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Does anyone here did a welfaremaxxing and now are living the good life away from being a wagie?


There is no good life on welfare unless you live in Germany or Scandinavia. Those blessed few can be pretty comfy. And a couple of Britfags, I guess. Everyone else is doomed.


How can a dude that get 1k per month, plus a couple of bux more for food and shelter, be doomed? Unless they guy has some ultra ambitious personality and need to "be at the top", living on NEETbux seems okish.


will not stretch very far across time it will be a pious existence


What do you mean?


I really think you should be skillmaxxing in these times. With the cost of living going up and right wing politicians getting more popular NEETing doesn't seem like a safe thing.


you are a fucking retard, go back to twitter, reddit or whatever shithole you crawled out of


i live pretty decent off my benefits living with mommy and daddy


Based Welfare Queen.
Oh blessed are the first world chads.
Also this.


That'd be a way to put it. I am living a better life possibly than most people in my whole town. Dropped out of middleschool and got welfare not soon after. Not worked a day in my life and didn't put up with uni shit. I split bills with housemates and don't have a car, substance addiction or kids and whatnot that are the usual money sinks. The result being a normal middle class life of average health with privacy and free time at almost no cost. Been living like this for 9 years now. For each person that dies before retirement, I've possibly already lived more on my own time than them.
The future is as unstable as it always is, but I can't convince myself to destroy this out of paranoia. It'll have to be taken from me. Until then, it's quiet hobbies and enjoying that part of minimalism where the intensity of natural beauty is preserved. Yes I'm bragging, you'd be too. If this isn't nice, I don't know what is.


I also get bux and life is sweet


today especially, the board stinks


You don't get much in welfare, even in the UK, so you learn to be frugal, get cheap food and hobbies, live with parents, etc. I try to save as much as possible because you never know when a government drone randomly decides you are no longer eligible for welfare.



Lucky bro. Is the bux enough for you to survive? How much?


I live in a yuropoor nannystate and receive NEETbux, I call it the plebking lifestyle.
I get enough to live comfortably and whenever I need more for my interests, I do a bit of black work for a math teacher (fellow wizard) I used to be a student of.
There used to be a time where I genuinely wanted to contribute to society but a string of bad times set me back and utterly demoralized me.
At some point I let go of the rat race and a wave of relief washed over me. I didn't need to care anymore, I'm just picking a dry spot on the sinking ship.


I'm autismbuxmaxxing


What happened psychological to you when you give up on the rat race?



Germany welfare is not nearly as good as you think it is.


guarantee it's better than what americans can get

all the basic income stuff here still is conditional and prioritizes niggers and single moms


>prioritizes niggers
is there any basis to this claim or is it merely because they are poorer and thus more likely to be eligible


>is there any basis to this claim


its just a trick to get white neets to vote against being handed free money


so where's the proof that it is specifically related to race?


for BASIC INCOME? yes. as of now, basic income is just a bunch of trials privately funded by rich people. i would say 95% are conditional, meaning there is a requirement. if there is a requirement, it usually means you must be poor. other common requirements are being african american, a succubus, a mother, etc

i know these basic income trials aren't 'state welfare' and it's not accurate to compare them


NEETbuxbros, rise up! How much per month you get bros?


$675 and food benefit


I have
€735 disability
€110 celiac benefit
discount on public transportation


Living with folk?


Yes but i want to use mine to rent a room


I haven't gotten any since I applied in November but when I do get approved they will backpay it all so I will get a lump $2,800 sum. Then they'll cut me off because I'm not a BIPOC.


I can't live on my own I am unable to do daily tasks, such as washing clothes and making food


welfare maxxing is very difficult if you are a single male
you have to be diagnosed with schizophrenia or autism to get neetbux and that costs money


in my state there are work requirements for snap benefits

the only way to get welfare or social security here is be diagnosed with schizophrenia or autism


i could easily get an autism diagnosis because i can't communicate with another human being but i can't afford to get the diagnosis


i would have the greatest life if i could receive disability and not work
i don't care about luxury
all the stuff i want or need i can get for free on the internet


same. i just want a sense of security and stability. I never get bored and all things i want to do are cheap.


I'm on achizobux. I get 771 in disability and 221 in survivors.


I tried applying for neetbux two times already but these fucks only gave me 40% disability but I need 50% to get neetbux. I hate these assholes so much. They do this on purpose here so the state cuts expenses. It's my guess at least.


My country is subhuman, you need 75% to receive €340 monthly


If the welfare applications require you to have all kinds of physical mental disabilities then it's just copiummaxx


What did he mean by this?


Even he doesn't know. He's just a memepilled buzzmaxxing wordcel - a corrupt spirit doomed to type in tongues forever.


I receive 970 bucks per month


What country?


So I did the math, my neetbucks when converted to USD are $1408 per month. I do live in the Nordics.

It's not the worst existence or the best, you have to remember these are also some of the most expensive nations on Earth so you can't think of it as someone from Burundi obtaining that sum of money.
It's relative to the purchasing power in that country.

Here you can't even get a livable one bedroom apartment for less than about €800 (equivalent) a month.>>214573


Right now, I'm getting my 300€ rent and 49€ train ticket paid by the government and get 700€ per month that I can use however I want. I use like 300€ on food because I always buy the expensive stuff, 50€ goes to subscriptions and then the remaining 350 get used for games, anime and merch or to save. Right now I'm trying to save some money for getting a new console and television so I'm not buying too much but I'm still pretty happy with my lifestyle. Some people here talked about rent being a big cost. It doesn't matter for me because the government would pay my rent no matter what but if you get a one room appartment in a rural area you shouldn't have that many problems with rent. You just have to avoid the rural areas that people commute out of and only choose the real shitholes. Those are the only poor areas where you won't have problems with crime because most of the people are old and there are zero migrants.


What's with Europe and good welfare? Also, you don't need to do some revisions or go to a welfare office from time to time?


Lucky bro, what country?


File: 1712930824948.jpg (730.79 KB, 1000x1765, 200:353, 17104414655250.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I live in an Eastern European country and they pay me an allowance for six months (that's $130). I have been registered with the employment center for a year now and they have not paid me anything. The problem is that in order to get a job, you need education or some skills. I don’t have any of this, I would like to study, but due to the bureaucracy of my country, I do not have the right to study. but I can't take courses or graduate on my own. for me it is very long (5 years of higher education) and very expensive. Guys, I can't even afford to buy sweets.So I'm a little jealous of you guys who get paid a normal allowance and you can even get a job


I thought eastern europe was on par with western countries nowdays? serms it's not the case


not all countries


Brutal, in cali you can get it without working


I live in a south american shithole. So no, no neetbux for me. I want this place to be nuked.




No, I'm from Uruguay, a small shithole between Brazil and Argentina. I guess it would be worse if I was in Brazil, they are much more turbo normalniggers than here.


I thought It wasn't so bad there…


at least weed is legal there.


It's a letrinamerica shithole
Weed smells horrible, I see normalfags everywhere smoking nowadays sadly


I'm an anon from Russia, do you think I live or exist?


I live in a good country, but it is going through bad economic times. We have the highest inflation in the world, and a poverty rate of 50%, I don't know how long we will continue like this, but about 15 years ago I think you could live on Neetbux like in Europe.




Not sure what you meant with that, but I can conceive of wizards living pretty much anywhere. Anyways, I'm quite used to people not even knowing this little country exists.


that sounds really grim so what are you planning on doing now? Do you live with your parents?


File: 1714593212009.png (2.71 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png) ImgOps iqdb

Lucky first world fuckers. I wish I could live comfy by leeching off the government.


Yes, I live with my elderly mother, I don’t know what to do. I really try not to think about it. The funny thing is that it is very difficult for me to find a job. If I find her, her salary will be 250, at best 300 dollars. And it will be very hard physical work, like unloading cars with coal with shovels.
I meant that there are people who live and enjoy life. And there are people like me who simply exist in the circle of hell

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