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Yeah, we all know that we aren't the most happy go lucky bunch, like is rough and tough, so the point of this thread is gather aways of maximizing happiness even as wiz, not I'm not saying become a normies or arrange a female, what I'm saying is seeking happiness even as wiz and inside the wiz context.


Being augured into the ground by depression makes being 'actively happy' something to be studied and practised. At present i'm working through the various positive aesthetic influences that appear to have a cumulative effect viz:

Comfortable chair, warm clothes, nutritious food, good quality water, clean bed, well designed computer desk - matters arranged such that daily life does not cause friction or unnecessary pain/discomfort without purpose.

I think the next step after that is Art - or at least decoration - which provides the subconscious with a sense of either calm or delight, but it's beyond my experience.


A healthy body is the first step to a healthy mind! And a healthy mind is the only kind of mid that can become a happy mind.



buzzword. go eat your avocado toast.


Happiness is just illusion for normalfags to stay enslaved.


happiness for normalfags is when everyone in their life (boss, wifey, brats, wife's bf, parents, neighbors, co-workers) is satisfied with them and thinks they're a swell guy. this is better than heroin for them. they will sacrifice themselves in the meat grinder of war is if it means positive regard. yeah i got blown up but at least i am a "hero".


Here's my trick, do nofap, your happiness increases tenfold
>t. former coomer
I feel like an idiot for getting the message as late as age 33. I used to always feel drained and with a terrible attention span. Now I'm full of energy and will to live.


You should go to a doctor if ejaculating can cripple you this much.


>no fap bs
>Now I'm full of energy and will to live.


If you're anything like me, your brain has a hard time just with being content, and you constantly have ups and downs, where the ups are just distractions.
Happiness is not even a word in this scenario; it lasts for a very short time for normalfags too anyway.
I'm just waiting to die.


I find that "clearing my cache" of negativity with meditation and stoicism to let go of everything that isn't within my direct control while putting into perspective what is within my control really helpful.
Once my mind is clear of all the bullshit I can enjoy even the smallest things and the simple pleasures are able to make me quite happy.


Also no caffeine or alcohol


Caffeine is fine, I need some extra pep in the morning. Nothing wrong with one cup a joe


>Caffeine is fine
Until your brain develops excess fatigue receptors, your gut biome is flushed, and your digestive mucus membrane clogged.


have a hobby that you can sink time into without getting bored of it. intellectual hobbies are good

avoid multiplayer games, anything competitive, anything associated with rank, fame, status, prestige, etc. these only result in stress


Single player vidya game, and I think some cooperative multiplayer, even more chill competitive multiplayer are ok.


competitive multiplayer is fun but stressful. not everyone can win. more losers than winners. it is a net negative experience and not worthwhile in general


what's a good intellectual hobby?




i don't see much point in reading for its own sake. 300 page books are too much of a time sink unless you're seeking answers and researching something actively or perhaps learning a foreign language. reading is a tool that requires an aim, otherwise it's just pure intellectual masturbation, completing books just to showcase them on your shelf and namedrop casually.


Sounds cope, if you reading just to name drop or something, then you shouldn't be readin at all, people read for fun and intelectual curiosity, if you can't derive neither of those two from reading, then is better something else.


Health is not a buzzword!

Masaka… It can't be.. this post, this discussion… It's happening AGAIN?!? Are we in some sort of time loop?!?


>Type 2 diabetes
Only a problem if you eat like shit
Only a problem if you eat like shit
>Parkinson's disease
Only a problem if you eat like shit
>liver disease and liver cancer
Only a problem if you eat like shit
>heart health
Only a problem if you eat like shit

Yeah of course soemthing that coats your digestive tract in mucous to prevent nutritional uptake is going to negate some of the poor effects of the garbage you at.


actually a lot of those can be influenced heavily by factors outside of food, though yes i generally agree that for most, these are largely self-inflicted.

stress is the biggest killer, you can eat shit food and not effect your body if you have lucky genetics and super chill easy environment in your life. look at the diseases that the kings of old got, diseases of affluence, from good food.

now we didn't have all these new diseases back then, because the body wasn't being worn down with all the modern chemicals, endocrine disruptors, pollutants, hormones and drugs and poison in our water supply, contraception drastically altering development of fetus and brain. the lifelong exposure to all of this, in conjunction with a shit diet, is what causes the diseases.

you need to exercise too, eating well alone you will not be much better off if you're not getting proper activity, the human body needs to move and needs to work in order to be healthy and functional.

just remember not to think it's always self-inflicted, because if there were an outlier, maybe someone that did all the things right and still got screwed from bad luck, then you would be heaping onto that, that isn't right. dont think you can judge before walking in their shoes.

lastly, we learned decades ago that not getting what the body needs, is worse than the body getting what it doesnt need, and that all those things you listed can also be caused by the absence of good nutrition, even when bad food isn't consumed.

and i see you know nothing about the gut microbiome or how your gut actually works with such a simple take. there are a lot of good books on this subject i would suggest you go to a library and get one out instead of just reading wikipedia articles or what dr oz has to say on the topic. if you have more indepth questions i'm actually well read and very well studied on this topic for over a decade, and can answer them.


dont see what discipline has to do with it. some people have brains that are wired to become alcoholics and substance abusers and they are playing on nightmare mode difficulty as compared with someone that has a normal brain. who are you to use the word discipline. that is hyper-normal behavior. will you tell everyone here to have more discipline to not be depressed, to overcome decades of organic brain restructuring and programming and go out and be normalmaxxing dudebros? what are you trying to say here or did you type without thinking.

he even said it though look

>skill issue, respect the dosage, normal people don't get these side effects

>normal people

so you're a normal person, unlike one of us. what are you trying to say here? because some people born with a different brain chemistry and genetic dispositions that greatly and profoundly potentiates risk, that they aren't as noble and proud and virtuous as you, because of an organic, physical issue they had no control or say or influence over in deciding?

yeah normal to the max. same logic that sex-havers use to judge wizards, and look upon wizards and neets as losers. boring


Happiness maxxing is impossible for a wiz because maxxing is a term from the puahate = crab = normalfag community and happiness likewise is a vague social construct for normalfags.


what the fuck is this bullshit. poverty causes biggest misery indirectly, because i have 10 chronic conditions and im in 24/7 pain for months, and i cant fix anything cause of money. That is the true hell that you don't want to experience.


can relate. luckfags are the worst nglngl


a good intellectual hobby to be happy is something that requires you to think and solve problems. the problems should not be difficult to the point it stresses you out, or so critically important that it being unsolved causes stress. at that point you are sacrificing your mental health. chess players and pro gamers and mathematicians and programmers can reach that imbalance where they aren't happy anymore

the point is to apply your brain to something, work toward solving it, accomplish it, feel satisfied. that is the most reliable and consistent kind of happiness you can achieve. other forms of happiness are

in the literal sense maybe yes it is intellectual, but it's not what i'm talking about. reading is just ingesting data without much input of your own. a distraction in itself. useful in combination with a problem, ie reading with a purpose. but just reading to be entertained, if it makes you happy, that is a very weak happiness


it feels like the hobby picks you instead of the other way around. i wish i could understand how to induce it by will, but it's hard to jump into a topic and truly enjoy tinkering with it for years unless there's that initial spark. i'd like to get into chess, but i just can't make myself care enough to even play a game, i just watch some content on youtube and twitch.




I have trouble giving myself permission to truly pursue happiness. I feel like I should be doing what people expect of me instead and the only reason I am allowed not to do those things is because I am depressed, so if I am happy and still not doing those things, then I am just a lazy deadbeat loser. I wish I could fully commit to my own way of life, but it's hard when you're completely supported by your parents.


You need some sort of intrinsic motivation. For example, I am getting into a particular hobby because I want to build something that would be useful to me. The motivation comes from me wanting to accomplish something, the hobby comes from me needing to know a bunch of stuff in order to accomplish that goal. Without the goal it becomes harder to get into. If your goal is to be famous, maybe you would get into dancing or singing. Obviously that is not a goal for wizards, but there may be some that would be applicable to you if you give it enough thought. Don't simply think of hobbies as a way to pass time but rather as a way to accomplish things you would like to be able to do.


I'd say you have to get good quality of sleep, make sure you sleep your hours in a dark room with clean sheets and a rigid mattress. Try to keep active, do some stretching, go on walks, read topics that you enjoy, wizcel friend, also exercise and eat healthy and in moderation. It's all about doing what you love while also mantaining a balance. Pick up some hobbies, whatever works for you.


if each year of education deducts misery points, then spend year after year in education


Story craft in a artform you prefer, be it writing, sequential art, audio/music, film, or if you are up for the ultimate challenge you could try game development as a medium for story telling.
But learning to craft a compelling and coherent narrative is quite the intellectual presute that can keep you busy honing your skills for a lifetime.


try to be frugal. You shouldn't need much to be happy. Always take care of your health, eat healthy meals and do exercise.


I do not believe in any of this. I think its Impossible to be happy or at least okay with life without some sort of financial stability.

I think you have to be a huge dumbass to be unhappy when you have access to the options that money brings to you. The best example of this are crabs and simps who spend all their money and time trying to get laid.

The second most important thing i think is important to have people you can relate to, people who you can talk from time to time in a unpretentious manner and who can understand your values. Wizards obviously have a huge tolerance to isolation, thats a plus, but you will eventually need to share your thoughts and experiences with some point, expressing yourself is more of a social thing than you may realize. But money comes first, no thing in this world is more important than the peace of mind and sense of stability that money brings to you, lose this and everything else crumbles apart.


I don't feel like I'm ever truly happy anymore. I have schizoaffective disorder and have pretty frequent psychosis, depression and anxiety and am on antipsychotics and antidepressants. Some days I feel interested enough to read and listen to music (I need caffeine to attain this state). But I'm still constantly suffering from my symptoms and lack of meaning in life. Everything seems so worthless and pointless, this transitory existence filled with suffering and then you just die. And I feel most likely death is the end of consciousness.


you are doing a lot of drugs. You should quit and start eating healthy and exercising. You need exercise.


I think a specific type of personality does what you describe with books, always namedropping and strangely they rarely seem to digest the actual ideas from the book. They take information in a strange way, like they can describe everything in bullet points and that's it. Also they can be pretty insufferable people in general, the same shallow way they take in books is done with social interactions too

Books are a huge time sink yes but it's probably a better use of time compared to watching youtube or playing games, as long as they are useful in an educational sense, i.e. you learn things from it that helps you understand something in your life better. Also it's better to read on a whim I feel, rather than the bookshelf mechanical bullet-point shit


I do exercise some and eat relatively healthy (I never eat fast food). I do wonder about how my symptoms would be without all the drugs and have sometimes wanted to stop. I'm undecided as to the effects of those drugs; sometimes I feel they really hinder my creativity. With my living situation now I don't know how I could quit taking them, unless I just refuse because my psychiatrist and parents would never be for it


Money. Money will literally solve a wizards problems.


kys crab


>wants wizards to kill themselves
>calls others crab


if you slave to your sexual urges and throw shit when see wizzies that does something about it, you are not a wiz. remove yourself, failed normie.


the irony is that's a mod. I hate this fucking community


wordfiltering "crab" is an open slap in the face of this whole community and some retarded cliquer shit


learn basic grammar first and stop insulting wizards, kid.


No reading comprehension and no grammar. Opinion discarded. You're underage, I am a wizard.


I did not feel insulted. He's based


Get lost, we are ok with calling them crabs


my wizard. Nothing but love and respect for you. God bless your heart.



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