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I got my hands on the satanic Bible. I want to ask any wizard frens if I can learn magic from the book or not.


I've never understood the whole "satanism" thing. Even if you had something interesting to say (which is not the case here), why would you use a name that represents something that's related to Christianity, which is the most stupid religion of all.

Just forget religions altogether.


to be the opposite of the Creator


It's the prime choice of counter culture for the americans who seek to distance themselves from their still largely puritan christian culture, so that makes sense. If I had to live with puritans, I'd become a satanist too.


Not to mention he was an Ayn Rand fan, which speaks volumes already.


That's not how christianity works. He wasn't born as a polar opposite or enemy. Lucifer (Lightbringer in latin) was born as his favorite son and grew arrogant.


modern satanism is a big larp


>I got my hands on the satanic Bible
Big whoop, it's available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
>I want to ask any wizard frens
If you're a satanist, you're no friend of cilbate "mind-your-own-business" types. Satanism is a cult of sexual hyperactivity and self-destruction fr the sake of appealing to the masses.
>if I can learn magic from the book or not.
Yeah, how to conjure smoke. Set the book on fire and watch as your mom starts doing backflips because the house is burning down.


What is the Light he brought? Gnosis, Knowledge that The Creator is evil, and we must join his legion of demons to make war on Creation.


LaVeyan satanism is less about acquiring supernatural power than it is a philosophy of existence, but one that exists on the lowest level of philosophy: "nuh uh." Every serious critic of Christianity had said and exhausted every point, contention or argument raised by it. The fact that anybody, anywhere, considers it to be a worthwhile pursuit indicates how far the bar has been lowered for practical philosophy in mainstream society, public discourse, and personal education. Modern Stoics are bigger self deceiving larpfags and tend to be Dunning-Krueger roadkill but the philosophy itself does tend to have real substance behind it.

If you're going to start with a philosopher start with Plato. If you're going to start with an anticultural philosopher for edgelord points start with Nietzsche and, unlike every other man who has started with Nietzsche in all of human history, bother to read the books and arguments he is contending against. Or start with greek paleo-nietzsche (Epicurus).

But if you want magical powers, I hear good things about mushrooms and DMT.


Now The Book of Lucifer actually has a legendary history of being printed on human skin.


Within this tome is Libri Luciferius, The Book Of Lucifer.
It is said to have been originally written in human blood, upon the parchment of
human skin.
The oldest known form of this book, is the ancient vulgar of Pagan Rome from
about the 4th Century.


are there any references to the book predating that website. everything i see seems to originate there. where is the book currently for example, who found it, who 'said' it was written in blood on human skin?


He was supposed to bring light and continue God's work. He didn't, he rebelled and was cast out of heaven.


It doesn't make sense to hate the Creation, but love the Creator that made it. If you don't like the world that exists join with satan.


He was supposed to bring light and continue God's work. He was the main, most powerful archangel, God's favorite son.

He hated Adam and humans, and didn't want to aid humanity in any way or form.
In the Book of Revelations 12:7 he rebelled and started an all-out war against God and all the archangels that supported him like Michael, and was cast out of heaven when he lost that war.

Then he was doomed to stay in hell and torment other souls that come in there until the end of time.


I don't like Adam and humans either


No, you learn magic by freeing your mind. Everything in this world is poison that only keeps you trapped.


>learn magic
>LaVey's Bible

The church of Satan are a bunch of larping faggots. If you wanna learn magick start with something like the Psychonaut Field Manual or Prometeus Rising. Then get into the Kybalion and other Hermetic books. From there you can get into more serious shit like Kabbalah, The keys of Solomon, Goetian stuff and if you don't like abrahamic shit you can learn planetary magick, wicca, law of attraction etc.
Don't do rituals or cast spells until you know what the fuck you're doing. Magick is very similar to cooking. You can get a recipe book and try to cook one of the recipes there, but if you have zero cooking experience you're gonna fuck it up.


>magic unironically


File: 1710787284541.jpg (83.64 KB, 900x506, 450:253, 1666007823_cms1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

If I'm a wizard I might as well act the part.


Gypsies are literal cultists of the first real succubus ever. That book is just another fart


all those books are fairly larpy as well my wizfriend.


The little bit of magick in the book is ripped off chaos magic.
Without discipline or underlying understanding within a occult framework I seriously doubt one would achieve any verifiable results with what is in the book alone.

Honestly better off just reading Rand or other objectivist writings if you want radical individualism and leave the theatrics to people in showbiz.


Isn't lavey satanism just atheism/humanism with an edgy twist?


It's always so nice to see someone reposting your jpg.
t. apprentice of 18 winters


It isn't really humanism at all, but it is atheistic.
If anything it's closer to a teenage interpretation of egoism plus a bit of the occult section of a mainstream bookstore.
Shit is embarrassing tbh.

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