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Does anyone have seen a case like that, a handsome man but he's a wizard? I have hard time picturing a attractive male becoming a wiz, also do you consider yourself attractive or ugly?


I'm ugly. this must be one of the cases why I'm alone. as for a chad wizard? it might exist if he decide to remains pure


Wizards are not crabs. Most of wizards are good looking vocels who end up Wizards either by choice or by lack of social abilities


Nikola Tesla?
Guy was handsome and died a virgin.
But he was also really autismal and he worked on more interesting things than Vaginas.


I have physical features that are attractive but I'm neurodivergent. A couple succubi have approached me in my life and they always got weirded out when they noticed how awkard and autistic I am. I'm not sure how often they noticed that I'm retarded and how often they just thought I'm an asshole or depressed. Some succubi got pissed off and completely switched as if my presence somehow insulted them. Its kinda humiliating but also interesting.

I never understood the hate from certain crabs towards autistic men who don't look bad because succubi disregard your looks entirely when they get the ick from your uninteresting, weird or repulsive social presence. I fully agree that looks matter more than 'personality' but succubi still care about certain traits which usually happen to be the ones that autists and similiar guys lack so for them the basic requirements are still missing regardless of looks. succubi don't want to be assertive or taking control, they also want you to be socially interesting and if you can't do these things then the opportunity that your looks provide is just wasted.


Once one rejects you, they all reject you. A rule of "autists" is that you especially are not allowed to acknowledge there is a society at all, or a conspiracy of people. That's part of the game. The succubi who do that are trained to shun and shame anyone who isn't "in the know", and anyone who wouldn't shun or shame you still knows that they would only suffer if they were associated with those cast out. I was told by a succubus that if succubi break the lockout, they're pulled aside and told they have to stop, and if they insist, they will be threatened, denied promotions, everything. They do not want a lockout broken, and they will go to extreme lengths to ensure we don't have anything ever. Once that is done for sex, it's done for everything else. They really don't care about the sex - it's just a thing people do. It's about the social status, enclosure, the lockout from everything. The people who eagerly enforce it and march in lockstep with that are disgusting, and they always insist everyone has to be like them, until they make it so and have eliminated everyone who isn't them. That's how they win - by disallowing us to ever say no to them ever again.

I was "handsome" or something like it but I never got to do anything with it, and now the toll of physical damage from all of the rejection and old age make it something others can see on sight, and that I don't bother to hide. One thing I have noticed over the years is that normal people, when the sexual politics shit isn't involved, aren't out to make me suffer, and this is men and succubi both. Older succubi who are married / taken and obviously not interested are basically okay to me, tell me how it is because it's depressing to see me put through "the treatment" and they got their security. So have many older men told me that I shouldn't let all of that get to me, that it really is as bad as I think it is, but that it does get better with age. I didn't believe them then, but now that I am getting old, it really does get better. I knew mentally the older guys were right that all of this stuff young people are made to care about is the stupidest shit, but I couldn't believe that my life could ever get better. My life had been one humiliation after another, and everything up to now hasn't changed that. One thing that age brought me is that it really makes clear that none of this shit matters, and it was always a scam. There was never a "golden age" or "good time" where any of this shit worked at all. There are only waves of death, culling, fear, and some people are chosen to suffer. Those who get to live find the reward dubious, and recently one told me that his "successful life" wasn't all it was cracked up to be. I've seen as I got older the facade wearing off, especially in the current time where it's not just individuals failing but the whole world and every country. We had the misfortune of being born during the true fall of Man. The most depressing thing is that humanity saw for the first time that we never had to do any of this, and that makes what they did to the world even more disgusting. Humanity could have easily not done any of this, but everything in the past 100 years has been a very expensive effort of the ruling power to ensure that humanity never, ever changes, and history is arrested. That's the only idea those people ever had, at the expense of everyone else.

Anyway, at the end of the day, all of this is about finding a mate for your sperm. It's not a political thing or a thing that's going to give you any fulfillment. It's not a profit-making venture, certainly not for men. By now, men are opting out of the "beta bux" routine entirely. The succubi have to resort to exorbitant threats and humiliation to keep the men paying into it, and more men will just rope themselves rather than endure that abuse. But, despite the taxes, it's far easier for men to live alone, even in desperate situations, and pay the idiot fine of divorce rather than live through that. Men are already giving up on this world and set their expectations of anything abysmally low. We have always known how to live with nothing, and that's exactly what the rulers of this world want for all of humanity - to live with absolutely nothing. Since the money is now drying up, there are far fewer "beta bux" to chase, and this was intended by creating the alpha/beta cuckold game and culture - to drain all of that primitively accumulated wealth and capital and bring it back to the crown, to the monopoly. What they didn't drain this way, they would take by force with some invented crisis, like they did in 2008 and 2020, and intend to keep doing to make sure we are all slaves.


But I can tell because I was sort of one of them - a lot of wizards are fine. When it comes down to it, succubi don't have any sense of what they actually like. They like what they are told they "must" like to be popular, and really most succubi just despise men and see them as nothing but tools to be used and tossed aside. Really, most people only bother with any of these because there was once a social obligation to get married so you can have an actual job. Single men have always been treated like garbage if they're not in the sex games and club, complete garbage. Single succubi are only promoted if they slut it up or they fulfill this niche that was useful for a time to bring feminism to the forefront, before it was time to cut the ladder. Now, a lot of the succubi, especially younger succubi, are horrified at what they got, now that they're getting cannibalized just as the men have been cannibalized throughout history and were deliberately cannibalized in the past 100 years. The lowest class of succubi have always been treated like shit and, if they're not dead or completely damaged and brain rotted, they're deathly afraid of all things sexual. I couldn't do that to them, which is what I'm told is "right for me" - but it's a moot point because those succubi don't want me either, and would just tell me point blank that they don't rather than play the game like I'm morally bad for being an outcast. It's not like their lives are great, and really, I'd rather not create more suffering where no suffering needs to be made, for a dubious reward that I never really liked.

I think in the end most of the men will just give up by their early teens, and enough men/boys will talk to each other and conclude that it's all a lie. Divorced men have been warning us since time immemorial to never do any of this shit, and there's no way to keep up the scam forever. In the past, the scam survived because people just never communicated with each other, and a scam was sold that there was some opportunity elsewhere in the world. That has been a lie since fucking Roman times and they know it, but the main interest of a poor person then was to find food and anywhere they would not be burned alive by some barbarian Kraut or Hun or Mongol looking for a good time, and to avoid being tortured by the civilized empires. The idea that humanity could ever be good would seem like a sick joke to most of humanity, and this was always an ideology. No political idea in human history has ever seen humans as anything other than malevolent and selfish at their best, and most political ideas proclaim humans are not just nasty and demonic, but completely irredeemable and worthy of being exterminated on the spot. That's the human race, the human project. It really puts all of this into perspective, and if you think like that, you're not thinking so much about this stupid game which never really made anyone happy. The kids will never be yours, certainly not as a father. They don't belong to the mother, either. They belong to the state, to Them, for feeding, and they brag about how easy it is to get more cattle, more suckers, and that you're going to keep breeding mindlessly and all of your children will be sacrificed to the rulers' gods. This is literally the only idea the rulers have ever had - how to get more sacrifice and toil.


My fault was trying to start romance with, basically, protypes of modern zoomer e-whores. For some reason I thought these attractive succubi online would give me a chance if I showed that I am a true gentleman, have good morals, willing to defend them online from assholes. But it was all wasted effort, I realize now these were all whores who just wanted to get drunk and fucked and thought anything extra is "nice guy territory", which, admittedly I have put myself in their eyes.


I probably could be attractive if I styled myself well (and got in shape). Lots of it comes down to styling. They can take someone who is ugly and give them a "makeover" and turn them attractive. You need to present an attractive personality to be attractive also, this is not something I can do because succubi are attracted to the confidence and assertiveness of men, qualities that I lack. My own lack of self esteem is plainly evident to all who interact with me and it repels them. I'm not exactly very fun to be around either. Normies are great at having fun with each other by engaging in silly nonsense. I only kind of get that sometimes and mostly the silly nonsense just bores me or if it's directed at me, makes me anxious because I don't know how to respond appropriately. I'm basically a very weird, dry and boring person. Overall objectively speaking in terms of raw physical features I am probably a 6 out of 10 but when you factor in the mental illness and the base personality and my freakish skinniness it drops me to a 4. Still probably not ugly enough to be a crab though, no 4 is let alone one with potential to become a 6 with a haircut and some clothes. I avoid doing that though because I don't want to attract a succubus, there would be no point to it. At one point I recognized the utility of appearance for purposes of wage slaving, but to be honest the thought of wage slaving makes me want to neck myself so I can't really be motivated to go through the effort.


File: 1713634057250.jpg (28.32 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1664845399189397.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

I'm attractive but I never leave my room thus I never lay with whores.
>How do you know you're attractive
succubi smile at me when I interact with them


When I was in highschool I had some succubi there who thought I was attractive so I supposed I'm not totally ugly, or atleast wasn't then. But all either lost interest in me at some point or I just rejected because it wasn't worth the hassle. If there are attractive wizards it's most likely they have some sort of thing that gave a succubus the "ick", and succubi spread gossip like smallpox


>I thought these attractive succubi online would give me a chance if I showed that I am a true gentleman, have good morals, willing to defend them online from assholes


This is possibly the most encompassing, accurate, and concise description of the male experience filtered through the male lens I have ever seen in my years of lurking here. bravo sir


File: 1713642981371.jpg (43.42 KB, 500x333, 500:333, vgh5j4nq2isb1.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

People don't like autists. Their elocution, their lack of emotional range, their dead, inhuman eyes. Normies can smell an autist like it's shit on their shoe. If you're one of the super-weirdo eccentric autists who's really good at science or some shit, maybe they will tolerate you. But most autists are just as dumb and useless as everyone else, they just happen to also be defective. A double strike against them.

Being a handsome autist can allow the discerning wiz to take advantage. Sure, you'll never get laid, but the old ladies in the office will like you and ease your workload. For you are handsome. The servers at the restaurant will be extra-attentive to your refills. Because you are handsome. The cashiers will smile and quickly check your items out with a big smile. Handsome. Pretty privilege applies to men too, even the wizzies. You may never touch a succubi (and why would you want to?) but you can aim your devilish good looks their way to your own ends. Especially the elder ones who long for their lost youth and to feel pretty again. MILF hunting is the way forward.


What's the best place to pick up milfs? I'm craving for milfs


Succubi's mental health centers, methadone clinics, and r/singlemoms


How do you exactly plot hunting milfs? For sex?


The only opportunity ahead is to use this power to chastise them all. To be our hand the one which closes doors in front others' noses.

Whoever insists to chase the world otherwise, let him suffer his dishonor.


i am attractive. could be handsome but it is extremely tiresome. shower every day like a succubus, put on parfum that makes my nose hurt because succubi like how parfum smells, constantly be a socialite, and constantly tip toe and dance around like a bitch for succubi's every whim and desire. if i werent shorter than average i would probably be very much more attractive to them too.

some attractive men simply dont care, as we all should know by this point men seem to diverge more than succubi on the social ladder, at least on the outside they do. especially considering the demographic of this website we are often men that do not give a gram of shit about their social norms. their standards.

thats why you dont have to be fat and ugly to be a virgin. people are complex with goals and personalities that simply arent palatable to the greater populace; most notably to succubi.

no succubus gives a shit about your interest in airplanes, if you are attractive enough she may ignore it a little, but some people despite being attractive are simply too different and stubborn about their beliefs to let that slide. so therefore they wind up a virgin. probably talking about planes to other men sharing that interest or whatever other niche interest that may be.


succubi don't give a shit about a mans interests in general, they are focused on the social aspects and implications of it only. She doesn't care what you do only what it means in terms of social status.


and money


I was taunted by many succubi just cos of my looks and I was an outcast.

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