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as I am a virgin, and have never had relationships with succubi, when I see one, I can't help but look at the succubus in front of me in a sexual way. and when they speak and there are words or sentences that are a little tense, it reminds me of sexual innuendo. and I think you can see it on my face. suddenly I feel that the succubus I'm talking to knows (succubi aren't stupid, they know) what I'm thinking about and that bothers me and therefore the conversation becomes awkward for me too. how do I get out of it?


You looked at, you fell. No further issue. Do you even regard semen retention by the way? To boost your brain and magnetism, however tiny they might be.


yes I do semen retention


The key is to become attractive so that this natural male impulse is percieved as positive flirting rather than negative sexual harrassment. Might want to try being Chad.


it fluctuates and with time you can even learn to control this but being a monk is the same as being miserable in this modern age, some of us weren't meant for that life. It's better to just be mindful about it.


being a monk means living alone and not seeing people. I want to live in society even if I have to interact with people and succubi


It is difficult but you need to see her like she's a man, thats the only way to not turn into a sex pest mid-conversation.


Stop jerking off so much and visiting places filled with porn triggers. Fucking hard to avoid since sex is everywhere in the media, but I found that if I avoid any triggers I dont think about sex as much when I see succubi irl


I'm a pervert…it would. be difficult to me to stop


What if you aren’t a pervert and you just think you are because you had a porn addled brain for a long time.


maybe you're right


most succubi irl are ugly tbh unless you are high t

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