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There is a lot of talk here about what normality is, about how normal people live, and all that, and the reality is that normal people are mired in miserable jobs, immersed in a fictitious reality and completely consumed by social networks, where They are told how they should behave, what they should yearn for, and what trend they should follow, completely dominated by hedonistic pleasures such as masturbation through pornography, which is becoming more and more degenerate. In the best of cases they will have sex, but not before dealing with imposed insecurities such as penis size, height, appearance or money. And all this without talking about social shit, where false friendships, deception, and increasingly worse communication due to social networks, is the daily bread, completely destroying the sense of camaraderie, and self-love. since the normie prefers to always be in company, no matter how bad it may be, rather than being alone.


I only care about money, most wizards here would say im a normie, but i dont care. i prefer to work hard and amass wealth now so i can neet at peace later.


The issue with money is not really whether you want to earn it or not, the issue with money is the way you earn it. Marx said that to really accumulate capital it is not about storing large amounts of money, but rather about storing goods that generate even more money, that is the true accumulation of capital.


answer is no


Is that just a photo you took of some other Indian guy? What is it relevancy to the thread?


File: 1714058445990.jpg (25.79 KB, 400x628, 100:157, 9d97hcg4bh921 (1).jpg) ImgOps iqdb

The Latin normie is a happy, violent, and good-natured being. The Yankee normie is immersed in drugs, junk food, and the internet, who hates everything and everyone.


Plz lurk more imageboards boomer


God bless and assist you inside this crapsack world and whatever comes further. Stay safe


>if you don't agree with my (insert le perfect ideology here) you bad

some crabby wizzies cope with spirituality (self-deception) and expect other wizards to do same thing. and if they detect slightly materialist wiz, they squirt shit all over the place. just don't give a f.

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