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So, I'm getting closer to 30, like, couple of months alway, anyway, I got this "flashback" of from my life since 13 or something, and I realized how bad I'm with female, I always being bad dealing with succubus my whole goddamn life, I stopped trying around 26~27, and somewhat accepted my lot, but still I wonder why I was so bad with female? I don't harbor hate, like crab, or "le beta nice guy" too, I was just awkward, unnatural around them, it felt wrong. Does one had felt the same? Now I'm almost 30 and the feeling isn't that strong for succubus anymore, but I got me wondering why? Autism? Some form of strong shyness?


>Autism? Some form of strong shyness?
What do you want, a psychiatric diagnosis via online random image-board-surfers?


No, just another dude that experienced that same sharing their experiencie about it and trying find the source of that.


crab take, I don't hate female, some of them are ok and nice actually.


I don’t know if you feel quite like I do OP but I agree that I don’t know how to act around succubi. I can only really act “professionally” around them anymore, which is to say like a colleague or receptionist and not a friend and god forbid a lover.

Maybe it’s the internet’s fault or maybe it was just my upbringing but there seems like there’s no longer right way to act anymore. I always feel stiff and fake when I talk to them because I know I have to lie and put up a front for them. But then I can never have any kind of enjoyable interaction because it’s predicated on being fake. I can no longer make them laugh, or say anything honest about myself or my thoughts. It always just becomes small talk about the weather while I try and find the quickest excuse to stop talking to them.


File: 1706061880671.png (717.48 KB, 1440x1440, 1:1, IMG_8636.PNG) ImgOps iqdb

That you think you need to act a certain way around succubi that's different than men is why you have an issue. If you acted around them the same way you act around guys, you wouldn't have a problem. It's losers like crabs who think they're a demonic species who completely miss the point of socialization and suffer for it. Don't approach them in any special way, just be yourself and expect nothing. Don't touch their tits. It's not surgical science.


File: 1706062229325.png (1.25 KB, 309x196, 309:196, 4c929072b9de4a91fcc1f42906….png) ImgOps iqdb

I don't choose to act a way around them. It is a reaction I cannot control.

Shut your face stupid nigger.


>just be yourself
Wizchan 2024, gents


this phrase, it sounds off, but probably means that you should not try to make yourself look something that you're not.


>T. Low IQ reading comprehension


File: 1706115782534.jpg (75.82 KB, 208x418, 104:209, no fuck this.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

There's something you need to understand about this idea. Normalfags know how to be themselves, but their ego makes them act like they are someone else. They try and pretend they are more confident, more attractive, wealthier, smarter than they are because they want people to like them and think they are all those things. But wizards have a different problem. Being your wiz self is a bad thing for the wizard. We are often by nature poor talkers, strange, and offputting. Many of us have learned to be a fake version of ourselves to suit the norms around us to avoid subjecting others to our true offputting and strange selves. Asking a normalfag to be themself is asking them to be genuine and humble. Asking a wizard to be themself is asking them to commit social suicide and alienate those around them.


well, good point, i get it. But his point also useful (if you ignore this meme phrase of being yourself)


File: 1706144563870.jpg (27.56 KB, 312x312, 1:1, 1319800824108.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You are weak-willed and afraid. If you thought of succubi like anyone else, you would not have this reaction. It is a reflection of your childlike, broken mind. As with nearly everything in life, the problem is you.


File: 1706146121939.png (130.7 KB, 1139x1437, 1139:1437, 0f326689d27d13af6894aaac1b….png) ImgOps iqdb

>You are weak-willed and afraid
I am bitter and apathetic.
>As with nearly everything in life, the problem is you.
No shit retard.


The problem is you but it's not your fault wizbro.

1) you didn't choose to be born incompetent

2) it's your family fault if they didn't teach you to be competent

Anyone reading this, if you have been incompetent socially or any other kind of incompetency : it's not your fault.

Although if you wish to learn to become competent, you can if you wish, but just understand that it's not your fault you were not competent in the past.

Forgive yourself, you did your best with what you have been given at birth.


It's not a matter of competency. At the risk of getting banned (again), I've tried. I've tried being social thinking "if i just fake it, maybe something in me will just click and I'll just become a normalfag". And it never worked. I tried and tried, and I've never been able to just let down my facade and enjoy being around other human beings. So yes, it's a me problem. And yes, it's also probably to do with whatever shitty genetics or upbringing has lead me here. But competency is not the issue. It's wanting what competency even brings in the first place. Why would someone want a big friend group and a girlfriend and a family when they cannot stand to be around people?


I watched a lot of tv and just acted like some of the actors like joe rogan or ryan gosling from drive. makes faking it easier if ur playing a game in your head internally. if ur feeling low energy when going around other people you can just make a loud entrance and then go sit in the background or something


File: 1706168890594.jpg (48.68 KB, 639x760, 639:760, [Todd disliked that].jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You are fundamentally misunderstanding what I'm telling you.


Everything is a performance.
Therefore your performance in life depends on how competent you are.

The question is on what does "competency" rely upon?

1) body. No matter how hard you try, if you have a body that is broken (organ damage), you will have trouble functionning.

2) soul. Outside of the body, you have the free will to try becoming more competent. This requires improving intellect (understanding of dynamics) but also improving emotional stability (not over-reacting or under-reacting to events).

You are talking about "faking". The whole point is not about fake vs real, but about genuinely improving your performance.

Keep in mind if you are not born a normie, it means something is different in your body or soul (for better or worst). You will obviously never be a normie, but the point is you can try to adjust your performance to achieve greater success in whatever you want to achieve.

Note: it's not just a "you" problem. There is a luck factor when meeting people. Maybe you have been unlucky to only meet people that are not compatible with you.

There is a quantity & quality aspect to socialisation.

If you meet 10 people, high chances none of them are compatible to you.

If you meet 1000 people, high chances at least one of them is compatible to you.

The bigger the number, the higher chance you meet someone you get along with.

Also qualitatively, you can also try to think if there are places or social events where there are higher chances of meeting people that are compatible to you.

Unironically you writing on wizchan is an example of that.

The whole point is that you must understand that there is a big room for improvement even if you have been cursed a bad hand in life.

The fact you have such sophisticated thoughts show that you have the potential to improve.

Life is a performance, if you are under performing, there is always a better strategy.

Those that are truly doomed are minds that are too stupid to self adjust.

Then there are those that could self adjust but are just too depressed to try.


We are not on reddit, do not assume that someone replying to your message is the same person that you were replying to originally.


You're autistic. Aktion T4 yourself.


Nah, autistic niggahs can wiz


Please see >>207803


>Many of us have learned to be a fake version of ourselves to suit the norms around us to avoid subjecting others to our true offputting and strange selves
You're right, I'm under many layers of fake personalities for the purpose of navigating the normalfag world.


This applies to me as well. I've always considered the rewards you get from socializing and interacting with succubi to be very weak. So weak that I've always had better things to do with my time. But this has unfortunately resulted in incompetence in many areas of my life.


A combination of autism and being facially challenged.


This but a lot of people don't want to hear it, or are so in denial they even report you for saying this aloud.

I think it's a form of desperation and anger, nothing more.
People simply can't accept being non-neurotypical and facially ugly is a direct cause of a person posting here.

The world simply isn't made for people like us. Most succubi live on instinct like animals in nature (for survival purposes), they are very conformist and status based. They despise non-NT men and can spot them a mile away.


if you are 30 and don't know the answer to why you feel uncomfortable around succubi you need to do a bit of introspection.


File: 1713454805409.jpg (101.44 KB, 720x718, 360:359, wizpost - get on the orb.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Because you were giving them attention they did not deserve, and they just gloated at your cuckholdery. Listen your gut. Change your purpose.


>from my life since 13 or something, and I realized how bad I'm with females
>always being bad dealing with succubus my whole goddamn life
>I was just awkward, unnatural around them, it felt wrong
Sounds like a typical case of wanting to be accepted by them while also feeling a strong attraction to them.
> I stopped trying around 26~27, and somewhat accepted my lot
Somewhat, you say, but you've clearly repressed yourself from it due to your own failure.

My advice as a wiz is not to give up. It's better to pursue what you want in this life even if it's something silly, that way you have no regrets.


File: 1715433564977.jpg (57.84 KB, 619x776, 619:776, wizpost - powerful eldritc….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

> It's better to pursue what you want in this life even if it's something silly, that way you have no regrets
You still have so much shit to watch hitting the fan, boy.

I decided to listen to my awkwardness, and stay in line with it. Then females started coming, but I just hated them for how much they just cared about manhood without regarding many other certain tenets within a person. The best thing was to discover how cringe their tactics were, how weak, how pathetic, they are even worse at flirting than men.

That's why they play the passive role, which always gives the power. After they found my schizo stance against them, many started to try and make me regret and the best they could was to play with some other men to see if I just grew jealous or something. The moral here is: be watchful of what you wish, you might be just starving for mirages.


Thats because you are a low value Man. There is nothing about you that makes a Vagina tingle, you are just some loser at the bottom of society that nobody wants or needs for anything.
Thats why no Succubus wants anything to do with you, they can instantly see what you are and they see that you have no potential and that gives them the ick.
like why would they ever bother with what in their eyes is human garbage?
at their fingertips they can get access to Men that are at the minimum 10 times better, more attractive, skilled, smarter, more social, richer etc.
So why should a Succubus ever be attracted to you? what do you realistically bring to the table? nothing.

The most pathetic part perhaps is that you couldnt figure this out on your own when one look in the mirror should be enough to put 1 + 1 together.


Some people are meant to be celibate, Whether you try to fight it off or not you will never succeed and i'm not blackpilling you but it's the truth. It's just that


>le heckin tcrabs are going around groping succubi
did you just come from a vice article?


Perhaps this isn't useful to you but I've begun treating these kinds of thoughts of succubi as I would any other intrusive thoughts. Obviously you haven't truly put them behind you entirely. So the question is why. As you go through your day and one of these thoughts relating them comes up ask yourself honestly how your life or situation or whatever you're currently doing would benefit from a succubus being with you. What I found doing this is that these thoughts are likely just a remnant of watching shows that contained romance plots and the like and that's why such topics bubbled to the surface of my mind sometimes. However I also realized that I am actually content with my solitary life and another person would only disturb that peace.
Best of luck in your journey.

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