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File: 1713480790773.jpg (38.53 KB, 608x448, 19:14, 9c4f619a058bcb4bd16c3457e3….jpg) ImgOps iqdb


I have natural urges that still bother me porn seems so dry because I'm so obligated to jerk off. Females on screen are just another thing for added mental lubricant to prevent unwanted thoughts in and to take away from body image, that somehow anons use self compassion to fuel stimulation. It's gotten to the point I don't want a sex drive at all or the need to cuddle with my pillow. It feels trapping for my existence only to be based on my pillow or coming but then you realize mental stamina and coordination is shit and goes down after a while, so that's the only thing to look forward to. I genuinely think that sin is a coping mechanism for a shit mind and boring existence and not an actual harm. You see subhumans engage in sin all the time while well rounded mentally stable and intelligent people are able to self regulate. The only ideal life I can compare to is somewhat of an idea of some angel being where they don't have sexual needs or aren't governed by desire, reclusive and reserved but also gentle and beautiful but are creative and artistic to some degree. I'm not Christian but the angelic idea can't be further from the truth. Or maybe I'm too over my head at this point.


That sounds like shit some succubus would write.


In what world would a foid need to result to porn and pillows, succubi don't suffer kys simp


Right, and even those few foids who are capable of puttting up a semi-coherent "femcel" front can just flip it into a lucrative Twitch/OF career. Who the actual fuck is this nigger attempting to fool with that shit lol


It's coming up on 15 years since I last even interacted with a succubus outside of a store clerk. I don't even think about succubi. I just jerk off to them occasionally when I feel like cumming. I don't see what the problem with that is. I'm glad I'm still attracted to them so I can enjoy cumming from time to time.


Don't need to fool anyone you done it yourself. If you are this prison gay just go back to 4chan


It's a lot of life's pleasures at this point it's getting pointless now but jerking off and uncomfortable with shoulder issues now


>prison gay
>on a site for wizzies and male volcels
cope harder, succi.


>I'm not prison gay I just like to imagine some guys on here as succubi

You're a fag and fags are exactly like foids


Sounds like you may be projecting there a bit, buddy.


Asexuality is bullshit promoted by succubi.


Took unprescribed ssri from a friend my low libido helped me be more focused and driven. Could think clear too when I'm not driven by porn.


It really does go away with age. It goes away faster if you don't get the porn stimulus, see orgasm as an inconvenience that you get out of the way. If you jerk off less, you actually control this attraction and dull it more. Jerking off every day will wreck your body, your mind, and make you addicted and dependent, and before long you will always hate yourself when you do it and see less and less in it. This is intended.

If we had a world where we could do things without being humiliated - if the siege against us weren't omnipresent - I doubt we'd do any of this. The old way was to get porn magazines or videos once a week or two weeks and do the thing to get it out of the way. Now it's bizarro land.

It would be better to never go down porn at all, construct a consistent fantasy scenario that works (don't pick succubi you know, always build a construct and make it clear that this is a fictitious relationship in your mind, to make sexuality alien to your every day existence and refuse to play society's game regarding it). That's what I did for a long time. Eventually it broke down because I was subjected to humiliation far worse than anything a normal man experiences, things that most people would kill themselves before living through, and it all happened before I was 18. By that time I was completely broken and have lived in chronic pain ever since, so the addiction was really masking that pain, and then I turned to drugs. It will never go away, and I've accrued further damage over the years. I've only managed to salvage some good in spite of it, because for the first time, no one is bothering me and I have some modicum of independence from society, and found others who want the same thing. That's really the way - to find people who want out of this abomination, see the lockouts and shaming rituals for what they are, and expect little from other people even if they get it. We don't ever "win". We just endure. The things I live for are of a very different nature, and really have little to do with this world. There are things I want to do in this world still, things I believe I am here to do on this world, but not many people are motivated in the way I am, for the cause I have in mind, and many who are do not have the means to act more or less freely as I have.


I started out volcel as a kid and early teen (about ages 7-16) then had an depressive phase that lead to turning into an insel from 18-23. After getting rejected by 3 succubi I talked to over 5 years I just lost all hope and became volcel again (around 25). Since then I have been truecel wizard since I don't want relationships and can't get any anyway.


Try NoFap OP, maybe that will help you focus.
I am insanely furious about womeme and the fucking shit they are. I seriously wish we could just be some other kind of organisms that doesn't need another individual to reproduce. Sadly it is what it is so hold the sexual energy to yourself and maybe you'll figure out what you want in a week or two.


What exactly differentiates a voicel from truecel?


File: 1713647293807.jpg (213.74 KB, 482x319, 482:319, wizpost - the secret of ma….jpg) ImgOps iqdb

You need the Tao of Sex. Urgently. Also some ways to regulate this fel energy: cold showers, weightlifting, crossfit, eating less meat, less pitta foods…

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