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Practically every place on the internet has been ruined with complacent normies.

I unironically have no choice but to visit Wizchan daily to get away from the enshittification of the internet and the world at large


>unironically have no choice but to visit Wizchan
why do you hate it here so much?


I'd like some variety, it's like eating the same food every single day.
That's been made impossible because every site is infected with normies and redditors.


wizcha is the last rampart to internet normalfaggotery.


File: 1712001382427.jpeg (40.67 KB, 403x400, 403:400, images-1.jpeg) ImgOps iqdb

Unfortunately succubi are starting 2 ruin this place as well.




File: 1712063065770.gif (8.22 MB, 540x400, 27:20, tumblr_c076fef6446328347b8….gif) ImgOps iqdb

I got bullied on here years ago just because I was talking about a friend who treated me like shit, people here said wheh normie you need to get banned because you had an irl friend. Also I've almost been homeless, but wizchan didn't care, all they saw was having a human connection which seemed normie, no matter how good these fags here have it but won't admit to it and dwell in their "misery" by attacking someone about an aspect they deem seems better than they have in their own life. Don't illusion yourself that these people here understand you, they just love misery and bully anyone who doesn't fit in their agenda, basically like normies do, only worse because they are anonymous, while ironically crying about normies.


That's just one sad troll though, not wizchan.


I agree. The greater generality of posters here are wiznorms – group-minded losers who shout down anything that contradicts their consensus sadness. Wiznorms are in fact everywhere here.



its like nite and day compared to way place was about 10 years back, 2013.

about 10 years back, i had to leave my NEETdom or end up homeless, people in here seriously told me to just be homeless. and tried to ban me and crap.

i believe it fell into two camps:

1. Older Wizzers , wizzes from 1980s / 1990s were super bitter life went way it did. and were just pissed, these dudes disappeared.

2. Role Players. people pretend to live life like mine, and probably, i would say normies . BUT, live in mcmansions, nice families, ok appearance wise, and just come by to role play some one like me.

its all BS, its , well one of many reasons i do not debate anyone on line,


#1 have mostly killed themselves by now or died to fent or other intoxicant overdoses by 2024.



The irony of wizchan is that there is no official definition of what a wizard is other than being a male virgin over 18 but anything else is left to individual perception. Ever since wizardchan (which was a decade ago) we have been arguing about what a wizard supposedly is and it never lead to anything.

The whole 'no friend posting' rule just creates the illusion of a community who shares the same lifestyle when in all actuality the lifestyles between the people who post here couldn't be more diverse. Various posts have shown that many here have friends irl while others are completely alone. In the same fashion theres guys on here who are in public places all the time while others are shut-in hikki types.


A wizard is a 30 year old male virgin. That's literally all there is to it and any other definition is bullshit.


The rules clearly protect people with reclusive, NEET lifestyles and outright ban talking about friends and social activities. Yet somehow the board is incessantly sieged by people who want to talk about how they want friends, relationships and social activities (such as all crabs). Few months ago a mod even basically said he's crab. It's absurd to me; fundamental corruption of the userbase compared to what the site was meant to be for.


as long as they are all 30+ year old virgins, what's the issue? if you feel left out maybe you should join them


Its way past just wanting friends. We had several threads in which others posted about their social lives openly and how they regularly engage in social activities and have friends. The rules are just there to protect neets as you said and its doing so by creating the illusion that were all living similiar lives but many here do indeed have friends and a completely different life from others so lifestyles can't be compared.


Yeah a lot of people here have some kind of ideological standpoint they constantly try to inject into wizchan. The lgbt stuff got kinda rampant over the last years and there was a mod who deleted posts in favor of gay stuff. Ever since that mod is gone, the faggots posting gay shit in the fap thread also stopped which is peculiar.


that sounds like a serious accusation, too bad there is no way to prove if one is a a wizard or not other than self-designation. I fail to see why would a normalfag need to pretend to be a wizard though, quite the contrary.


>The issue is they aren't 30+ and aren't virgins. This site is pozzed from the inside and is just normalfag sexhavers policing actual virgins and calling them crabs.
Its very possible that many of the posters here are just shills who try to use this secluded area full of outcasts as a potential recruiting space for their own shit.


>I fail to see why would a normalfag need to pretend to be a wizard though, quite the contrary.
As a disguise to do sneaky stuff from within.


only the crabs are bothered by the word filter. go back to r9k or wherever else you feel more comfortable complaining about how down bad you are feeling


I almost did in 2019 but I survived


Can we stop these useless thread

Internet was never ok.

Videogames was never ok.

It's just nostalgia.

Everything sucks now as it sucked years ago.

Stop this nostalgia bullshit.

There are still nice places on the internet. The less people, the better, e.g. a personal blog, a youtube channel, etc.


File: 1713468887942.jpg (1.05 MB, 1080x1059, 360:353, schiz-op.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I am also fed up of you all who live oversensitively towards normies instead of nagging them to oblivion for daring to cross our thresh0lds


people are actively dating on /r9k/ now
shit has gone bad


/r9k/ is lost lmao. there's a high chance robots will migrate on wizchan en masse and ruin wizchan haha


from what i've heard whores (womeme) have made trends on shitkok about the board.
I fucking hate succubi, jesus christ.


do you have the videos on shitok or you don't have it (it's okay if you don't have them)


No I don't have, and no I won't search there, that shithole sucks.
Between that, and the fucking womeme imageboards that have been propping up lately it's all going south really badly.
How am I gonna be at ease knowing that the sites I used to lurk now are filled with hookers, and their fucking maggots crawling on the floor and kissing the dirt they step on? I hate it.


r9k has always been full of faggots and trannies for the past 10 years. r9kgay general, drugs, bbc spam, trannies, etc. threads 24/7


It's more pronounced nowadays though, I remember lurking the site around 8 to 9 years ago and there was still posts that seemed like they were made by actual humans
>shootings threads
>roastie hate threads
>other kind of subjects
I could search for posts on tumblr, put them next to an /r9k/ thread, and there would be no difference whatsoever now. Shit is just no good, and I fear that this will happen to other corners of the internet meant to be used mostly by men

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