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I've had this bottle for 5 years since I became 18 and realized my life is in a slow decline of low motivation and self hatred. Got into the part where I started playing a game I couldn't stand up to go to the bathroom because bad bladder and needed something close by. I've grown attached to my companion after a while. After it was full I'd not throw it out but empty it, wash it, and reuse. I don't know why but there was a connection. There was a time I fought with my dad because he said it was disgusting and tried to throw it out but he gave up and decided it was not worth it going back to the bottle from the outside garbage everytime he tried to throw it out. I don't know what is wrong with me or why I'm so attached to it. But there is this sense of guilt when I throw it out or the thought of doing it. I tried decorating it a bit too so it doesn't look so bland. I need help ffs.


put anime succubus stickers on it


post the bottle


post your pissbottlefu


English aristocrats had fancy bedpans with their names in gold, which they would use ritually. A good jug is difficult to come by these. Treat yours well and it will continue to relieve you with confidence.


Are you having any other recipient ready for when dad finally gets rid of the former one?


File: 1713651720195.jpg (2.23 MB, 4080x3072, 85:64, IMG_20240420_161427414.jpg) ImgOps iqdb

Year 6 finding a new look for it tore the old one off which had a rocket ship sadly I didnt have pictures of it I might make this one into a jet pack or something might need to get supplies for it later once my cheque clears. Or maybe clothing made of cardboard of rui tachibana I'm not sure yet, maybe I'd need fabric for that one. So far it was only cardboard decorations. Maybe might attach another compartment for the stomach to put food in there when I go to restaurants with it or something
Something that I don't find comfort of thinking about since it lasted this long for me and maybe forever fuck maybe if he does id have to. I mean it's easy to replace but I wouldn't be emotionally ready for it.


A thick, well-rounded film of ammonia and salt. Well done.


I was into gross shit like this as a teen. Now as an adult i became obsessed with cleanliness

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