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So, I was thinking if already exist a guide to maximize happiness and tranquility as a wizard, I'm looking at the idea of guide made by older and wiser truwiz to help younger wiz avoid major troubles and problems, does a guide like that exist or not?


>does a guide like that exist or not?
no but we can start right here!


So, first thing first, we need to define the type of person that the guide would be useful, what's the typical wizard like psychological?


Let not waste much time about who can be a wiz or not, for me a solitary older virgin with a peculiar psychology.

A guide to help that type of people would be nice, what first topic should the guide tackle? Health? Money?


What makes you think anyone knows how to live on this website? Let alone to teach others and guide them. Anyone that knows anything about anything is far away from this shithole as possible. To maximize happiness and tranquility as a wizard is like asking how to maximize beauty as an ugly ogre or wealth as a homeless man. To be a wizard is to be unhappy and untranquil.


Inceel mentally


Feel free to answer the OP instead of baiting with an insult, dear _cel. I don't need to say more since the current and future lack of good wisdom in this thread will eventually prove my point for me.


If you don't have anything useful to say or contribute, just leave the thread and give a hide so you don't bother seeing the thread anymore.


I'm discussing the topic, you're the one needlessly bumping an already shit thread, but what can you expect from an idiot looking for a "guide on life" on a forum for supreme failures at life.


The virgin life is real freedom. Sex is an addiction that destroys many peoples lives and gets them so hooked they become slaves of the system I'm a wizcel and much better off without sex, monks know the truth about the world.


Just ignore the thread and move on, retarded.


Idiots on imageboards can't beat the already existent pessimistic and nihilistic literature. Go read some books and you'll find answers to your life questions.

On the more practical, mundane, and daily life, there is really no guide, nothing to write about and discuss about, other than telling you to get NEETbux as soon as possible.

Anything else is only very subjective advice written by people that are very likely extremely different from you and therefore don't apply to your particular situation.


does nihilism help "maximize happiness and tranquility" ?


The difficulty in such a guide is happiness means different things to different people. Satisfaction and self-respect is achieved in different ways and people are never truly satisfied, they will always yearn for more. We can provide basic life advice, but you can find that anywhere and it's not all that different from advice for normalfags.


Happiness is not a thing for people like us, even serenity is only temporary for us. Tranquility, yes, pessimistic philosophy specifically does help with that.


File: 1712007745194.jpg (292.74 KB, 692x914, 346:457, 39c7f79038091144daed1d51b6….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>99% of cases you can't escape social interactions with others, at one point in your life, you're going to talk with people several times even if you don't like it

>getting rich is one of the goal of the wizard. with money you can live life you always dreamed about.

>do not get into troubles. avoid them, you don't need to struggle with life more than it is. flee problems the most possible.

>friends are useless. acquire pet instead

>always hide your power level (redpill/blackpill/wizpill). you'll get mocked by others or in some serious troubles. stay bluepilled when talking to someone

>stay neutral politically speaking. you want to stay comfy all your life in a stable country and not some shithole with crazy shifts in the country

that's all I have for now desu!


File: 1713455041876.jpg (81.49 KB, 680x848, 85:106, wizpost - ideal spells.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Start a wordpress, for this site is not reliable for such purposes. Then contact me, and I might give you some real crazy stuff to start with.


can't you write it down?


It is written down. But when you ready, for this place has proven unworthy of elders' teachings.


>teach others and guide
I remember that guy from reddit who told about leaving shitty job and started to live homeless. I don't know much about the ones commenting his post, but it was full of praises.

>To be a wizard is to be unhappy and untranquil.



Sounds promising. I can contribute my supplement research on this topic. Many, many of the issues afflicting the early apprentices are hormonal and neurochemical problems coming from their abnormal life path.

Unfulfilled high testosterone impulses can turn promising men into sex crazed feeler depressives. It seems quite obvious the "depression" complex is a fairly predictable response to current social trends towards atomization and wizcelibacy

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