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Do we have many actual "Asexual Wizzies here"? It seems most here are struggling with their sex drive and have to cope with cooming or porn addiction, i always wanted to know what it feels like being asexual, it seems alien for me, I am not a blessed one, I would love to learn and read more from gifted Asexual Wizards


Not answering your shitty reposted thread.


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Hey, thanks for bumping my thread, Wizbro




Honestly all living beings are biological machines designed to reproduce so sex drive is what happens in all humans unless you are sick or old or both.

What you can asexuality is from sickness or old age.

Any "normal" young healthy fertile human will produce sexual hormones.

So for most wizards, you have to learn to ignore your sex drive, mind over body.


I become that After taking SSRI's Back then I used to jerk 5 Times a day I remember begging God to make me Asexaul Now that I have become a one I feel empty at least you Can goon and Cope with all the stress


It's not that simple for herd animals. You can help your genes reproduce without having children.


? he saged it


Funny, all SSRIs did for me was kill my drive. Still dealing with occasional ED like 3 years later.


>Some of us have higher purposes on this planet than to churn out loosh cattle for the demiurge and play his reincarnation game.
What is YOUR higher purpose?


Agree. Asexuality is a meme, it's all mental and/or hormonal issues.


I masturbate plenty, but i couldnt care less about sex.

I see my sexual drive just as pent up energy instead of true sexual tension.

I hope one day i find better outlets to this ferocious energy, but at the moment i need to fap because i get violent and angry if i dont.


It seems super pointless for undesirable males like us to have a sex drive. We're not going to have wives or start families, what's the point? Chemical castration should be widely available for no cost.


Doesnt sound like castration even works. I read and seen videos where castrated men say they still have urges but they feel frustrated that they physically cant satisfy them


my phantom ball reeks in times of anhedonia

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