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File: 1711918455532.png (2.73 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Captura de Tela (211).png) ImgOps iqdb


I'm a 18 year old KHV. Not having any social interaction and not being able to enjoy youth is weighing on me a lot. I'm past the stage of dreaming with finding a girlfriend and more into a state of apathy. I can't interact with other people, I'm socially anxious and etc etc.

I'm working on myself and (sucessfully) trying to lose weight. But still, it's pretty dark inside my room. The light coming from my window, showing people my age, dudes and gals having fun hurts my eyes.


It's over. Just accept that these things are not for you. I recommend getting a fun hobby to distract yourself from the emptiness and self-loathing.


>The light coming from my window, showing people my age
You're still a kid, nobody is looking at you as an adult let alone an aging old hermit loner
>dudes and gals having fun hurts my eyes.
Go have fun in your own way instead of looking at them then


don't worry, in another 10 years or so your life will have degraded to the point where you don't even consider it as a possible option anymore and you stop thinking about it.


The only real cure to social anxiety is exposure. You will be playing catch-up, but you are still young. Go places where everyone is a stranger so it doesn't matter if you make a mistake or not and you will not be embarrassed so easily. Realize that most humans are pathetic creatures with not much going on in their lives, and are not worth spending so much energy worrying over.


Thanks for your advice. I've heard other people mention exposure as the solution to social anxiety. But why do you say most people live pathetic lives? Is it a reflection of how you see yourself or do you really believe most people are pathetic?


>It's over.
He' 18. Nothing is "over" for him unless he has brainstem cancer. Kill yourself 100%.


It's over when you are around five years old, because your personality has already formed. For some it's over the moment you are born. All the next "it's over" that are said during life are just because one, at that given moment, understands that he is locked into a given personality, and so it feels that he cannot change. So some say that it's over at 18, some at 20, some at 25, etc. The wizard meme is set at 30. All these are just random numbers.
The truth is, for some it's over the moment that you are born, if you have hereditary "mental illnesses", or whatever you want to call your brain being wired differently.
When someone like OP posts a post like this, on a site like this, it's generally correct to say that it's over for him (in the crabish meaning of it, that is that he cannot live a normalfag life not even if he tries).

That said, this is a crab thread, and OP should post in a crab forum, not here, so I'm not exactly sure why this thread is still up and no one is reporting it.

Actually, I believe that a man so young should have his own life experiences without the hateful and poisonous effect of the internet, at least for a while, so he shouldn't even be on crab forums or places like that at all, but that's just my opinion.
Even though I'm myself saying that some individuals are just "cursed", I feel like exposing yourself to this kind of cancerous communities is not helping much with developing a genuine personal view of the world.


And how do you know? The fact that he's here and the way he describes his life gives more weight to my conjecture than it does to yours. People don't miraculously do a 180 on their personality at 18, the same way people don't become professional basketball or chess players by deciding one day to start training at 18. Your experiences structure your brain and for better or worse, the older you get, the harder it is to add anything on top that will affect it. Ironically, having brain cancer or a lobotomy might be the only way one can have a significant personality change. Maybe he gets lucky and the tumor pushes on some part of the brain that releases all of his inhibitions and left becomes right and he becomes George in that Seinfeld episode where he just does everything opposite as usual and he tastes a bit of what it's like to not have neurotic personality.


>It IS over
>It IS over!!!
(Probably both the same guy who samefags about it being "over" in response to every downtrodden young soul on /dep/)

Being 18 years old and still
- A virgin with no past romances
- Friendless
- Jobless
- Out of school with no significant academic achievements

does not mean anything is "over". Unless of course you listen to what Elliot Roger fansites such as crabs.co say, to which you would be someone who believes being a "low-status male" who hasn't gotten a $100k salary, a network, and a succubutt the minute you entered adulthood as a cardinal sin. At that point, yeah, it's over for you, so you should probably take your own life before you manage to convince literal children like OP that he should because he's not Patrick Bateman.

OP, and any other guys who hit 18 and are feeling down over their fleeting youth, need to understand that what they are feeling is normal. That they ARE normal. Not normal-fags, but normal in the sense that nearly every man with two balls between his legs is going to go through a range of emotions at that age and much of them will culminate in feelings of loneliness, helplessness, and a need to retreat. Do you know why 'teen love' barely every flourishes in to adulthood? Because when the boy becomes a man, everything he thought he wanted in life suddenly loses its value and emotions of confusion and despair take over. It's natural, it's normal, it's biological. The same behaviors is observed in housecats and bears for fucks sake.

Will OP learn to embrace solitude and become completely ecstatic at the idea of being alone? Unlikely. Will OP learn to at least not feel so awfully stricken with not being outgoing and paired up with the 3D equivalent of Kotobuki Tsumugi? Likely, if cortisol does its handywork. Can OP learn how to open up and find some nice 3D to settle down with? Again, likely, with all the same ups and downs that any man faces when looking for a wife. Will OP burn off excess fat and build muscle and a solid foundation for health? Yes, because he's already proven to himself that he can (so now he has no reason to believe any faggot who says he can't).

OP can do anything any other 18 year old man can do. It's not "over" for him. Even if his life goals were to go to the moon or become a world class painter, it wouldn't be "over". He's 18 you niggers.


>(Probably both the same guy who samefags about it being "over" in response to every downtrodden young soul on /dep/)

Lol, as if it's hard to believe that there's more than one wizard who's pessimistic about this stuff.

18 is not a literal child, but a fully grown adult. You can change physical aspects and life circumstances, but personality is set in stone. You'll always experience life the same way, your body, your environments, other things do change, but your mind doesn't. Unless of course you suffer a brain injury but the effects are unpredictable so don't go bashing your head against the wall just yet, sonny.


I suggest you to stop porn, work on yourself, speak to other people about your problem (It's what I'd do if I could return in the past) then after 5 years if it didn't work out for you, you can come to this website again. Right now I think you're waaay too young.
Also, I might be projecting but I'm pretty sure you consume porn. There a thing about porn. A not-very-well-known and not-talked psychological effect that makes you even more insecure about not having experience since each time you watch it, you trick your brain into thinking it gets some of it.
It's completely normal for a guy your age to not have any experience, you have SO MUCH TIME ahead of you. Don't do the same mistake as me, I thought like you and now I'm a 25yo NEET with no work experience at all. Each times I apply for a job interview, they see that I got zero of work experience and deny me the job… Don't become like me!!! You can do it!!!


There is no age limit to when it's "over".

The moment you are conceived with shit genes from parents that make you severely autistic, there is a 100% chance you will be a wizard male.
And that was just one example.

There are plenty of other scenarios which will 100% lead to a wizard male being born the moment conception happens.

Even a relatively mild case of aspergers can turn a male completely socially repulsive if he inherits mannerisms and personality traits that are just so offputting to both men and succubi nobody wants to interact with that person.
So they have nothing else to do in life than play video games or read books, since others don't want to interact with said person.


Thank you for your reply. I decided to quit porn about 7 days ago. I guess you're right, I'm way too young to use this forum. I've posted here before but to be honest, most of the users here are at an stage of "wizardry" that's way past mine, if I can even be called a crab. I guess that (not that) deep down I know that I'm not a lost case and that maybe I can improve in a couple of years.

Although I'm quite short, I believe I have some good genes. I'm redhead and my face isn't bad at all. But I feel like becoming fat after going through a lot of stressful family problems as a pre-teen + le lockdown fucked me a lot in all aspects of life.


Being a fat short ginger is like being the ultimate bully magnet when you are a male.

Normies are monsters who will make things hard on top of that.


A man's wizardry isn't decided by other people. It's a choice he makes for himself. If a lifestyle that a wizard would enjoy is forced upon a guy even if he doesn't want it, then he's not a wizard, but a failed normalfag.


Leave imageboards ASAP


I was shy ever since I can remember, literally born a wizard.


Based. Wizards are born not a product of choice. Only larpers chose to be wizards.


This is denigrating Wizardry as a bad thing no one would freely choose because its so terrible and violating Rule 4


There's nothing new under the sun, your story is common, this archetype has been seen a thousand times before. Failed normalfag, spends his teenager years on imageboards lamenting his failures and posting about how much he longs for the normalfag lifestyle. Fast forward a few years and voilah, he's become a slightly weird normalfag by his mid 20s.
That has a name, that's being a late bloomer, and that's you.
Come back in 10 years if nothing has changed in your life, until then this site is not best suited for you.


what isnt pathetic about it? do you ever stop and think or observe how normalfaggots live their lives?
$200 tab to talk about nothing with one another at a club or a restaurant.
And i do mean nothing. Normalfaggots depend upon socialization for all the stimuli in their lives, theyre very unhappy and bored in quiet places alone. So talking is all they do. And they talk so much that they do absolutely nothing else, meaning they have absolutely nothing to talk about.

Ive seen a lot of crabs confused and angry about why cliques and gossip are so common in workplaces. The answer is that simple. Cliques and gossip are all they have, thats their entire life, thats their entertainment and their purpose. They dont do ANYTHING except talk.
And you desire this life? youre jealous and improving so u can talk about nothing with retards? ok


Your view on normal people sounds really distorted. What I mean is I wished I could socialize and have friends instead of being a loser. Be frank, everyone here is a loser by today's society standards. There's no point in trying to deny this.

OP here. Do you care to explain why do you think I should leave them? Not saying you're wrong, just want to know your reasoning

I wonder if this is really the case. But I wish it is.


File: 1712178594207.png (1009.03 KB, 800x534, 400:267, 685645785.png) ImgOps iqdb

Just turned 20 last week amigo. Occasionally, I'll beat myself up about not having any friends in high school, and of course not losing my virginity then. But then I quickly sober up, and remember that every kid in school was either a ghetto cliche nigger or a "quirky" weedsmoking wannabe surferboy band kid. Despite having extreme tism induced anxiety, I never once had any actual desire to hang out with retards my own age. I still don't. Realize that there is no definitive way to live life, and even if there was, would you really be okay with becoming just like everyone else? Are you willing to reduce yourself to the state of a lemming, all for some meaningless social approval, and maybe a chance to score some used up poontang?


I'm OP. I used to think like you when I was younger, before the pandemic. I felt superior to everyone and found my classmates to be blatant retards. After the pandemic I feel like my intelligence dropped a lot. As of today, yes, I think I'd be better if I were like everyone else.


>It's a choice he makes for himself.
> a choice
kek, lmao, rofl


>Come back in 10 years if nothing has changed in your life, until then this site is not best suited for you.




Is there just one woetoman/woetomen poster?


Im asking because i havent seen many anons use that word.


I'm surprised you can even browse wizchan


Then start drinking/doing drugs, get a douchey haircut and start talking like a nigger. You'll make lots of normalfag zoomer friends


Are you saying there is a legendary lich posting among us?


Will do. Thanks, anon.


ne, mow rough evols. I dijg this hole shared like a molerat chasin thugs


You're welcome, normalslime. Have a happy rest of your life, and never come back to this website.


that was beautiful
thats a lie. people can change and think, learn new things and see the world through another eyes. its true that by a certain point of our life (not 18 imo) we consolidate our personality somehow, actually, some of our pilars are consolidated way to early in our lifes, but many things can be changed to some degree


It's completely normal. Most men aren't intended to procreate. Future generations need only the best genes, intellect won't even matter due to LLMs. Wanting to reproduce without having best genes is, in fact, extremely selfish, you are hurting future generations. We should just accept our roles as undesirables and die off. The sooner we accept it, the better for the human species.


Why don't you kill yourself, then? Fuck off


you can suicide your genes, while still living a rich fulfilling life as a consciousness


Don't worry child, It'll get better.


How can you have a rich fulfilling life when your IQ maxes out at 104 on a good day? Talking about you of course


nice reply as always


dumb people smile more


What are you doing here, anon? You got homework to do. Go kill yourself, go!


suicide is a skill like anything else in life.

even sex is a skill. like crabs think sex is something they "get", but its more like an athletic competition that many unfit men fail at.


I'm OP. I'm a crab myself besides being socially anxious, so my experience is very limited, but I feel like this is only valid for casual sex. For casual sex, you do have to be skilled at hitting on succubi and all of that, but once you have yourself a g1rl, you are guaranteed to *get* sex regularly.


Average kids being conceived are fucked anyway since normalfags do the most drinking/drug consumption out of any other group on earth. A majority of the American population were a direct result of drunken unintended pregnancies. Now more than ever, people rely on substance abuse to keep them happy, and wont put down their vapes, booze, junkfood, and dont forget muh weed. Fucking as an attractive guy/succubus doesn't automatically ensure your child is going to come out perfect. My parents were both attractive normalfags and here I am, a 20 year old depressed weirdo autistic outcast seeking solace in dead online communities because I don't know how form a relationship, or even talk to people.


It seems like everyone I meet is either on prescribed or recreational drugs and are totally hopped up 24/7. When I was the closest to being a normie was when I regularly did drugs and now I've cut them out I'm becoming more and more of an outcast. Normies stleast in north america are all drugged out their minds and when they have kids they drug them up too. Being a loner is a better alternitive to getting stoned all day every day.


loosers take recreational drugs
winners take noopept


>losers take drugs
>losers take "noopept"


File: 1713450732878.jpg (475.89 KB, 750x655, 150:131, If you are 20 - 30.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

>trying to lose weight
Check the man: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfgUZVcU77wgrfDa6IRkeGg
He wrote some pretty books too about the hidden causes of fatness if you have time enough to delve.

About your inner anguish for relationships all I can tell you is you better embrace this void as if you loved it, while pissing off the world and its deceitful shines and promises. Lest you may end up drained and played with, for you are clearly not done for that. Also, important: you would accept a gf without even caring about her morals first, don't you? Just for the sake of ending your inner plea. But that's just like the Preta realms of Buddhism, you probably have strong desires for what in the end is just bullshit and mere glamor.

Despise them all on purpose. Become desirable and dangerous. Piss them all with your mere presence.


But do you even enjoy what normals say? Do you even enjoy being there listening or doing what they talk about?

Just asking, for a start.


OP here. Quit being a retarded. First, I reject being a Wizard like any other crab on this site. There's nothing wrong in trying to fulfill our natural desire to find a succubus and have セックス. I don't want to embrace loliness. If you're okay with being a loser, then it's good for you.

I of course wouldn't date a succubus with different morals of mine, but I guess it isn't hard to find a succubus whose Visions align with mine. After all I'm not some dumb christian or muslim person like you probably are.(user was warned for not embracing loliness)


Same. I am a 30 year old in cel. Never kissed, hugged, held hands, etc. At this point I don't even think about it anymore. It's a weird life.


Nta but I think you're on the wrong website my buddy. It'd be better for you to join an in.cel website.


>There's nothing wrong in trying to fulfill our natural desire to find a succubus and have セックス.
rule 2: Do not state or suggest that you had, will have or want to have sexual or romantic experiences.
I know you young people don't like rules but it do be like that…


> but it do be like that
There should be a rule against writing like a nigger.


Stop thinking about succubi
just do what u like
thinking about succubus will eat u slowly


>just don't think about succubi bro
He is 18. How the fuck is he going to stop thinking about succubi. Testosterone alone makes you horny and have sexual thoughts, and if he is in college he is forced to spend time around succubi. What you're asking is literally impossible for a guy his age.


False filthy crab comment.


> How the fuck is he going to stop thinking about succubi.
I did at 13. For real you need to start delving the Tao of Sex, people… succubi must never dominate the arcane, or else!


Clearly you are suffering from lack of intimacy which is normal for a teenager. I don't know what to tell you, I've never had a girlfriend but the boys never shut up about how amazing sex and making out with their girlfriends was back in high school so maybe they were onto something. I don't know. It's really up to you what to do with your life.

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