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have you ever been yelled at by your family for being quiet? or interrogated as to why you aren't a normie?


>time to talk abour normies again, wizards!


File: 1700886768751.jpeg (50.36 KB, 480x619, 480:619, E254FB57-949C-46D9-8EFE-3….jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

>be in a high school economics class
>got stuck joining a group of five succubi who were all absent on the first day of the group projects
>am the only male in the group
>the succubi keep talking about random, irrelevant bullshit that have nothing to do with the project
>am just sitting there quietly because I don't really know any of the succubi
>nothing is really getting done
>one of the succubi tells me that I am too quiet and that I should talk more
>remain silent
>she calls over the teacher to get me to talk more
>teacher comes over to tell me to talk more
>continue to remain silent
>teacher gets mad at me and gives me detention

First and only time that I ever got in trouble in school for actually being *too* quiet. Did not think that was possible.


normalfaggot mad.
> or interrogated as to why you aren't a normie?
yeah they want you to act like them and share same stories


>detention for being quiet


Similar things happened to me multiple times. Some teachers loved me because i was quiet and just did the work well and learned. Others hated me because i didnt ""contribute"" and made my life hell


>made my life hell?
How? Did they toss you in to a pit of lava and poke your soft spots with a trident? Elaborate please, as someone bound to wind up in Hell I would like to know more.


What else is there to discuss than the "other"? This website wouldn't exist if people didn't feel special for ostracizing normal people, lol.


Think about it and you'll figure it out.


great reply. Fantastic, even… Someone give this fucker a Pulitzer


I'd like to beat unconscious all normalniggers just like Brendan Depa, the autistic 6'6'' 270lb kid did to his teacher when she took away his nintendo switch.


>beating teacher to death for taking away vidya


no it's not. killing doesn't solve anything. but sometimes it is too hard to resist the impulse


This is what teachers deserve. Absolute fucking faggots they are. Unbelievably based nigger.


Convenient how they blame his violent tendencies on autism instead of him being an uncivilized gorilla nigger.


>Sign in to confirm your age
fuck you


How does it not solve anything? Teacher can't take your video game away if she's dead.


and you get in prison


>detention for being quiet
get absolutely normed on.


Around 30 i learned to spew normfiller words with normalfag cadence back at them. This shit is absolutely vital if you are to survive in the jungle. I stopped caring enough to be able to do it.
Downside is that sometimes they're expecting a follow-up to the drivel. Since I have no recollection or interest in whatever I've said, that can be a problem sometimes.


This has happened to me too


I've noticed that normies think that you're angry if you speak bluntly and immediately to the point, the people in my house call it "abrupt". Like they want you to talk with a certain cadence and they think it's anger if it happens to be monotome




they just guilt trip you to dominate you. they want you to dance and sing around them with lovely voice. indifference is a deadly offensive for them


I had a shouting match with someone when I insisted they DIDN'T give me their cashflow card and pin number.

>Go to the store and buy shit, use my card and get $10 for yourself

>I'm not using your card
>Why the fuck not?
>Because if shit goes wrong, who the fuck will you blame
>I trust you
>It doesn't matter, besides, read the terms and conditions, by contract I can't use your card
>How will they find out

This went on for like 15 minutes.


My parents don't yell at me, but they damn sure constantly remind me that I am their only son and the last inheritor of our family's last name. If I don't reproduce it's over in many ways but it's not happening lol


you were dealing with a mistrustful retard anon. Nothin special


I have several cousins who have reproduced, at least I don't get to worry about le bloodline.


This is kind of related… listening to normalfags talking sometimes is extremely infuriating because they seem to only talk about the same stereotyped insipid topics in the most hackneyed language possible their brains aren't capable of thinking about anything lofty and they just prattle on and on about dumb politics or idle topics


Yes, my mom gets at mad me for not being able to properly communicate. I hate talking to people. My dad straight up said she didn't let me socialize much as a kid so it was over before it began.





I feel so old when I see the comments like " based nigger". That's what literally commented here on daily basis. All that edgy slang. How old are you people?


>moralfag for not wanting to get arrested for murder over a toy
What? It's just practical. Are you insane?


File: 1713460927387.jpg (1.56 MB, 1024x953, 1024:953, wizpost - turned into a ho….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I carefully try to piss them off even worse. For my lulz, you see.


>killing doesn't solve


good advice. I try to do it too, but most of the time I just stand and say nothing, with some occasional filler sentences.
It's fucking sad and bad, but I should probably care less.
Normfaggots and cunts love to yap about their shit, but also expect some follow up from you, which I fail and miss the notes completely.


Happened with me today, almost lost my job. I just said to my coworkers foolishly when they were talking about movies. I said that I don't really like sex scenes in movies. And as a result of that I don't watch movies made in the West anymore.

And I said it as politely as I could, I thought that they wouldn't think much of it and low and behold
"Imagine being such a loser that you can't stand sex in movies"
"Oh so your fine with Gore but sex is not something that's alright"
"He will probably never get sex in real life"
I don't think that I would like sex scenes in movies even if I was a Chad who regularly got laid frequently.

Keep the world degenerate normies. Fuck the West. Fuck the whole planet honestly.


No. My parents Are Boring normies that had me at 38. Theyre alright, we just dont have anything in common. Dad never taught me to cheat and prides on being a goody two shoe.


>"Imagine being such a loser that you can't stand sex in movies"
>"Oh so your fine with Gore but sex is not something that's alright"
>"He will probably never get sex in real life"

Why would you let people talk to you like that? It's not even an epic comeback retort thing, you just literally just have to say "who the fuck do you think you are talking about me that way?"


I understand him. if this happened to me I would not say a thing because Inm too much of a pussy


Take it as a lesson learned, normies just norm and any different view on things is a buzzkill for them and makes you a weirdo. Especially sex is linked to so much status stuff that you will automatically look like a loser if you don't play along. The way they talked to you is very disrespectful but I know situations like that and you can easily make yourself look unhinged if you react the wrong way.

With that being said there have been a lot of normies who complained about sex scenes recently because it reached a pornographic point that makes many uncomfortable so your viewpoint is not even that hot but the general normieslop perception is still that you need to get bitches on your dick and talk about sex or you're not cool (even when these assholes hardly get succubi themselves and usually exaggerate to push their status among other NPCs).


I just think "do these retards not understand the rulers are laughing at them with these bad sex scenes?" Actual porn has penises and hard fucking. If they think that Skinemax stuff is anything other than tawdry and pointless, I don't know what to tell them.

The perception of sex and gore in media has been played with since film and television were invented (because you may be surprised to learn, these things didn't exist and they had a very disastrous effect on society when they were introduced and controlled by oligarchy). It's strange to think now, but when television was starting up in the 1950s, the heavily sanitized television of the time was seen as EXTREMELY violent by the standards of elders, who thought everything about the medium was corrupting the youth, which it certainly was. CIA controlled Hollywood and had its eye on social engineering and breaking off generations from each other. It was that more than the gore on screen that rattled people - the violence was always calculated to emphasize this divide and convince young people that their elders didn't "get it", even though the elders knew exactly what this game was from the start. It relies on information control, fear, and beating each successive generation, each generation degraded worse than the last until they are reduced to animals and slaughtered openly. That is the fate of the children born now.


>I just think "do these retards not understand the rulers are laughing at them with these bad sex scenes?" Actual porn has penises and hard fucking.

I understand that you probably don't consume normie slop but there are plenty recent movies and shows that contain rough sex scenes and show actual penises even erected sometimes. The sex scenes are sometimes even shot in the style of popular porn but you just don't see the penetration and they often feed right into the current popular porn fetishes. One show even had a simulated deepthroat scene with gagging and stuff. Shows like euphoria are notorious for their explicit sex scenes and over the last couple years there have been a lot of productions that feature very explicit sex scenes. Porn is quite normal and mainstream, that other rapper whore showed herself getting fucked to all her fans on instagram and got her asshole licked at an event and is still one of the most popular female artists along with all other popular females who only talk about sex. We are at the peak of pornography at the moment and its embedded into mainstream culture.


If I was a film maker, I'd tell actors to do a real sex scene, no faking


>Dude if I was RICH I'd make PORN
You are 12 and gay


kys normalfag


For which purpose? They will hate you


File: 1713647825417.jpg (42.72 KB, 850x676, 425:338, sample_29889b1f3236d434354….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

to make it real and have real emotions instead of fake acting faces. anyway, shouldn't have shared my thoughts, seems not welcome hahaha

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