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File: 1704152065780.png (3.64 MB, 2278x970, 1139:485, Ameiurus_melas_by_Duane_Ra….png) ImgOps iqdb


Have any of you guys tried catfishing? I've come to the conclusion something like this is my only hope of acquiring a little bit of money. I don't have a degree or any viable skills, and I have such severe social anxiety that I've never been able to work a real job (I was a shut-in for a decade or so). The people I'm dependent on are elderly and in poor health. They could die at any moment, and although I hate to think of such things and make it about myself, the reality is if that happened, I'd be in a pretty terrible spot. I need to start planning for that eventuality.

Morally, I suppose it's not the best thing, but I don't think it's the worst, either. It's not like I'm ripping off senior citizens or stealing from an orphanage. My victims would be, yes, horny, lonely guys much like myself, but unlike myself, these guys tend have enough disposable income to blow it on whores. They also seem to be completely delusional and lacking in self-respect. It's not even just paying for content. Some of these guys actually buy these chick's shit! Sometimes really expensive shit. Or just flat out give them money. Sometimes hundreds, thousands of dollars. If anything, I'd just be teaching them an expensive lesson, and it's not like the money would have otherwise been put to good use. They would just be financing some millionaire roastie's parasitic lifestyle. Better it goes to someone in need like your truly. And catfishing isn't even illegal!

The biggest potential hurdle I see, and I was hoping you guys would help me out ironing out some details like this, is reverse image searching. I mean, obviously, anyone with remotely any intelligence or common sense knows to just do a Google reverse image search of the image. The ultimate would be to perform some photo editing tricks on so that it beats GIS but it would have to be done in such a way that the edits are subtle and don't destroy the overall image quality. I've tried some tricks that are recommended for this purpose, like transparent layers, but nothing seems to work. Probably this stuff worked 5 years ago, but now GIS is extremely sophisticated, and it's harder to fool. But yet sometimes I'll do a GIS for a pic of some succubus, and nothing comes up! So obviously, it doesn't detect everything. There has to be some way around it. I mean, the image recognition software is basically just detecting similarities in the image data. Surely, there has to be some way to subtly alter it enough that it throws it off.

What do you guys think?


NEETbux is definitely morally better and more realistic. If it's true that you are considering catfishing because you think that it is your "only hope of acquiring a little bit of money", it sounds to me like you're eligible for some form of NEETbux, unless you live in a shithole.


>career option
Don't call it that
Anyhow, realistically speaking, you can pretend to be a succubus online and have simps buy stuff for you. This is a well documented and doable scam. If you can bear with your consciousness after lying to lonely and desperate guys it shouldn't be a problem.


If he's more of a businessman, he could manage actual OF accounts and get a cut from the succubi.


>go to respond to this post
>See they've decided to change the keyboard while in landscape so that it's in a tiny bubble and you can't make it normal sized

God I fucking hate technology. They just change things randomly with no warning or explanation. Things should only change if you make them change but they do shit like this constantly. The original iPhone had 95% of the functionality, none of the changes they have made in literal decades at this point have actually improved the user experience. Autocorrect also keeps changing correctly spelled words to different words. I will have to wait to respond to this until I can muster the energy to get out of bed and turn on my computer.


>he could manage actual Onlyfans accounts and get a cut from the succubi
where do you think you are?


Used to do this, it's way more effort than it's actually worth unless you manage to land some uber wealthy retard whale. But then you're risking getting charged with fraud or whatever financial/tax crime they can stick you with.

You might potentially sporadically get a few hundred bucks for a while, but it's basically a 24/7 job that works out to being for less than minimum wage. If you're really set on it though my best recommendation is learning to do a succubus voice. It's way more convincing to randoms than a photo, and you can bait new victims just by using vc in an online game. You also never have to claim to be a succubus since it's just implicit, and being reluctant to share photos is way more plausible than refusing to ever voice.

The guide I used was a vhs torrent called melanie speaks, which seems like it might be lost media, but there are probably better resources now with just how many trannies there are. Modern voice changers might also get you 100% of the way there instead of just helping with the last 5 or so.

Save logs, record important info in a spread sheet, move accounts when you can, and always give out different names.


The mythical volcel pimp


How does one even go about this nowadays? Even if the person you're trying to catfish doesn't know how to reverse image search, wouldn't it still be incredibly obvious just due to the Twitter or Facebook having little or no followers? Or do people who do this go through the trouble of buying followers? Are there still popular and active chat rooms that are used for these purposes?


>default indian career


not a bad idea. I'd love to scam some normalfags who are simps. hard to feel pity for them.


look up pig butchering. There are some south east asian crimelords who would love to offer you a "career" in catfishing.


Do it, OP.

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