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What the title says. I have tried many different jobs and my coworkers always bully me out of the place for being too ugly. I have worked in factories, offices, workshops, restaurants and as a printing press operator, but the result is always the same, my coworkers don't want me around and I end up leaving the place after a few weeks because the bullying becomes unbeareable… I'm so desperate that I even got an interview a few weeks ago to work in a funeral home as a crematory operator, but they haven't called me back. I'm just gross to look at.

What kind of jobs can I do where I don't have to deal with people at all?


>coworkers always bully me out of the place for being too ugly


if you were truly ugly, i doubt you would even get hired. you're probably just autistic, which is another thing normalfags hate and they feel awkward and weird around you so they will bully you cause you deserve it for not acting as expected.


I've seen this happened. I don't know what are you on about, but I'd suspect you have lived a sheltered life or just never looked past your nose.
Try to find a freelance remote job, wiz.


No they do hate me because I'm ugly. I've heard what they gossip behind my back. Sometimes they talk shit about me openly just to try to get me to resign.


you could possibly film it with a secret camera, and then get them caught in a most serious lie taking the recording to HR, play according to their rulebook and have them shunned by their peers, pressure from HR because they're discriminating against you on the basis of autism. seem to vaguely recall someone doing this years ago and getting a nice salary and pay out package, then finding a new job later.

the sword cuts both ways.


9/10 it isn't because you're just ugly and I seriously doubt it's the main reason they dislike you. Having been both the guy everyone loves & despises at some point in my life, I can tell you it might be for a much dumber reason than your looks. Your demeanor, they way you talk, lack of conviction & assertivness, one too many social faux pas, jealousy, etc.
There are just countless reasons to rail on about. If this is reoccurring, it's time for some serious self-reflection and maybe development of skills that are relevant to you.


such a job is my fantasy. But if you don't have to deal with people its probably already automated or offshored.


do people call you names at work? What the fuck


the adult world is only an extension of high school where the normals are more cunning and more cruel.


my dream is to live in a trailer park or an apartment living on ssi(neetbux) and snap benefits

i don't care about luxury and i don't care that people think i am a leech


if i do get ssi i will try live a very frugal life and try to save some of it in case they cut off my ssi in the future

i would create a prepper pantry full of cheap canned food(mostly beans). the cans with best value on them.Those tend to be under 1 dollar a can.


I'm ugly as shit. I had a job but got laid off 8 months ago and was having a very hard time finding another one, not really because I'm ugly but because I have weird experience and low self esteem. The last few months before I was let go were not really great, with coworkers snitching on me to my boss any time I made a mistake. Anyway, I kept applying, and now I have a new job lined up starting in two weeks. Just keep trying, something will happen.


Work in a warehouse wiz.


hah, this sounds like something I would say

thats strange


What kind of job? I've tried to get a QA job for months now and no success, I kinda gave up already.

Yesterday was my first shift at kfc as a cook, but today the manager told me that I can't come in today, because I'm not yet in the system, even though I could clock in already, looks like I can't even get that one lol.

Maybe I should just walk in to some supermarkets and go straight to the manager to get something?kinda desperate at this point. Originally I was thinking I could get a QA automation role somewhere for like 75-85k, but maybe I was delusional


Maybe i can help you with your presence issues, interested in contacting me?


What kind of help could yo offer?


could help you with presence, spontaneity, appearance, reading the room, how to detect shit tests and brain schism


Right… One-on-one counseling for how to be a pussy slayer. $500 for the first week. Guaranteed to cure your autism.


nah wizbro, for free



is that what you do for a living?


Your problem is not that you are ugly to get a job, your problem is that you are useless with no practical skills, so you have to kneel and beg like a dog for a miserable, low-paying job.


Other people in these miserable low paying jobs don't get bullied


Because those jobs are bullying enough already

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