation people will get bored and find new reasons to be miserable and destroy each other.


We used to be fish. Now we are manuipulating quantum bits. We will inevitably change. Nobody knows what the far future holds. Even aspects of existence that seem unchangeable according to history might change


You are ignorant to believe suffering is something which is exclusive to humanity. Suffering is endemic to life, and that is unchangeable regardless of how many metal chunks we ship into space.


Do mushrooms suffer?


Have you ever cooked a mushroom on the stovetop? They make squealing noises when you press on them like swine does


File: 1700619346029.jpg (57.64 KB, 695x718, 695:718, stop this tomfoolery.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Oh it's gonna be one of those threads.


I think that mushrooms are highly sentient, one of, if not THE; most sentient of all plantlife


Mushrooms arent plants


*non-animal life
is what I meant to say


>Was forced to participate in a bunch of these gathering way back in highschool and hated it every single time.
Mind sharing a story?


>wizards are always anti cultural
Fuck that shit.
I love enjoying art, experiencing literature, Watching film, reading folklore and fantasy, listining to good music, and so many other aspect of human creation that could be described as culture.

It is what separates and elevates the lives of humans beyond that of beast.
It is fundamentally what makes life bearable rather than nothing but boredom and drudgery.

Meanwhile all the shit you described have little to anything to do with culture or being cultural.
I doubt you actually know the meaning of the word.
You sound like a uncultured swine who associates culture with "just stuff normies do" or giving it your own incorrect made up in your head meaning.


being culturally aligned means to want to have families, want to work, contribute to society or protect it in one way or another. Wizards are either indifferent, avoidant of the whole main aspects surrounding human culture or against it or apathetic.


Other animals retard.


>suffering is endemic to life
Mushrooms are most definitely alive. But sure we can play this game too, do jellyfish suffer then? Or dinoflagellates?


>being culturally aligned means to want to have families, want to work, contribute to society or protect it in one way or another
No the fuck it doesn't.
What kind of definition of culture are you using?


wizards aren't culturally aligned, we don't follow the customs of our nations, we don't lead the same lifestyle as your average joe, we don't care about gfs, making friends, pursuing careers to climb up the social ladder, having a family, job, etc. True wizards are against that life, we are against the normgroid culture because THERE IS NO WAY TO WIN. The GAME itself is POINTLESS AND RIGGED FROM THE START.


Please learn what culture means you uncultured swine.

culture /kŭl′chər/

The arts, beliefs, customs, institutions, and other products of human work and thought considered as a unit, especially with regard to a particular time or social group.
"Edwardian culture; Japanese culture."
These arts, beliefs, and other products considered with respect to a particular subject or mode of expression.
"musical culture; oral culture."
The set of predominating attitudes and behavior that characterize a group or organization.
"a manager who changed the corporate culture."

Now if you will excuse me I am about to enjoy some high culture then get some sleep.


>pastes what culture means
>still doesn't understand what culture is
>rages at a wizard who appropriately uses the word culture
must be sad being illiterate while thinking you know anything about things. You're really retarded.


Sounds like you are projecting your own ignorance.


Being a normgroid =/= cultural


wizards are antifeminists, anti-traditionalism, anti african and modern culture
We will never support females, their kids, or niggers, or the government.
Americans worship blacks, watch sportsballs with blacks, succubi watch tv shows with negresses, white succubi imitate twerking and african american culture that are obscenic sexual dances known as twerking and a 'dance' which immitates copulation, kids speak ebonics and listen to rap which is nothing but ghetto nigger language and nigger music

Wizards will always isolate themselves from all this degeneracy.


Take your meds.


Advise best served for people in other threads.
Seriously go check /lounge/ or whatever.
There is a great deal of clinical insanity here.


Since you can't refute it, you resort to ridicule. Schopenhauer already warned about people like you since ancient times.


There is no rational argument to refute.
Just the ramblings of a mad man that make no logical sense or have any grounding in reality.


Wizard culture will mean taking away females rights so no mainstream media or politics supports wizard culture.
This is part of the reason why a wizard who is a feminist can't exist.
Feminists are anti wizards cause they never blame females for any societal problems. They never hold wombmen to any standards either and some of them even think females sleeping around is "eugenics" and encourage it.

They also have no sympathy for wizard males who have been fucked over in life be it through abuse such as bullying or negligence from their mothers. If someone's homeless or poor they laugh at them. If a man is a virgin they assume it's his fault, and laugh at wizards for being weird and sexless.
They never blame the complex social machinations of society for fucking wizards over, they don't even think that's possible. They just want to worship succubi and be part of modern feminist culture which is anti wizard to its core cause they worship females.


modern culture is cancer.


>NTA but is it really edge to simply recognize what life is? You are alive to breed with the opposite sex, bring new life into the world, and in order to keep that life alive long enough that it can do the same thing.
You simply don't know shit about biology and we're not here to give you grade school lessons.


lol butthurt because life is about reproduction.


Sorry, you're still stupid.


I'll just make a simpler version of my old post. Wizards can be addicted to porn. In fact the worse things are for a male virgin, the more wizardly he is. This thread is more witchhunting and gatekeeping faggotry. I've made my peace.


why would a wizard be addicted to watching people fuck or depictions of people fucking or naked? Doesn't sound like a wizard to me at all.


Can your prove him wrong?
Protip: it's impossible.
Claiming that there's "more to life ;))" than replicating yourself is tranny-tier delusional.


Because he has poor impulse control? You seem to be confusing the membership of this site with the Buddha.


Stop roleplaying.


?? what's he roleplaying as? someone who's not addicted to porn? do you seriously suggest that sex and pussy dominate the minds of the posters here?


have you never seen the fap thread
or b


some porn occasionally being shared in a thread and the shitpost board doesnt suggest at all the wizarda are porn addicts. what is that guy larping as?



Don't have to worry about that at least


Anyway. I derailed the topic. I thought this was the "true wizard celibate" thread and the janny deleted a bunch of posts. Sorry. I completely agree with this thread.

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