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It wasn't until a year ago until I had a weird dream when half asleep. A lucid dream of some kind where my thoughts and each scene were separate from me and fighting them felt like I was being held down by a hand or something. As of I wasn't supposed to know or not ment to know. Other moments id have screeches in my mind talking about something I'm not sure what it was about but it id have a suspicion that it was trying to annoy me. Another one is where a clump of patterns would try to communicate with me it had some weird African pattern/aesthetic to it or maybe Mayan I'm not sure. But I get the feeling that some cultures, aesthetics, or whatever we make artistically expresses a spirit of some sort. I'm genuinely terrified of realizing this and I don't think I'm ready mentally for this.


I am largely a objectivist, so no I don't actually believe in spirit in the metaphysical sense.


Symbols are essential for the human mind to express itself, specially the things that arent easily communicable by words. Carl Jung talks a lot about the role of symbols in the human mind. This is true even in occultism, see for example the works of Austin Spare.

Symbols are a powerful tool and we can say they carry a life of its own. This is why some people play a lot for expensive luxury goods of brands like Louis Vuitton or Chanel just because of a symbol they carry. Don't understimate the power of symbols and the impact they have in the human psyche.


I've had dreams where I realize some terrible and momentous truth only to forget upon awakening, this seems possibly related to me


Dreams aren't real. I have had many lucid dreams, and after a while was able to freely bend the reality of them and do all kinds of superhuman feats. You don't go anywhere when you dream, the people you talk to aren't real, the entire environment is simply a simulation of what your brain perceives normal situations to conventionally be like when the active thinking part of your brain is shut off. That's it really, do mental exercises in low consciousness states to create weird perceptions and maybe you'll have dreams where you fly around and shoot fireballs too.


Maybe you are atheist


I'm undecided but leaning towards atheism as being more likely

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