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So, I'm entering my 30s soon as NEET, what thing should I look out for to maximize my comfort and lower te probability of problems as I become a more older NEET? So, what wisdom older NEET can share with us?


The gov can cut your bux? Isn't that against the law or something?


This is very common actually. Basically they send your money to an accountant that pays your rent/medication/utilities/etc and send you the rest of your money, which often is virtually nothing. If you're in some assisted housing program like section 8 and miss a payment on your rent they WILL appoint you an accountant and from that point on they'll never send you the money directly again. Missing rent is usually how it happens but I've seen cases people losing bux over due to buying drugs and getting caught, among other things.


What do you mean "incapacitaded" here?


Sound extremely awful if you truly aren't that much disable.


Finances and health are all that matters. Try to stay fit and eat well.

Getting neetbux is the only way to survive. Your primary goal in this life is to get it and maintain it. Even if you get money from other sources it is very likely not sustainable. Nothing is certain. Financial risk is everywhere.
Never work. Go to doctors regularly and build evidence that you are incapable of functioning.


Do you have bux? How hard was to get it?


do not even humor becoming homeless


Eat your cellphone. Run naked in to the mountains.


Understand that your body has already reached its peak.
So it's going to break down either extremely slowly or very fast depending on (You)
If you want to stay comfy you will have to properly maintain your body and whatever you consume from here onwards.


i have one thing to contribute; keep it simple put your health first and foremost (73 years old)if you don't you are fucked before you even start…



>be a normalfag
nice advice kek


Being homeless is fairly rough, more so than holding down a job and masking as a normie. Add in being non neurotypical/whatever disorder you have and the difficulty spikes.


>do not even humor becoming homeless

these kids picture bein homeless as a party,


my worst case worst case scenario, is find some sad state and aim for a used dumpy trailer park.

if you are under 29 maybe someone could enjoy bein homeless. older homeless and you re toast


The Midwest is pretty good for cheap living. I'd rope as soon as possible if I was homeless at 50+.


og wizardchan from 2013 early years not posted in a few yr now. late 30's, so late 20's finding here. 20's self needed this thread idk if he would have listened. when growing up they said i was super smart from the testing and an autist. im also abused autist it did mess me up more than that alone. fast forward into my life of decades neet, i spent six month homeless last yr in downunderland, it was extreme. im disabled. three month into living in a tent in bush and in winter, i get severe back injury, cant mobilize, hospital wouldnt take me, im forced into elements to lay in extreme pain unable to move for days in my tent pissing in a bottle.it changed me

you think people will care about you wizkid, because you're a sad story, because you did the right thing, because you're human? no bro hospital put you to the street, go die in tent, part of me did. that was back in sep now my back still not recovered, im partial cripple, my 20's self so much more better off and i thought i was doomed.

a lot can happen in 10yr i made longer posts but i tell you this. ok look after your health, you will be alone, that is all you have. you dont want to be sick and alone homless nobody in the world

your wizard life truly marked by disadvantage, you will be alone and disadvantaged. you need your health. i knew this and still end up living through that hell which left indelible mark on my psyche im not a loved human by all rights should be dead, if i was norman i would be, my power is much greater.
believe me you don't know the hell it's beyond you, except you're not impervious to such an circumstance, nobody is.

you need to have good health to weather, self-destruction isnt fun it isnt cool it isnt edgy its dissolute and norman behavior i despise fast foods and pleb goyslop for normans only. you cant afford to be like that you need your health. if you are smarter and more experienced than me certainly you may know better, are you though or do you want to put it to the test and find out the hard way decades on when you cant take it back and youre stuck in an even more decrepit and malfunctioning flesh sack.


Real pilled


you were a hobbo? how did you came back to society?


when things got to the point where my back was so bad i could no longer feed or look after myself, i moved from the tent in the bush, to sleeping on the streets outright. the tent was good because it was in deeper bush, you had to risk danger there are highly poisonous snakes that can kill you there are also many ticks and i was bitten dozens of times, so people did not go there and i could leave a few personal items there, some clothes. use camo tent colors, hide with branches, people cannot see even when looking at it from 30m away. sleeping place. i did join a gym and would use a facecloth to wash with and dry with in total, then hang it on trees or shrub somewhere and pick it up later. sometimes for clothes i have to wash them in the shower with me then take and go in bush and hide it to dry somewhere or walk for an hr in the morning wearing it dry on me. ticks made getting in and out of tent difficult as ticks they do wait for you to get out of tent and drop down from tent entrance. i had to study them. in my tent incapacitated while my mind going over the horror of my situation, total outcast pariah from society sent to the wilderness to die, a modern socrates actually.

i had very close encounters with snakes, had to carry snake bite kit. did get many tick bites, and in the area there was a person that took it upon themselves, to keep me awake all night blowing a whistle several times an hr, just because i was a homeless person in the area. they did work at a local football field near the bush, and did 24/7 watch this facility, well they knew i was in the bush near there, keep me awake, make me move. really all it did was make my back injury and then i had to stay there longer. i tried to clean up the field and nearby area with garbage bags, after all the normans did pollute it, to humble myself thinking maybe they would see i'm no a bad man, and leave me alone, they didnt.

eventually so injured have to push myself around with shopping trolley it was the only way i could move around. the injur got worse over months, i did try get help multiple times from hospital, none took me too hard basket. i believe they expected me to kill myself and they would hide from consequences because i'm nobody. while on street i slept on air bed under a 1st story carpark. i met disabled vet and a mentally ill female. females arent suited for this life and her condition deteriorated very quickly, she made life difficult for me and my veteran schizobro, wouldnt be quiet, always complain and would urinate everywhere in the car park. people used to bring her food, clothes, blankets. eventually we had to get her put on order and taken by police ambulance to hospital. except by that time she had been stripping and flashing people and screaming at people so the police made me and veteran go be homeless somewhere else. he almost died of asthma attack and had to get into a hostel shortly after. i left around that time too because was about to hang myself i had zero recourse left. the system wouldn't help me, i get a pension and live in first-world country. they put you on a pension to die and not be a problem for society, it;s not to take care of you its cost-benefit analysis its cheaper to keep you alive and sedated than it is to deal with fallout.

i am only here to type this because i got lucky, i made one last phone call before i was about to hang myself, i did beg for help, someone took pity did let me stay somewhere for 10day, and help me to find a room. i got lucky, not everyone will be lucky, few will be. i was lucky to even care enough to call, out of some sense of responsibility, not to myself though, it was lucky that i even gave my location to accept help. i couldn't have done it myself.

there is lots more to the story. its not a nice story, people did a lot of bad things, there were a lot of 'pills' to swallow. when you are homeless you dont go back into society it stays with you. it's like being a sexhaver, you cant go back to being virgin, you're forever changed and will always see things differently.

when youre homeless then people dont care to keep up the facade, you will learn lots more pills and validate. you can perform your own social experiments. they dont even pretend to hide their contempt for you. the people that were the best to me out there were hindu people i love those bloody bastards sir, white people, my own people, behave very poorly toward me on the whole.

i also used to talk to black people about how i know what it's like to be a black person because homeless people are actually below black people on the ladder and you get treated like filth. i always kept things clean, wore a nice watch, was respectful, people didnt realise i was homeless until i told them and was badly injured couldnt hide it anymore.

its not my quote i strongly believe this is an important and useful one for wizards to remember though. it helped me.

'one must humble oneself living in the midst of ones enemies'

stay humble, always humble, it is one of biggest lessons learned out there. it will help you as a wiz in all endeavor im not going into this more rn you can believe or not. it will help you, ego will only hurt you. its where most norman drama and problems come from their ego, its delusion. so much is simply luck there is nothing to brag.

my mental health actually deteriorated after getting off the street, in deep water atm, very deep, am not sure to pull through. these things thye take their toll, even the strongest swimmer will tire against a strong current.

so in short be lucky or be dead. at the very end of it all, that is what it comes down to. yes i put in lots of work i did all the coping strategy, mental health tricks, biology hacks, every single thing they say to do i did, i did it all, some of it really works you owe it to yourself to try. im also a taller man, for a shorter man it would have been a great deal more difficult, i know this, so it was luck also and my genetics, just being a taller autist, that even let me get as far as i did. lastly i relied heavily on my belief in spiritual and that there is a God, i didn't believe in God 10yr ago either, not an atheist but not a believer.

i can only hope this help someone out there. it was a very bad time, maybe something you can make out of this some good, so that my bad time can become your good time please.



sorry for you, hope you make it.

As for edgy teens. yea, theres real homeless. sounds real fun eh.

lesson to me to take away is dont be homeless. i know my fake family would not help me or take me in. id either aim for a trailer home is some sad town in a sad poor state. if i cant make that work, a room for rent. And stay on my best behavior for rest of my life. i curse myself everyday for ever lettin end up homeless be a possibility


Thats how I always envisioned it being like for apprentices and wizards. Just non-stop suffering and further dehumanization. Commendable you managed to keep your faith throughout all that. Your posts won't go to waste, I promise that.
> i did all the coping strategy, mental health tricks, biology hacks, every single thing they say to do i did, i did it all, some of it really works you owe it to yourself to try
What kind of things worked and did not work for you? That's actually fascinating. I seriously doubt CBT can convince your life is awesome when you just got mugged by some crippled methhead and you're sleeping under a bridge.


try to have a hobby that might be profitable if things get to worse so you can use it and survive off it


Knowing your mbti type, enneagram, endotype, natal chart and human design bodygraph might do. The last one helps me quite noticeably today.


health first and then money.

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