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Like, how your daily life?

I'm NEET recluse, rarely go out and mostly stay online, watch anime, read manga or play games.


NEET recluse. Wake up when I want, cook myself breakfast, tinker with my hobbies all day, shitpost on imageboards, listen to music. Go to bed when I'm tired.

It's great. No nagging wife and kids, no boss hanging over my neck, no friends to listen to their bullshit life problems. Wish it could last forever…


Depression I can't cure
Right now too depressed to do anything I used to have a similar life to other neets. I don't feel like doing anything anymore.


>how your daily life?
doesn't exist


I'm just hoping to get a gaming PC and good headphones and no longer pay attention to reality. I see no point in it.


Shitposting on imageboards, studying Japanese and ancient Greek, reading books, playing video games and doomsday prepping.


>ancient Greek
wow! can you give an overview?


> Hikikomori NEET on mental illness NEETbux, living with parents
> Never really liked anime which makes me part of a small percentage in imageboard communities
> don't really enjoy video games anymore either
> when not very depressed, I watch movies, read books, do programming, make music
> Very few online-only friends


I'm still learning basics, it hasn't been long. I don't like how academics have made it needlessly complicated with all the accents on the letters. I'm learning so I can read older versions of the Bible.


Wake up, commute to wageslavery, wageslave for 9 hours, come back home, browse the internets until it's time to sleep.


File: 1704806992329.gif (3.97 MB, 480x260, 24:13, giphy.gif) ImgOps iqdb


>Live at dad's house and three other kids of dads girlfriend and her

>Wake up and go to work at 4am
Get home at 1pm
>Play videogames or maybe read once in a while
>Go to gym 2 or 3 days a week
>Go Birdwatching early in morning on trails to touch grass irl on weekend and play games after coming home

Could be worse. I just wished I got paid more at my job to have own place.


Traveled to the US from Ukraine. Don't even have any kind of visa, not a resident or immigrant status. It's just a temp protection.
31, don't have any skills. Wake up, get to PC and do remote minimum wage work, eat, repeat. Do couch surf between my relative's houses. Constantly interact with people, in a forced way, i.e. being taken to some parties of their friends with no option to decline, otherwise, they could kick me out if I don't comply. It's a hellish existence mentally. Sometimes I feel like my soul is being raped and torn apart.
Maybe I am spoiled by all those reclusive years when I was alone and was doing just fine by myself. I do realize that everything could be way worse


Pretend you're forgetting to speak English.


i wake up, workout, study, go to bed. im not a student, im just an ignorant faggot and i wanna be megamind. im a broke ass loser living with mom and dad.

Speaking of, I haven't watched anime in ages. Maybe I should give myself some recreation time. As much as I enjoy constant studying, I don't think it's good for my mental performance.


My life is dogshit, I feel conpletely null and void at this point.


>wake up at 7 or 8 PM
>heat up some food my mom made hours earlier
>go take a shit
>browse the internet
>play videogames
>shitpost about meaningless things
>rewatch some TV shows from the 90s
>eventually get tired at some point around 8 or 9 AM
>go to sleep

I never go outside and the last time I was outside was around 7 years ago and yes I only eat 1 meal per day.


Do you get bux for depression?


Hi. For complex personality disorder including schizophrenia.
Europen anon.


Lmao, nigga doesn't have try it anymore, kek.


rather impressive to me that he can play videogames. I guess he's young.


Yeah, that works. I was still couchsurfing back and forth between my aunt's house and my cousin's house.
I don't mean to blog post or anything, but a little update. They did kick me out. I was in my cousin's home this morning when I got the text, saying that basically they no longer consider me part of the family and I should never come back. To be fair, that is coming from my aunt's husband, not her. She's ok with me.
I did not get into fights, didn't try to argue or anything, it's just that I'm a reclusive autist, which drives that faggot insane. Or probably I am that terrible, I start to question this myself.
For now, I still have a place to stay. But I have concluded that I've made my life hell because of my poor decisions, and it was probably better to stay in Ukraine even if there's a risk of getting bombed, conscripted into the army, or whatever else.
Don't mean to be a whiny bitch, but holy shit, what a mess. I still have a somewhat comfy remote QA job, but it pays below minimum wage. I have a few hundred bucks in savings. Any advice would be appreciated.


Wageslaving and wasting time with various things depending on weather. If it's bad on the computer, otherwise outside cycling/motorcycling.
On weekends I might go hiking. In summer I take out the boat and go diving.


that’s fascinating… please, bless us with more details


200k per year?


Are you even a virgin?


Kek no, I live in a third world shithole

Yes, also above 30 so a wizard.


i abuse substances and work on hobbies


I'm mostly the same as others, neet, vidya and manga. Can't really complain though as it is a lot more comfortable that many people, including normalfags. Just wish I had a bit more enjoyment and purpose in life than simply waiting for death.


get into some creative hobby, could be just drawing, bloggin, photography, writing scripts, arts and craft, making music


Basically, besides going to get groceries or medicine for my dad, I just stay home and watch YouTube videos. I'll occasionally try to play video games or watch anime, but I've honestly lost interest in them and just end up getting bored of them quickly. I have a whole a lot of them downloaded and meticulous organised to go too, thinking I'll want to watch them someday but I end up having more fun at just collecting stuff.


the last time i left the house for anything besides taking out the garbage or getting the mail was late october. there's just nothing out there for me, and it's all too expensive anyway.


I am nearing the limit of what one can handle. And it's all because of money. And I can get money because I am all fucked up inside. It's a loop I don't think I can break


>And I can get money because I am all fucked up inside.
I guess you mistyped "can't".
Well, if you are "all fucked" up, that's a chance for you to get NEETbux. Start researching about it.


>NEET on welfare
>Never go outside
>Never engage in any form of visual media nor read books
>Browse random shit online
>Play with my dog
>Occasionally talk to my only friend online
My existence is utterly boring but I'm content.


-Rather lifting or fasting
-I lowered my internet and computer activity in general.
-I refuse to actively search for a job, and this decision kill the anxiety that stuff was giving to me.
-Still downloading stuff, obscure data and memes.

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