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What part or aspect of the normalfag life do you wish you could experience? Personally, I wish I had friends to play TTRPG and other board games with.


I don’t know if this is inherent to my lifestyle but just some goddamn peace of mind.


I wish I could drive a garbage truck


well you wouldn't get banned from wizchan if you had friends to play TTRPG and other board games with, wizards casually mention experiences like that here all the time

so wiz life isn't holding you back from that.


those aren't wizards, merely normalfags who adopted the title and don't live the lifestyle


Answering a question and knowing that it was probably a completely normal answer since you're a completely normal person


I don't have friends or the social skills to handle such a situation. Living in a small city in a third world country, I also doubt there are many people interested in them.


this. it's hard enough making some in a relatively favourable environment like school (by normalfags' standards) let alone keeping them and/or making more as an adult
huge red flag


File: 1706869457991.jpg (220.02 KB, 801x599, 801:599, Networking-2173212745.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Maybe this is a sociopathic practical way of looking at relationships but the main thing is getting access to insider knowledge and benefits from someone's job or expertise.

Like people get some good office equipment for free because someone they know has a boss too lazy and rich to sell it, or they get a friend to buy them stuff with their huge employee discount, or they get a good job because of someone they know, or they get their mechanic friend to fix their car for cheap, or they get the scoop on a new money making strategy…

in a world run by people being alone is a gigantic disadvantage. You need to be an actual prodigy to make up for it. I wish talking to people didn't drain me and I wasn't such an autist with no social intuition.


>What part or aspect of the normalfag life do you wish you could experience?
Home ownership.
A large pension and/or fat retirement fund.
Decent business contacts with productive people who are competent and know other competent people.
A reliable car and knowing a mechanic personally that won't rip them off or better yet a "friend" who likes wrenching on cars a can be payed in gifts of stuff like booze and favors.

Realistically I just wish I had money and the stability in life that having enough of it brings.
I work my ass off for so little because I had to start late from nothing and have no contacts or useful specialization experience to dig my way out of poverty without taking on massive amounts of debt in some form or another.
Being poor with no connections and no community sucks.
At least if I had money I could be relatively comfortable in isolation.


>Home ownership.
Yup, living alone without my parents.
Probably the only normalfag thing I actually envy.
But I would have to wageslave so hell no
So it's just to answer the thread, but no, I don't want it


There's no opportunity cost for me. I couldn't live the normalfag life even if I wanted to. This is my best option.


File: 1713713625769.png (7.37 KB, 128x128, 1:1, Multivitamin-Multiminimal-….png) ImgOps iqdb

Haven't you used pirate WoW servers?
>one of the best things was roasting itchy kids, though

The normie style is way too low tier for what our minds can conceive. Don't fall for the scam


None, the only thing I really want in life is to magically get like 20 million dollars and not have to wageslave ever again.
No neetbux in my shithole unfortunately.


i just want a stable, high income stress free job. everything else im not interested

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