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This is something I'd like other young apprentices and wizards alike to know so they don't fall into the same trap as normalfags

People from all walks of life more often than not reward the already rich and successful with praise and adoration celebrating any of their small successes in various ways and varying degrees. This creates a positive feedback loop where the wealthy and high status garner more admiration, while those who are poor or average remain poor and average themselves. This behavior only contributes to their own miserable sorry state of affairs.

Poor and mediocre people love to play the victim and blame things on inequality while being the very same actors who play a fundamental role in furthering the cycle of accumulative success the Matthew effect makes mention of—the aphorism that says the rich get richer and the poor get poorer:

“For to him who has will more be given; and from him who has not, even what he has will be taken away.”

This dynamic is visible in many contexts, from simps who worship, defend the honor, and donate money to e-thots who think nothing of them and are already millionares; fanboys who fervently defend multibillion dollar comapanies and rich celebrities, and even to those foolish peasant and vermin alike who attend political rallies to support candidates and engage in pointless debates all for the sake of a stranger, as if they will get anything substantial in return, or even worse, the stupid soldiers who go to war and die for the interests of the rich and powerful fully knowing that death is the end.

This people ignore that even if there’s a soul, wandering the world of the living as a spirit isn’t a continuation of life. When you die, that’s it. There’s nothing more yet this people feel compelled to serve and throw away their lives, their free time, serving others who have better lives than them.

I’ve concluded that it’s in their DNA to be servile and stupid so I don't feel sorry for them, this is what they love to do and there is no saving them.

It's a paradox where, in their pursuit of supporting others, they inadvertently reinforce their own status as mere pawns in the game.

They are nothing but mindless drones and pawns, willingly serving the interests of those already in high positions of power, who will not even remember their names or faces.
No pity for that vermin who never learnt such a basic lesson, don’t cry when your decisions comes back to bite you.

You reap what you sow.

Both in the present and future, they are nothing but slaves.


Anyways, every real wizard and loner have good day and may God bless you.


Good thread. Everyone is ultimately your enemy and wants to consume your life force, this is just a fundamental fact of life. I think a lot of normalfags are at least somewhat aware of this.


>Everyone is ultimately your enemy and wants to consume your life force
Why made you come to this conclusion?


It is universal. You see it in all aspects of life. The goal of an organism is to consume others, enslave them, or otherwise manipulate their energy for their own gain. Human relationships are temporary and just part of a game in which one person hopes to use their other to their benefit.


Do wizzy's parents want to consume his life force? Did his small group of quiet friends in kindergarten want to consume his life force? Hid grandma too? Does a nice dog want to?


> Do wizzy's parents want to consume his life force?
I don’t know, maybe. but usually an organism wants to ensure that it’s progeny live since that is the preservation of its’ essence.
> Did his small group of quiet friends in kindergarten want to consume his life force?
Yes absolutely.
see the part about parents
Yes absolutely


Well I'm sorry you feel this way. It's quite a depressing outlook to have.


It’s just reality.



Wrong you normalfaggot dicksucker.


Thanks for using Fairy Odd Parents to teach us about the cool table


I'm aware and kinda ashamed of this myself but isn't it logical?

For example if I watch an amazing movie I feel like praising this multi-millionaire director because I got enjoyment out of the movie. Should I spend my limited time instead watching some 1/10 movie and praise the director to make him feel good even though the movie was painful to sit through?

You would have to be some self-less saint like figure going around and giving the bad and mediocre people praise.


Let's be honest, not being a slave is easier said than done. I mean what are you gonna do, just go live peacefully off the land in the wild? Sorry, they made that illegal. There is no more "wild", every scrap of land out there is owned by someone and if you don't have the legal rights to be there, the cops will move you along. You want to start your own business? Well congrats, now you're a slave to the banks and your land lord and your customers and the government. You have to jump through hoops constantly just to stay in compliance with the law and you need to succeed in making money or else you will never be able to get a loan ever again. You are now a slave to fate as the economy could take a nosedive at any moment and put you out of business along with a myriad of other things that could put you out of business. The only way to avoid being a slave in this world is to be born wealthy. They are the new nobility and the only ones who are free. They want to start a business? No problem, no bank breathing down their necks, if they fail, so what they can just start a new business. Legal compliance? Running that shit? They have wage slaves for that.


A lot of people would rather be slaves if they can do it in comfort and have the illusion they are independent.


you're welcome
yours faithfully
truwiz ;)


Fantastic OP
Read 48 Laws of Power


You don't live in a society with legal 1$ cloning accessible to everyone yet.
How can you claim that it is not about snuffing out someone elses life to have a penny more for yourself?


he is delusional of course. It's always been a dog eats dog world.


> 48 Laws of Power
what's that about?


the art of manipulation. how to troll IRL to dominate people ;)


File: 1702135561798.jpg (155.84 KB, 1400x1400, 1:1, nightcrawler.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Reading about it is all nice and good, but you have to actually put in multiple hours of practice to apply it.
I've read this book/ the prince and many similar others at 21, but only learned how to apply the knowledge practically at 28 after I deliberately practiced lying and manipulating people 4 hours a day every single day.
If you don't put in the raw dumb practice you'll only have confusing ideas in your head about "how could I influence this person to get my way" which you can't apply practically without the experience.


I try to put it in practice when I can but I'm a recluse so the concepts mostly just stay concepts in my mind like you say. Still try to use them when possible. Even if you don't want to use these tools, essential reading for people to know how to defend themselves from that type of person. I've read the prince mutliple times too, Dale Carnegie, Art of War, all that stuff


Would you be willing to explain how you went about this? Sounds both interesting and potentially actionable.


I did it on Omegle/ chatroulette.
At first I was barely able to force out a word. I'm recluse enough to not even be able to comprehend as to why someone would say "good morning" every single day, seemed redundant and bizarre to me. If I had to engage with coworkers irl I would just nod and grunt until they went away.
On Chatroulette I kept repeating the phrases normals would say to each other without understanding them "good evening"/ "how's it going man"/ "nice cat"/ "that's awesome man", until I got on the same "wavelenght" as them - learned to blend in through brute practice. Then I started asking people to show me their microwaves, put shoes on their heads, walk outside, made up stories about myself, deliberately practiced facial expressions and how to display appropriate emotional states at the right times to steer the conversation towards the direction I wanted it to go.
It fully translated to real life ability.
And once you have enough raw practice under your belt the methods in these books can be actually applied, because you have more intricate understanding of and tools to influence people.

I did it, because I came to the conclusion that otherwise I would forever be stuck in shit menial jobs if I couldn't lie/ convince my way into a cushy office job even if I was the best programmer/ accountant/ architect in the world with expensive degrees.


so what did you end up manipulating them to do?


Get generally better treatment at work, massively reduce my working hours by tactfully refusing overtime and convincing coworkers that I can come in late. Don't get fleeced by mechanics as hard on car repairs.


you sure you had a problem in the first place? Sounds like it was all in your head.


Ironically the creator of Fairy Odd Parents feels that wizards dont care about normies enough.


Seems to me he's just saying that if you want to manage a project you need to be an outgoing and communicative person, which makes complete sense.


even if that were true0(I am not clicking that video)he isn't the same guy from back then, he is now a born again and devout christian who donates money and food to guatemalans and africans and other poverty ridden third world nations and believes in christian nonsense. His thoughts aren't his anymore, he was brainwashed by the church. Religious people have no opinion, it's just a doctrine and dogma, so ask yourself why you should listen to a brainwashed man.


but he tried to create wiz-friendly TV that bans sex


I already know that. Christian scum are pro demiurge and pro family and reproduction. He doesn't have wizards in mind.


>dislikes Christians
>brings up nonsense that is a spin off of christianity
Gnostisim is even more fake then standard Christianity and makes even less sense.


You can either love the Creator or hate the Creator. Hating him isn't less logical than loving him.


Anime has tought me that the greatest achievement in life is dying for your master


Our Master is the Admin of Wizchan


better than being a breeder scum.


video example of how a wiz should never act


Poor people will defend and worship rich people.


Watching someone get things just handed to them when you yourself have to work to get the same can be vexxing.
The world is an unfair place and cruel for those with very little, those in higher positions never give one thought to them. Human nature has made it that way, to see others as disposable, inferior, and victimize them whenever you can. It's all about power and maintaining your status while exploiting others.


As they should. Have you met poor people? Most of them are trash. The more of them that understand their place in society as untermensch, the better off we'll all be.


Being a bootlicker to evil forces will do you no good. It's a character flaw.


Generally speaking, poor people are poor because they have character flaws, which stem from mutations in their genes which affect their physiological integrity and health.


average mutation rate is about 20-40 each time in embryos, not accounting for what activates during enviro conditions, if you're rich enough to be blueblood incidence rate for gene mutations is probably >


Not being good at doing money doesn't make one a bad person. Otherwise that'd mean wizards are bad people.


>poor people are poor because they have character flaws,
Sounds like you don't know the secret to becoming rich(be born in a rich family) so you're talking out of your ass.
It's the other way around, rich people are the most petty retards who live in a bubble you can imagine. They blow out money on vanity while wagie wizards live paycheck to paycheck


Theres a shitload of successful people who took advantage of "useful idiots" all their lives to get where they are now and they never give a shit about any of the people who did stuff for them. I think its just the drive of narcissists for status and their lack of empathy for others, if you help them they won't appreciate it but instead think they deserve it because they are so great anyway. Id like to argue that most "successful" people took advantage of others at some point to get where they are.


You're either building your dream or building someone else's for them.




File: 1705432429951.jpg (23.14 KB, 259x390, 259:390, The_Son_Also_Rises_(book).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Anons have it all wrong, rich people are on average congenially better than poor people. Social status functions like a gene.

Even Communist China found that out, the descendants of the landlord class are still higher status than the average peasant, despite decades of persecution.


the thread is against mental slavery and worshiping false idols.


it's weird to see how pathetic humans are always looking for someone to worship


I worship anons who call out humans


China is not Communist


>Chinese Communist Party


Only in name, they're just a different flavor of capitalists.


>that's not TRUE communism


before the thread gets derailed, the point the book is trying to make is that despite the extreme anti-rich policies in China from 1949-76, those whose names were found in the Confucian exam records of the 1890s and presumably were more wealthy, are the elite in China now.

And he did similar studies in other places around the world. Although China is an extreme example since there was such intense anti-rich policies for 3 decades.

Basically the author's conclusion is that rich people are supermen that no one can hold down, and they will rise to the top eventually under any system.

He didn't explore other Communist nations, so it would be interesting to see if there was similar results in Russia.

I mean Baltic Germans were some of the biggest elites of Old Russia and I'm sure they don't exist anymore.


Out of curiosity, I googled to see the methodology applied to USSR/ Russia and I'm skimming over the results now

Elite Persistence and Social Mobility in
20th and 21st Century Russia


According to the abstract, it appears that Russia was more successful than China in permanently exterminating the old elite.

This paper adds to the research on social mobility and elite persistence by using the methods
of Clark (2015) on 20th and 21st century Russia and the Soviet Union. The main goal was to find
the intergenerational correlation of status for the period 1919-2019, a period of many transitions
in the region. Based on the previous work of Clark (2015), the expected persistence of status
would be 0.7-0.8, even through periods of transition. Other authors, like Scheidel (2018) would
expect a lowered persistence of status because of these transition periods. This paper has found a
persistence of status of 0.4 for the period 1918-2019, which is still quite low compared to Clark’s
findings. However, for the period 1918-1945, a persistence of status of 0.1 is estimated. This would
imply very high levels of social mobility as a result of the Bolshevik, Communist Revolution and the
subsequent creation of the Soviet Union. Several high and low status subgroups for 20th century
Russia have been identified, as well as possible reasons for their respective level of status.


Yes it was not communism, not even socialism. USSR and China were/are bourgeois in nature, they replaced one ruling minority class with another.


Stalin's descendants for the most part seemed to regress to where he started from in the blue collar class. Pic related.


spoiler that shit fuuck


Then you have Khrushchev's family that went from peasants to professors. Of course neither example lives in Russia.

This paper has found a
persistence of status of 0.4 for the period 1918-2019, which is still quite low compared to Clark’s
findings. However, for the period 1918-1945, a persistence of status of 0.1 is estimated.

.4 and .1 is a significant difference, and it might imply that after taking a hell of a beating 1918-1945 the old elite slowly clawed its way back up 1945-2019. Although even .4 is probably one of the lowest persistence of social elites in world history. Clark's methodology was often to single out ethnic groups such as the Baltic Germans to represent the elite. And in the case of Russia, them and the Jews are just gone.

I remember in Red Alert 2, the Soviets are lead by a Romanov. Why would the Soviets be lead by a Romanov? But it actually happened. Grigory Romanov. Although wiki says he came from a peasant family anyhow.


sometimes I forget about this aspect of human nature, this is one of the things i wish i'd never forget


They want you to slave away for them with a smile on your face and be grateful to them. This system is sick and the elite are fucking psychopaths.


the meek will inherit the earth. you are worrying about things that are outside any persons jurisdiction.

not a good thread at all. the title itself is ridiculous. there are no winners or losers as it's being put, unless you take for granted the normal paradigm and value system. you're warning people not to fall into a trap that isn't even there.

slave? lol. how old are you, come on. this is very edgy stuff. you've got a bitter and resentful attitude that isn't going to serve you, and it isn't going to 'hurt' the 'winners'.

really low iq and weak posting up in here.

>serving others who have better lives than them.

what a loaded statement. better lives? really? so you want to be a sex-haver? what are you doing on my wizchan? if they have better lives why are you here desperate pining normalbro? why?

>when you die, that's it.

no. lol,

excessively weake apprentice posting. not a wizard, can't cast basic spells or do simple alchemy work. weake very


yes it does, being a good person and making a lot of money are mutually exclusive, the fact that everyone knows this and yet people still lie about it is proof, rich people are blatant and unrepentant liars and will be dealt with in due course by God.

it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, that it is for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven.

wrong and unwizardly take. you aren't building anyone's dream you're larping, this life isn't about being a conceited and small-minded idiot.


hyper-normal pining

and heaps of other bait

this basically. and normal people and rich people do this to get what they want. they are evil, and doing the work of their father satan. they love to lie all the time even on wizchan, lies of omission especially because they know they don't belong and if they talked about their life they'd be cast out.

yeah i mean what can i say, yeah that about covers it i think. cool beans.


>the meek will inherit the earth.
stopped reading there. Religious tards are the reason there's so much evil in this world, especially christians, they compe with the most retarded copes "nah bruh in my afterlife i win just wait till i'm dead so i can enjoy heaven"
You're braindead sheep scared of facing reality.


Same with Japan and the Samurai, people who have descended from them make up much of academia and politics.


the people you're describing there aren't christians. they are christian the same way that trans people are the gender they identify with.

this shouldn't need to be explained to you. God is real and the more powerful you become in the way of the spirit, that is living your life according to the teachings in the gospels and not trying to save your life, living according to what you want and what is your preference, what is comfortable to you etc.

it's actually an extremely based and wizardly way to live. as i've already said however, many people larp as christians and are 'luke-warm'. our Lord has already addressed this, and it is known that a person is better off being hot or cold, than luke-warm, for they will be spat out.

fostering a healthy fear of God, and worship is the way to living a better life. this is real magic here and only wizards will be able to decipher, so if you don't understand or don't agree that's ok you're a neophyte at best and maybe won't ever make.


Evil controls the world.


God never helped me.


"healthy fear" is such an horrifically evil christian concept


Narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

Saddly many wizards may not find it.


christinsanity comes full of delusions that are useless for wizards.


You praise a religion which denies vengeance and wealth for its victims.


I can tell that most losers deserve to be losers when they worship or defend whoever is popular or in power based on their popularity.


>healthy fear
>like paranoia
>like prepperism
>like useful pessimism
Sorry about you being too blind to see how basic is such concept, to have obviously been possible since intellect exists regardless or religious influence.

Religion can be what twists it away from being healthy anymore, that's a different thing


religion is worthless.


No fear of anything weird beyond death, huh?


No, because I lead a wizlife and I am not a degenerate normalfaggot or a brainless criminal nigger.


I was already doubting you as a sane wizard, no need to confirm my suspicion


your devout belief in after-life torture shouldn't daunt your judgement of others' wisdom. you're gonna die anyway and prove me you deserve no torture

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