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Is there ONE SINGLE COUNTER EXAMPLE against the gnostic claim that the entirety of this reality isn't inherently evil?

Right now I can't help but think God made a huge mistake with this retarded creation, I basically resent Him for creating me. I grow even more resentful for the fact that He will never cease my existence, instead, driven by my own hatred, I will end up rejecting Him and condemning myself to Hell if I don't come to terms in time.


I'm retarded, I meant
>Is there ONE SINGLE COUNTER EXAMPLE against the gnostic claim that the entirety of this reality is inherently evil?


The evil in this world is the result of the fall of man and Satan's influence as the great deceiver. Gnostic were his pawns and they used those feelings to devolve them into hedonism. The one example youre looking for is the bible. This seems like a thread better for /christ/chan, is that place even still around?


that is one thing i don't really understand, on the one hand there are catholic saints, although they can't be called saints while here on earth because they could always change their mind to follow satan. supposedly it is required of us to believe in the existence of at least SOME good people. the problem is that i am so drowned by drama both in family and at work, people always behaving like trash, trying to find a way to backstab each other, being blatantly fake through and through that it is leaving me seriously embittered, i long for such solace, to witness someone who doesn't enjoy being evil, that the perceived missteps are just that, missteps, a human mistake instead of being the product of malice. i am struggling with murderous thoughts because of this non-stop barrage of shittiness. how can you call anyone a friend if that is all that exist? there has to be a counterexample, one, a single, living one with a genuine heart. i can't find it.

i haven't explored other imageboards in ages, i only stick with this one because in blue boards wizards behave really well when it comes to posting images.


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>Is there ONE SINGLE COUNTER EXAMPLE against the gnostic claim that the entirety of this reality isn't inherently evil?
Usually the counter is if the world is inherently evil then your reasoning and conclusions about the world are also evil. Platonic ontology similarly roots everything in the Good to avoid such contradictions


Well I'm not catholic and I have my theological differences with them but I'll save thag for another time. There is one thing we can agree on. One man who took no joy in evil and who had a genuine heart. Jesus. He alone, or for catholics such as yourself also the Virgin Mary, are genuine and pure of heart, and he sacrificed himself for your sins.


Christianity is a huge scam. if you are going to pick a abrahamic religion pick the original judaism. Christianity is a carbon copy worsened version of judaism


i would rather kill myself or create my own naturalist religion


Not a carbon-copy.
Think of it, rather, as a fulfillment of Judaism in the person of Jesus Christ.

Sequel is way better than the original.


I don't think you fully understand the gnostic perspective (which is honestly insane).
To them god didn't make a mistake, he is actively evil and make the illusion of reality to trick humans into not realizing they are actually gods themselves able to do anything and have ultimate freedom and power if only they realized it and become woke.

So yeah, traditional Christian ideology totally rejects every premise of gnostic ideology to the point gnostics were killed on sight for such extreme heresy. This wasn't a issue of debate, as far as the church was concerned these people were worse demons then pegans not even worth giving a chance at conversion. The only way they could be "saved" is by the sword and fire.

So no, there weren't to my knowledge lots of fancy apologetics to rebutt them. They were seen as too far gone.


>ONE SINGLE COUNTER EXAMPLE against the gnostic claim that the entirety of this reality isn't inherently evil?
while rare, good people exist. Nature is neutral. That's two.


Reality isn't evil it's all about whether you're pleased with it or not.


christianity is bullshit

but ithelps 'normies'to have some morals in other words act kindly to some degree


you can be good person even without christianity

was that your question?


the only part that i find absurd about what you exposed as gnosticism is that everyone has a divine spark, i still accept that we are weaker than God and angels and that me and satan are almost on the same page, except he would love to torture me too
there is too many idiots in this world and im one step away from locking myself out from the rest


satan must be laughin his ass off after watching you compare yourself to his inmortal, undrainably evil presence.


satan just hates everything, thats it, and he is probably pissed i still haven't subjected to his retardation
despite the bitterness, my intelligence is unaffected


Tbh Gnosticism is more so an attempt to create an abrahamic version of Buddhism. The idea that the world is evil is in line with the idea attachment is suffering. The labels of god being evil just fall in line with the Bible. It’s just an extension of a religion that already was established. Similar to how Christianity was an extension of Judaism.

Ultimately all mysticisms are about the same thing, connecting with oneness. This ability to connect with oneness is present in all of us but our egos keep us distracted from realizing this. We are attached to our egos and identifying with them rather than the true essence of our being, which is oneness. So attempts to reshape our relationship to our ego to nullify it are created in the form of religions, mysticism, etc.

A cool way to look at Gnosticism is that the demiurge is a metaphor for the ego. It should make more sense if you view it that way. Especially when you consider your ego is what shapes your reality.


I've come to the conclusion that this world is a prison or a place of punishment since everything here is centred around suffering. A lot of spiritual free thinkers eventually come to this conclusion one way or the other.

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