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Lost in life? Come in I'll revive you
Become a locksmith, or if not a plumber or electrician, that way you can solve the economic problem and lift it with a shovel. Then you take a language or dance course, there you will be able to learn a new skill. From there, with what you earn from work, you allocate money to investment, which can be in things related to your field but can be anything that makes your capital grow. Hence, it is essential to never stop training and acquiring new experiences, so not only will you find more and better jobs, but you will also find happiness in knowing that you are useful members of society, generating value for it and above all for ourselves. .


>just become like a wagecuck and slave away for hyperinflationary pennys and invest into shit that makes no difference anyway, be a useful cuck to a "society" that hates everything about you

great advice dumbass


Being a businessman with a trade does not make you a salaryman. A person who knows how to do something that others don't can work whenever he wants.


thanks man, never thought of it that way…


Do not answer trolls, friend.


>Being a businessman with a trade
But you arent a "businessman with a trade", you are some NEET without a normalfag support network. you have no connections, you have no experience and you will have to get a job first anyway and guess what none of these normalfag businesses will ever hire you and normalfags wont hire you.
and even if you somehow manage to pull it all off, at the end of the day you are still some shmuck that gets scammed by normalfag society. you will never be one of them or be accepted by them. to them you are just some loser doing work that they dont want to do. to them you will always be trash.
thats the unfortunate truth and on top of that, the money you earn also doesnt give you any direction in life.


Someone generally can only get into such trades connections.
Without them you will end up like collage grads without connections. Waiting tables or working retail totally unrelated to your training.

So for people who aren't social such advice is wasted.
Same with language or dance. Those are things for interacting with other people. We don't do that here, lol.

My suggestion is to take up things where you can make headway solo.
Such as programing, web dev, furniture making, or some other artisan craft that can be done in solitude.
Becoming the 21 century equivalent of a craftsman rather than a tradesman is a better route for a wizard.


File: 1713337619554.jpg (29.57 KB, 806x604, 403:302, persona-instalando-tomacor….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Learning useful things is quite rewarding, it will also help you earn money, and they are activities that can be learned at home. Now with all this stuff about programmers, artists, and shit, the essence of male jobs has been lost, that's why this shit pays so well, since the world is full of fags who want to be programmers, web developers, or some shit like that, rather than get your hands dirty. Although there is still more to the work, it is quite rewarding to carry out electrical installation in your house, make new furniture, or simply paint it.


It's not really difficult, the issue is learning, and knowing how to do the job well. Then you can advertise your services on social networks, and post your rates, from there all you have to do is go to the client's house, ask him about his problem, and fix it, social contact for better or worse is null in transactions, and that I I dedicated myself to cold selling for a while, people don't care how socially autistic they are, they care that you solve their problem efficiently.


>>get a job
I see you didn't understand my thread. A person who has a skill as a plumber, electrician, roofer, etc., does not have bosses, nor a salary, is an autonomous and free person who works for himself, when and how he wants.

>scammed by normalfag society

Normal people do not learn trades or essential skills. They do not know how to sell or make money, they have no desire to save, and their only recreational activity is social networks, YouTube, or Netflix, leaving aside even things as basic as sports, or courses, since everything is now done through a computer.


>useful members of society, generating value for it

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