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This be my current data against severe cavities I keep under control in my mouth:

To brush your teeth:
-Coconut oil, neem toothpaste, moorish siwak.

To kill bacteria:
-Clove oil is the best. Vinegar and salt do something too. Never brush thyself with these substances tho. Both are edible, yet you might need some water after using some drops of the excellent clove oil (it's damn strong).

To alleviate acid-forming conditions of your mouth and head lymph which decide the inner strength of hair and teeth against scalp and bacteria:
-Nearly-ehretist diet. Avoid industrial foods, avoid cereals, avoid meat. eat raw as much as you can.

FEEL FREE TO ADD WHATEVER. Casual toothpastes are poison…


and how do I apply the clove oil in my mouth?


I use two or four drops. It comes in bottles designed to take it this way, then it's just like the usual Listerine…


I am getting really tired of the constant schizo posting.

Take your meds.


>I am tired
Blast your ass off if you are. This is schizoland.
lol glowfag

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